Every Hindu woman must produce at least 4 kids: Sakshi Maharaj

Every Hindu woman must produce at least 4 kids: Sakshi Maharaj

Unnao MP Sakshi Maharaj has once again stirred a hornet’s nest by saying all Hindu women must produce at least four children.

In Meerut on Tuesday to address a gathering on the occasion of Sant Samaagam Mahotsava, he said, “The concept of four wives and 40 children will not work in India and the time has come when a Hindu woman must produce at least four children in order to protect Hindu religion.”

Link: Every Hindu woman must produce at least 4 kids: Sakshi Maharaj

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68 thoughts on “Every Hindu woman must produce at least 4 kids: Sakshi Maharaj

    • ‘Haha’ is exactly the response he deserves. (Not to be taken seriously).

      On another note, it is worrisome that these joker babas have thousands of followers whom they can influence. Maybe the law needs to relook at that ‘freedom of speech’ principle? :/


      • Well… No matter how many people come up with idiotic statements, I’d never want to ‘relook’ or ‘compromise’ on freedom of speech. In fact the way they have already relooked freedom of speech through IT Act 66(A), which I highly condemn. Everybody should have space to express their views even those we vehemently disagree with. But it is sad the kind of shitheads that represent India (Sigh!)


      • He’s a Lok Sabha MP.
        As such, he wields more power than ALL the readership of IHM’S blog put together.

        This is one of the reasons why I think that the middle-class voter should direct his/her energies towards strengthening parties like the AAP.

        The only way we can counterbalance the hold of right-wing zealots like him is by electing people who reflect our views and priorities.

        We should not underestimate the influence that the Sangh Parivar has on the BJP.

        We can bid goodbye to our hopes of having pro-women legislation like the “Marriage Law Amendment Bill 2013” passed.

        This nutjob wants women barefoot and pregnant, forget about having more equitable divorce laws.

        This is the reason that I will never vote for the BJP. Their views on women are scary.

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        • To be fair the views of Congress MPs on women are hardly any better. Even the President’s son referred to women as “tarred and painted”. It’s a mentality, not specific to a political party.


  1. Okay WTH!
    Let’s look at this logically. So Hindu women should produce ‘at least’ 4 kids. I have a few questions.

    1. Is he going to pay for their expenses at least college tuition etc?
    2. Will he also send volunteers as baby sitters to take care of them when the Hindu women go to work? Or will he give monthly salaries for bearing & raising 4 kids if women aren’t allowed to work? I say this because men anyway cannot be burdened with too much responsibility.
    3. What is he going to do about the ever growing Indian population?
    4. Does he have jobs waiting for the sudden increase in the Hindu children?
    5. What if the woman isn’t married? Would it be okay for her to adopt 4 kids? Or have babies of her own? Would you disown this Hindu woman & her 4 kids?
    6. Instead of ‘producing’ 4 kids, why can’t you shelter, raise & take care of orphans? Is it because you don’t know whose blood runs through their veins?

    And most importantly…

    Why is it so important to increase Hindu population when you can actually work on increasing the quality of the population you currently have? It’s never going to die out & it will only forever increase.
    I understand religion was created to give a sense of security to those who have faced too many difficulties in life but increasing Hindu population for the sake of it doesn’t help anyone. Instead the focus should be on helping those who face such difficulties & making India a better place to live in…

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    • It’s to counteract the threat posed by the minorities.

      The Hindu right seems to believe that Hindus are an endangered minority like the Parsis.

      Hello, swamiji. Last time I checked Hindus were the “majority community”. No threat of extinction, except that posed by nutjobs like you.


    • According to these same people, when push comes to shove, “everyone is a Hindu.” So what’s the problem, now?

      And what’s the guarantee that if I procreate to this person’s specifications, my kids will be Hindu? My parents were Hindu, I’m agnostic. Mostly because of being around people like this guy, who, unfortunately, are all around us in India.


    • what about polygamy and the children born out of those marriages? Are those parents seen as responsible citizens, when they give birth, just to increase their tribe and not bothered about how our economy and resources might be affected because of these. Let us talk about that also, so that we can insist the government to have an unitary law, and not separate law for each religion.


      • This is the rationale that Sakshi Maharaj has given.
        What can be done?

        1. BJP is in power – why don’t they talk about (and take initiatives for) a Uniform Civil Code instead?

        2. They could also make sure contraception and information is readily available to all women.

        3. And also, along with legal changes, we need Media Campaigns. Most of my domestic helpers have been Hindu and many have been second wives. Though they are not married legally, it makes no difference to them because socially they are accepted. They are sometimes supported, almost always abused or manipulated by their frequently violent ‘husbands’ (Hindu) and their families). Many others have been first wives, supporting their children without any support from their legal husbands (again Hindu).

        The few who attempted to run away from their violent and polygamous husbands, have no support from their families/society. They are violently attacked and dragged back by the husband – this is seen as their bad luck, but not considered unacceptable.

        Some of them have wished – openly, that their husbands would die because they don’t think there is any other way for them to escape physical, mental and economic abuse. These polygamous men believe they have the right to whatever the wives and children earn. Infact the men and women and most in the society seem to believe the men have absolute rights over any woman/women they married.

        The Life And Times Of Another Indian Homemaker.


  2. These so-called religious babas don’t represent religion in the slightest. They just want more followers, because more followers = more power. It’s all a power game, and these guys are on the hunt for loyal subjects. Religion is a tool they’re using to get there. What do they really know about it?


    • Yes, but I hope, in vain optimism perhaps, that things are changing.

      PK is the highest grossing movie ever. It does appear, doesn’t it, that religion is no longer a holy cow.

      Honestly, I did not expect PK to have such an unimaginably successful run.

      The movie pokes a lot of unapologetic fun at these religious messiahs. I hope people have begun to see through the hypocrisy that most religious leaders embody.

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      • Yes PK is hilarious. Loved the scene where this poised woman (announcer) is waxing poetic on the “destructive powers of Shiva” and the poor, underprivileged, painted Shiva is running wild, “destroying” the stage, and screaming for security. Loved the irony:)


        • Yes indeed. Rajkumar Hirani poked a lot of gentle fun at our collective religious sensibilities.

          I’m happy that people identified with its larger message 🙂


  3. A topic close to my heart . I experience it everywhere whether its mall, metro, ofc, railway station, airport, name it and you experience it everywhere. All places are crowded.

    USA is 4th largest country with GDP of 16 trillion dollars but still has population of 32 crore only . But India which is world’s 7th largest country with GDP of 7 trillion dollar has 1.2 billion population. How many kids we want to produce?

    Simply imagine if our grandfather’s would have not produced so many kids then by this time we would have became 1st world country . India and Japan’s journey started at same time 1947 but see where they are and where we are . Half of our population does not have access to toilets and people are suggesting to produce more.

    Having baby is our national obsession. Its like just have it . Everybody is pressurized to have kids as soon as they are married as if there is nothing else in world.

    China started its population control measure in 1980 then they are able to control it by 2007-2010 but here our MPs are suggesting produce more. Sometimes I think what will be situation of our country after 20 yrs.


  4. Well well well, I suggest Sakshi Maharaj should pray really really hard and ‘win’ the powers of conception from his god and then have as many kids as he thinks the hindu religion needs. If his god really wants a bigger population, surely a small miracle wouldn’t be a hindrance? But until then, no uterus = no opinion allowed!

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  5. Oh! Just laugh it off!
    Every country, and every religion/society has jokers like this. No one takes them seriously and no one should. Let them enjoy their freedom of speech.

    Did you not read what Owaisi said?
    Referring to conversions, he has declared that every person born is a Muslim.

    These are harmless compared to what the ISIS/Boko Haraam say and do in Syria and Nigeria.

    While on this subject:
    I read somewhere a compilation of “fatwas” issued by various clerics and tmany of them were equally hilarious.
    Of course someone with a tongue firmly in his cheek also listed the following spurious fatwa in that list:
    “Since the Ocean is masculine, in the Arabic language, any woman going swimming in the sea must not allow the water to wet her thighs and abdomen, otherwise she will be guilty of adultery”

    A reader had commented “So if a man enters the ocean and gets his pubic region wet, won’t he be guilty of homosexuality? Isn’t that worse than adultery?

    Life would be monotonous without Jokers like these around. Simply laugh and ignore them.

    I am gratified to learn that PK is finally making it through all the theatres and is not being banned by any state Governemnt.
    I compliment the Maharashtra Government on being firm and allowing what the Censors have cleared to be screened, irrespective of what some fanatics wanted.
    Compare that with what Akhilesh Yadaw did in UP! He has exempted it from Entertainment tax.
    Let the state governments enjoy their respective privileges.

    By the way I saw the film and liked it. I am sure your readers will like it too.


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  6. I’m really, really sick of the idiotic focus on “defending Hinduism” in this country.

    Why, don’t we have enough Hindu kids languishing in orphanages? On the streets every day?
    And 4 KIDS??? When most parents cant even afford to feed themselves?

    At a recent conference of religious heads in, they all agreed that religious conversion was one of the biggest problems facing the nation today.

    REALLY? So all those child abuse cases don’t worry you? The hundreds of people starving in various parts of the country are not a problem? What about the botched sterilization camp where so many women died? Dengue. Afforestation. Illiteracy. Untouchability. All these and more apparently pale in significance to the HORRENDOUS problem of people deciding to worship another god.

    The firecracker industry in Sivakasi, one of the biggest exploiters of child labour is kept going simply due to this idiotic need to “preserve our traditions” .

    Quite frankly I think anyone who is female should simply refuse to participate in any of these “religious” movements. Because religion, atleast the current state that it is in, is inherently misogynistic. Comments from this nutcase and other controversies such as the Love jihad basically involve both sides treating women like brood mares. No matter what religion you belong to in India, if you’re a woman, you’re basically treated like crap.
    Enough is enough.


  7. He was elected, he must have enough mass support. This isn’t to be taken as a joke – this is how they slowly change public perception. The educated classes aren’t going to be as affected – I hope.

    This is RSS propaganda, fear mongering. My kids’ music teacher was told that hindus would be overtaken by muslims in a few years at the rate they’re growing. We had to sit him down, show him the percentage (14.6 percent per the 2011 census, up from around 10% in 1951). Fertility rates has dropped the most among muslims since 1991, something no one wants to mention in public fora…this fear mongering doesn’t even have basis but hey, since when has the Hindu Right been interested in facts?!

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      • Muslims still marry their daughter off before they hit 20. Most of the college dropouts are muslims (girls), Some of them are not allowed to work or [participate in extra curricular activities. Atleast this is the scenario in Kerala. They must work on Gender equality thing.


        • Not all of them ! Yes,working after marriage is discouraged business from home,lectureship,teacher etc ,’ladies jobs’ are encouraged just like in any conservative section /community in India !


        • Someone I know, let’s call her B, met a Muslim doctor from Kerala working towards her post graduation. This girl was married , and her husband was very supportive of her continuing her education. B was surprised because that was not what she had heard of the community. According to the doctor, some of the girls prefer to marry early, the men (she meant her family and acquaintances in Kerala) don’t treat them badly, and those who want to study like herself are allowed to do so. Of course I don’t doubt there are cases where girls are forced to marry/drop out etc, but this conversation was a reminder not to stereotype. But I agree, gender equality is something that needs to be worked on , and I hope one day we reach there.


    • Thank you for saying that. The RSS is an extremely canny and stealthy opinion-maker.

      Such incidents and utterances are part of a calculated strategy to effect a shift in public opinion.

      I am 41, and I distinctly remember a time when any praise of Nathuram Godse was relegated to the margins of public opinion. It was taboo and swiftly denounced.

      In 2014, the public restoration and recreation of Godse as a misunderstood and ill-served nationalist is almost complete.

      One may disagree with the larger tenets of Gandhi’s ideology and actions.

      It’s quite another thing to publicly express admiration of Godse for killing Gandhi because he disagreed with his politics.

      What’s being attempted right now is a redefining of public opinion and perception. It’s part of a larger pattern of altering and redefining the public discourse in favour of the Hindu right.


  8. Another Taliban in making!

    Hindu fanatics have come in numbers and copying what muslim society does!
    Same preaching but different preachers.

    Super IGNORE!


  9. What is the difference between fanatic Hindus and fanatic Muslims and fanatic Christians? They all think alike. They all seem to hate “the other”. They don’t see women as adults and equals. They hate questioning. They love fear. They use fear as the motivation to get everything done. Why not all fanatic people join forces, form one religion, and leave the rest alone?

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    • Let me fix that first sentence for you – ” What is the difference between fanatic Hindu men and fanatic Muslim men and fanatic Christian men?”. There.

      I do agree with your answer. All of them think women need to be “protected” and “guided”.

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      • I’ve met fanatical Hindu women, Muslim women and Christian women too, who agree with the men–women must be protected, guided, not allowed to have an opinion.
        I think the thing that binds them all is “fanatical” — gender really doesn’t matter.


        • Yes, and I have also met fanatic Seculars or Atheists who think people practising a religion must be guided, especially women. Where I live it is considered that a woman covering her head must be necessarily under (bad) influence 😉


    • Fanatical muslims are way,way,way,way,way more likely to kill you if you don’t agree to their views. Used to be the same with fanatic christians. Fanatic hindus are kittens compared to these vermin.


  10. With idiots like Asaduddin Owaisi stating that every person in this world is born as a Muslim and bigger idiots like Sakshi Maharaj reciprocating by saying that all Hindu women must produce at least four children, I feel it’s imperative that not only sex determination, but even religion determination of the fetus should be made a crime.


  11. Such idiots should be fired, right away. Makes me wonder and his latest antic, Raat Gayi Baat Gayi. Why PM Modi keep such idiots in his Government or party?Do they know, their crap is stale.


    • You can freely discuss this topic only because this is a Hindu majority nation. There are more secular and tolerant Hindus than in any other religion. If this was a Muslim majority nation, then we would have been whip-lashed for even speaking anything on a blog.


  12. Most of the commentors have already said all that I wanted to. I would love to give this ‘maharaj’ the labour pain a woman undergoes. Of all four babies at the same time.
    Infact , all the women of the ‘miniscule’ ‘under threat’ Hindu population should transfer that labour pain to him at the same time. would be such fun 😀 After all, we are such a ‘minority’ no? Should be easy peasy.


    • Has anyone noticed men only talk about babies,….they have no idea about the pain ,transformation women go through when they give birth ! Men should just shut up and not talk about popping babies one after another !!


      • True and women have amply contributed to this thinking.

        1.Every time, a woman feels that the husband has done a great honour to her by making her pregnant with ‘his’ child and not ‘our’ child.

        2. Takes it upon herself, when she does not become pregnant

        3. Does not complain, when she undergoes some problem or pain or discomfort during pregnancy or later (sometimes the vociferous ones are shut off by other family members by saying ‘all women undergo this. hence do not crib or make a hell out of this’)

        4. Does not insist that the husband take care of her from the time of delivery and post-recovery.

        5. Makes it a point to treat the man as her first child, feeds him first, then the wailing baby, mil,fil,sil,bil and aunt, uncles, neighbours, neighbours’ dogs, etc. And if she has time, she excuses herself to have the morsel, not for herself, just that she could feed her baby only if she eats……

        6. And when the baby is 2, she cosies upto him and asks whether they can provide a sibling for the first one, knowing very well the pain of undergoing all the above process again.

        Why would a man not think about babies, when the sufferer has conditioned herself to suffer and be a martyr?


        • Despite undergoing such intense physical pain, we are still “the weaker sex”.

          What I wouldn’t give to have a man walk in my shoes when I am menstruating, breathless because of pain; but in the middle of a presentation.


        • True, chintu !
          You should see how the older aunties chastised younger mother when they so much as complain of morning sickness !
          Even if woman wants a baby at the cost of fertility treatments, hormone shots the kind of indifference shown by husbands and older aunties is bad !
          Menstruation is another thing which is trivialised ! I had a female boss who ridiculed me and passed snide remark when I wanted to take leave for a bad monthly period !
          Women are menstruating for a longer period now because fewer are dying young of childbirth, producing one or two children in their fertile phase unlike 5-8 just 50 years ago !


  13. Absolutely nutty comment of this man. It’s wrong on so many levels. He doesn’t deserve the attention he’s getting. Some people don’t know what they’re talking about. Of course I understand why the media includes these news items – it gives us something to laugh about 😀


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