Anyone knows a good therapist in Gurgaon/Delhi?

Dear IHM,
For a long time now I have been considering visiting a therapist, but don’t know how to find one. It would a huge help if you could ask on your blog if anyone knows a good therapist in Gurgaon/Delhi. I trust the advice of your readers and would prefer to hear their recommendations instead of searching online. And hopefully, there are others who will benefit from it too. Of course, if anyone is more comfortable giving the information privately, that will work too.
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9 thoughts on “Anyone knows a good therapist in Gurgaon/Delhi?

    • My personal experience with her has been terrible….she not only showed lack of empathy and compassion but also was in a hurry as her nxt client was waiting….seemed very high on profit making


  1. IHM, this is a useful post. Heart rending to see the usual volume of comments dry up for this subject. Need some information for someone asking – did you get any more references privately? Thanks!


  2. Dear IHM,
    Returning to your blog after ages and have just seen this post. Perhaps you could pass on this information.
    Saarthak is mental health agency in Safdarjung Enclave founded and run by Dr. Achal Bhagat (more information here: and team of skilled (and always clinically supervised) therapists. Saarthak offers therapy for individuals for mental illness and mental health issues arising out of (difficult or any) life circumstances. Contact at:
    A1-266, Safdarjung Enclave
    For appointments call: 98188 65735; 95600 65735

    Also further information:
    Saarthak runs a free psychiatric OPD at AADI


    Free psychiatric OPDs/ clinics start from Friday, 30 May 2014 and EVERY Friday at AADI (2, Balbir Saxena Marg, New Delhi) from 2.30-5.30 pm. Closest bus and metro stations are Green Park (5 minutes walking distance).

    Please inform people who need and would most benefit from a free service: support staff at your homes and offices, drivers, and anybody else in your area who cannot afford a paid psychiatric service.

    Please share this information as widely as possible through your networks. In case you are not Delhi-based please pass this on to your friends in Delhi/ NCR.
    For information call : 88005 99204


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  4. Hi, I don’t know if you are still looking but in the event that you are you can get in touch with me. I’m a psychologist and I’ve completed my M.A in psychology and Neuroscience from the University of St Andrews and then completed another M.A in Psychology from Delhi University. I’ve also worked with institutions such as Medanta, VIMHANS , and the National Brain Research Centre in the past. I now have a private practice.
    You can get in touch with me on 9958983778


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