If our love for our people and our country needs being ‘proud of them’ then, here’s what we should be proud of.

Delhi elections restored my faith in the Indian electorate and the Indian Democracy. Indian voter, it seems, has not forgotten their power and their right to choose how most of them want to be governed. [link]

And it seems most of them (more than 50% of them) continue to choose to move forward and not backward. Maybe the entire humanity is the same, we all want to live and let live?

In a recent discussion on facebook, a proud Indian defended the “India’s science and technology minister, Harsh Vardhan, [who] made another startling claim at the conference, saying that ancient Indian mathematicians also discovered the Pythagorean theorem but that the Greeks got the credit.” [http://www.washingtonpost.com/…/indians-invented-planes-70…/]

This proud Indian said: “true we have nothing to be proud of our present…. i am a proud indian as any proud american french or british…..true my TODAY IS DISGRACEFUL but that is our in house problem that we need to deal with….this i say without any political bias…..in fact i dislike all religion based political parties too like you”

If we do need to compare and if our love for our people and our country needs being ‘proud of them’ then, here’s what he should be proud of. This Democracy that is still alive. The Indians I am proud of are the Indians who love their country and it’s people enough to continued to work for this Democracy. This Constitution that respects the rights of each one of us be our own bhaagya vidhataa.  Our founding fathers who foresaw it all.

And of the fact that a majority of us continue to choose freedom, democracy, equal rights for all.

I am still feeling overwhelmed. Did Delhi really come out in huge numbers to give 67 out of 70 seats to Democracy and equal rights and to Right to Information and to honest politics?

Congratulaitons India 🙂

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21 thoughts on “If our love for our people and our country needs being ‘proud of them’ then, here’s what we should be proud of.

  1. Congratulations to you too! For placing your faith in this party and supporting them.
    The results stunned me! In the beginning I expected the BJP to win with a wafer thin majority. Later I scaled down my expectations and predicted a tie between the BJP and AAP with the AAP having an edge and a tussle once again.for power, exactly like the exit polls predicted. This verdict is totally from out of the blue. How come no astrologer foresaw it?

    I am happy for the people of Delhi. If Kejriwal pulls it off successfully and keeps even half his promises I am ready to abandon the BJP and defect!

    I do feel sad for Kiran Bedi. I have always been a fan of hers!



    • Mr GVjee, Ravish Kumar in an NDTV election coverage said something I strongly agree with, that we should remain Voters and not become Fans. That we should continue to support the ideologies, honesty, the principles, the values etc and not the Person.

      So long we remain Voters we are have this Democracy, once we become Fans, we start becoming blind to their faults. I too will not hesitate to criticise them when they seem to forget what they have been voted in for.

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      • Actually, I used to be a fan of Kiran Bedi too. Being a fan of someone’s good work does not mean indiscriminately supporting them whatever they do. Bedi had done some excellent work in the past but her recent rants gave me pause for thought. I actually think that we should use past performances as yardsticks when supporting a candidate (or not) rather than just what they stand for, though that is important as well.

        I am delighted to see AAP won Delhi with such a huge majority. Love it!


      • IHM,

        This is what I find myself telling people in any FB debate. We should not be pro-bjp, or pro-AAP, we should be pro-nation. What we need is development-based policies and not religion-based policies. Only AAP can provide development-based politics as of now. Congress & BJP would need to bring lot of changes in their policies for vote bank.
        AAP needs to deliver this time to stay in politics and it will. I am positive of that 🙂


  2. I’m usually a silent but regular reader of your blog. Just like most of your posts, I enjoyed reading this piece as well. I love how you bring a fresh perspective to any topic you may choose to write about. I’ve been reading enthusiastic Facebook posts and discussions about the Delhi elections since the past two days, and yet – your post manages to add something new :). And then, how do I frame it… this ‘no strings attached’ bias-free rationalism of yours is something I appreciate so very much. Keep writing :).


  3. Indeed, congratulations, India ! But there are so many reasons to be proud of India and Indians, too. Today and yesterday. Fighting what’s wrong shouldn’t make you forget what is good. And in response to one of your previous posts, don’t you think being proud gives more strength and energy than being ashamed or simply blased ? 😉


  4. IHM, I think the Indian voters have shown this kind of good sense in the past as well, when presented with viable alternatives. I remember a couple of decades ago when the Telugu Desam party, with a thumping majority, threw out the existing (corrupt to the core) Congress party that had ruled the state for years. The people were so disgusted with Congress. But then TDP did not exactly do what it had the opportunity to do. Sure, it was better than Congress. The leader was a man with charisma but not necessarily great vision and administrative prowess. So, then the people stopped caring. What difference does it make, they wondered. They went back to their daily struggles. There are many more such examples at the state and national level.
    I understand Kejriwal is different. He is not some actor like NTR. He is well educated, middle class, in touch with the people. Yes, he made some mistakes, but so what, he is not perfect, and hopefully he has learnt from them. I do believe in his good intentions, his honesty, his commitment to change. He also needs to develop the acumen needed to administrate wisely and understand the implications of every major decision, and put together a great team, and know how to tap into his team. And he needs to keep the people involved, get their feedback, etc.
    I do hope that he succeeds – it would be a sample of what is possible in India for the rest of the nation to see – voters make their voices heard, a leader who is committed to values and positive change is elected, governance is truly meaningful, responsive, tackles the real problems instead of using diversionary tactics, and fosters real growth.


  5. Congratulations to Aam Aadmi party, hope they live upto their expectations this time around. Need governance, reforms and not just protests to change India. Democracy has been well and alive in India, the LS elections and every election since then has been so too. We can only hope the chosen parties and candidates fulfil their promises to people.


  6. The voters waited patiently for an year to show that AK and his team were still trustworthy. what a good news it is ! the stale politics which has very few merits has been chucked and focus is once again on all right things .Most of all on poor.
    I think the middle class aspirations are all right but the poor really need be taken care of. The middleclass can handle itself ,many instituitions are in place to take care of their needs but the poor still find many life support amenities ,out of their reach.


  7. Hi,

    I disagree with “And it seems most of them (more than 50% of them) continue to choose to move forward and not backward. Maybe the entire humanity is the same, we all want to live and let live?”

    This is too much generalisation of the trends.

    I would put it in following way:

    “It seems most of them continue to choose for basic amenities of life regardless of how it can be achieved”


  8. Is it not a little arrogant to say that the power of Indian democracy is manifested only when people pick your favorite party?

    Are the people who are against you less of citizens? When their side wins, is it a defeat of democracy? Their votes are undemocratic and your votes are democratic?

    PS: For the 1001th time, Indians did in fact discover Pythagoras theorem. This is actually an extremely well accepted fact in the mathematical research community. Ask any research mathematician and he will tell you its true. What is startling is that you are not aware of this fact.


    • I have no favorites. When someone who is prepared to uphold and fight for the fundamental rights (and more) of every Indian citizen and the Indian Constitution, and when the citizens are able to ‘elect’ them – then it’s the power of Democracy manifesting.


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