Arvind Kejriwal and Shahrukh Khan – what do they have in common?

In a society where even film stars do not hug their wives in public (not even a Shahrukh Khan), and where socially and legally [link] permitted ways for an average Indian man to publicly show his love for his wife, include things like buying a Life Insurance Policy or (a little bolder?) – ‘taking her to London to bring back her smile’ [link] – Arvind Kejriwal tweeted a picture of his wife and him hugging, with the message – “Thank you Sunita for always being there.” 

Reminds me of how Shahrukh Khan was the first Indian star to proclaim ‘that one day doesn’t go without him thinking about his wife and he cannot imagine anytime without her.'[link]

Do you think we are witnessing a change? I think I agree with Shy, “it’s a small start, but a start nevertheless.”

Shy shared this much-shared picture with this email.

Dear IHM,


In the so called family oriented indian culture I hardly see an Indian politician or office bearer holding his wife like Arvind Kejriwal did with Sunita. He thanked her in his tweet. It reminded me of a picture of Barack and Michelle Obama on his 2nd term win night.


Seeing this pic, I immediately thought of you.


Hopefully, it’s time for change in India… a small start… but a start nevertheless…


– Shy

AK and Sunita

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20 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal and Shahrukh Khan – what do they have in common?

  1. We are a hugely hypocritical society.Our population is soon to be the largest in the world ( surely can’t be without having a sexual relationship), but in public still husbands and wives don’t even talk directly,or hold hands. In homes couples do not show any physical contact even a pat on the back, or a kiss on the cheek or a warm hug in front of their children and/or parents.
    So I am not sure how one man doing PDS would change much,but its a small beginning.Real change has to begin in living rooms in family functions ,only then can we make a lasting impact on how we view PDS as a society.


  2. It is a positive change but far from perfect. We are a nation who firmly believes that women should ALWAYS be in a supporting role, either to husbands, sons, in-laws etc. A woman achieving something on her own is an alien concept for us and are asked to “fetch milk”. Be it Kejriwal who “acknowledged” his wife publicly or a chauvinist politician who treats his wife like a doormat, the women are always identified in their relation with men; without that, they are non-persons.


  3. Charming picture!
    I hope the Anti-Valentine’s Day brigade does not create a ruckus!

    You mentioned buying a Life Insurance policy and a ticket to London.
    What about buying a Prestige Pressure Cooker?
    Remember the slogan?:
    जो पत्नी से करे प्यार
    वह प्रेस्टीज से कैसे करे इनकार?

    I wish Kejriwal and his team all the best. But I have some fears. I don’t doubt his honesty but I suspect he is a closet communist and I can’t stand them however honest they may be.

    If my fears are misguided and he does a good job, I am ready to ditch the local BJP/Congress/Janata Dal here in Bangalore and hop over to the AAP. But they should rope in some stalwarts here. If they can get Nilekani/Naaraayanamurthy/Kiran Mazumdar/Azim Premji/UR Rao/Girish Karnad/Ramchandra Guha/Anil Kumble/Prakash Padukone and people like them on board, they could rock the poitical boat here too.

    My present loyalty to the BJP is not permanent.
    I was a fan of Indira and Nehru during my younger days and was a loyal Congress Voter right till the Rajiv/Narashimha Rao era. I ditched the Congress when Sonia and Rahul came along and spoilt everything.

    Today, it’s only Modi and his performance that attracts me to the BJP.
    Tomorrow is another day. As some one rightly commented in the previous post, we should not be Pro any party, but pro The Nation.


  4. Lot of people are calling it a smart political move. But I think it was his genuine reaction and not a staged or pre-planned one. It was natural for lot of us to hug our closed ones after hearing a great news.Nevertheless, I am still basking in the glory of AAP victory. Now I just hope AK proves himself to Delhities that he will bring change. Real battle starts now. AAP wil have to be very careful.


  5. I’m not a huge fan of AAP or anything but this man is an example in many ways. This is the kind of role model our youth needs to see – a powerful man engaging in a beautiful expression of joy. That looked like the “we did it! we did it! we did it!” type of hug as opposed to standing smugly thinking “i did it…i’m so great”. I hope he can do great things!


  6. When kejri left his IRS job,his wife protested vehemently. She must have thought,why he does not want to contribute to the family kitty?
    Can a very public ‘thank you sunita’ make up for it,IHM? Was he not defecting his family responsibilities when he decided to be a father in absentia and focus more on the elections instead? After all,there is only so much that a man can give. Gandhiji was the father of the nation,but his own sons hated him. Compare this with Bedi,who left her husband long ago to immerse herself completely in her job. Is it different for men and women?
    If there is a mood of optimisim today in Delhi,there is also this civilizational wisdom that says power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I hope it’s not another instance of Orwellian animal farm in the making despite they admitting otherwise.


    • “If there is a mood of optimisim today in Delhi,there is also this civilizational wisdom that says power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I hope it’s not another instance of Orwellian animal farm in the making despite they admitting otherwise.”

      What the hell are you even talking about? Who has absolute power here? It was a democratic election, just like the general elections in May. Where does Orwell and Animal Farm come in here? What nonsense! You are just stringing words together without making any sense at all!


      • There is no bjp in opposition.Had they got more seats,they would have been. If at all,it is negligible to make any impact. Kejriwal looks quixotic as far as giving freebies is concerned.


        • I agree with you IHM,but i also believe that in the absense of a solid opposition,there would be nobody to keep a check on the new government.Let us not forget they are an inexperienced lot who conducted dharnas while occupying office, forgetting that there are more ways to skin a cat.It could be that Kejriwal will blame the centre for being unable to deliver on promises. Media’s concern on freebies and sops generously promised to all are also not baseless,and there is a high propensity that kejriwal will blame his unmet need of statehood as his parties failure to deliver. Let the audit companies come out with their findings first,then slash the prices. To half it right away is impractical.


        • He can make Delhi world class if he desires by focussing on basic facilities and infrastructure, and change things with the powers he has in hand. Instead, he will be wasting time fighting with the center for complete statehood and other such issues, I want to be proved wrong, because Delhi being the capital needs to become the best city in India to live in. Hope that happens.


  7. I am also not a huge fan of recognized. But its very nice that Arvind Kejriwal acknowledged his wife’s support. In India contribution of women is never recognized by praising that person as person. It is the role which praised not the person. We have to travel a long way before we start recognizing that its anchoring family is very critical for success of any human. And that anchor can be man or woman. Men always have the anchor as a default but women are never provided with anchor. If women have anchor or they are freed from the role to act as default anchor then they will make success in their professional life.

    And regarding display to love and affection. Only animals display affection in open -this is standard Indian statement. But why are we afraid of display of affection and not afraid of open defecation which is much more dangerous.

    Husband and wife are not supposed to love each other. They have to do their husbandly and wifely duties thats it. and when children see this kind of example where people simply act like a stone. Then they too develop as cold person.

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  8. Arvind Kejriwal I liked as an activist, in fact I was a big fan but as a politician, I don’t trust him. He will continue to make things chaotic, hog media attention and will be reckless with governance. As much as everyone thinks of this as a “victory of democracy”, the man himself has little respect for Indian democracy, he will not work peacefully with other Govt institutions, and will be on the streets to continue his ways as an activist when things do not go the way he desires.

    That said, I liked the fact that he acknowledged the contributions of his wife, I hope everyone did loudly and proudly. I have always wondered how it is for this woman to be married to AK, I know I would have gone mad, she has shouldered financial responsibilities for too long a time now. Its time for her to come to the forefront, and be seen around more, the only other politician’s wife in Delhi circuits I can think of who did the same was Sunanda Tharoor.


  9. I honestly don’t care if he hugs his partner. I mean, great, sweet picture but I couldn’t care less. I care that his cabinet has no women in it.

    I celebrate the power of democracy in AAP’s win. Great majority, great win and I personally can’t stand the BJP. However, I also see the irony that even an anti-establishment party in our country is perfectly patriarchal. It thinks CCTV’s are all that women need to be safe (also that men can provide for women’s needs and no women in the party were deserving of a post). I lost confidence in their gender issue awareness when their law minister went harassing some foreign women he had been ‘told’ were prostitutes. So far, they haven’t gained my confidence back on that issue.

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