The friends I have never met.

Found this being shared on facebook and realised how true this has been for me. Thank You. 

The friends I have never met

My friends online

It’s strange to have a friend that you
have never hugged, shook their hand
or looked into their eyes.

But you have been touched by their soul,
seen the good in their hearts and felt the
warmth of their being.

The friends I have never met are not my
friends untouched for I have felt them
with me when I needed them. I have
confided in them and they are some of
the kindest people I have ever known.


21 thoughts on “The friends I have never met.

  1. So true!
    I have confided more online than to real friends and relatives.
    My online contacts now know me better than the people I meet in flesh and blood everyday.

    I now feel you and some of your readers are my real life friends even though I cannot recognize you if I meet you in the street.

    Happy new year to you and your readers.


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  2. Thank god for the friends I have never met. Thank god for IHM, Fem, Wordssetmefree, Simply Bored, Carvaka, Clueless, GGTS, Bride, PhoenixRitu, MySoul, GV and all the wonderful people I encountered on this blog.

    I cannot put in words how enriched I have been by reading their comments; how great a source of strength their words have been for me.

    That’s the beauty of the Internet; of this blog. One never knows or fathoms the lasting impact one’s words will have on the life of a rank stranger.

    One does not know how one’s words would be akin to a floating log for a drowning man; lifesaving, nourishing and bracing.

    This blog and it’s commenters has seen me through one of the darkest periods of my life.

    I am sure that most people are unaware of how much their words comforted me, when I found myself alone, misunderstood and alienated in real life.

    Thanks everyone, for being who you are. 🙂

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    • @Neha,

      I echo your sentiments.
      2011 was a horrible year for me (health wise). It forced my retirement from my profession.
      I won’t bore you with the details except to say that I was twice admitted into the ICU and then confined to bed and unable to walk for months.

      In bed, my laptop, tablet, the internet and this blog prevented depression.

      IHM is is indeed generous. While she frequently makes original postings and writes extremely well, and comes across as well-balanced in her thinking, unlike most other bloggers, she also shares space on her blog and offers a platform to others. She has had remarkable success in collecting a group of loyal and extremely knowledgeable, and articulate readers who respond enthusiastically and add value with their comments. Nearly every single comment reads like a blog post in itself. At other blog sites I get to read one person, viz the blogger. Here I get to read so many!

      So much so, that I never get the feeling that this is IHM’s blog but OUR blog.
      To me this blog is specially valuable. In real life, due to my age and gender, it would be impossible to be part of a group discussion with ladies half my age.
      Even my wife and her friends clam up or bring down their volume to whispers, when I am in the room! Any attempt to find out what they are discussing invites a cold stare from my wife! My daughter who belongs to the age group of the average reader here, will also not communicate with me on these topics. She is probably embarrassed about it. With my 28 year old son, (who is a budding philosopher at Oxford University and about to submit his DPhil thesis) , I am totally unable to discuss anything. His discussions and debates are at a plane that soars high and I cannot match him in thinking and in debate)

      But online, I feel at home here and am glad to have this opportunity to keep my finger on the pulse of modern , educated, economically empowered, articulate young women who are freely able to express their views from behind a curtain of assured anonymity. Believe me, when I was in my thirties, a community like this simply did not exist. Ladies stayed at home and discussed kitchen issues, maid-servant and mother in law problems.

      For me the absence of face to face contact is no issue at all. In fact it is welcome!

      This blog has “staying power” , unlike so many other blogs, which come and go.
      I plan to be here as a permanent reader.

      I wish IHM and all her readers a very happy new year.

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      • “At other blog sites I get to read one person, viz the blogger. Here I get to read so many!” So true …. I love reading IHM’s posts as much as I enjoy reading the comments:) In fact, I check this blog way more often than I check my own:) It feels like I’m checking in with my friends …. what have they been up to, what’s on their minds today, what are they struggling with or what are they celebrating?


  3. IHM,

    So true the thoughts about online friends. Thank you for this wonderful blog and for your efforts, thoughts and sheer courage that shine through your posts. Thank you also for the comments from the regulars. I have learnt a lot and all the people occupy significant real estate in my mind and the mind’s time.

    Happy New Year to you and all your readers. Maybe 2015 bring more positive changes in the world, and for women in particular.

    My resolution: to get a proper email address. 🙂


    • Swati,
      I have corresponded privately with a few other readers of this blog.
      But , you are the only IHM blog reader I have had the privilege of actually meeting face to face.
      I remember my visit to your house a few months ago and it was a pleasure.
      It was also highly satisfying to discover common friends.
      Do keep in touch.


  4. IHM, I’m so thankful I’ve met you and all the other awesome people here.
    This is truly evolving into an (online) support group – but it is so much more – it’s also a place to have some great intellectual discussions/debates about a host of things like – human rights, environment vs nature, impact of laws, cultural assimilation, psychological issues, parenting, relationships, collective vs individualistic thinking, the role of hierarchies, the politics of freedom – all in the feminist context. We learn more when we discuss and analyze things because we not only learn from others, we also clarify our own thoughts and opinions through interactions (including disagreement) with others.


  5. IHM,
    Great blog, more dialogue I would say, I think I have evolved as a more mature woman, feminist and human being as I read the others here. It’s a blog I want to introduce to my daughter when the questions start.
    Happy new year to everyone .


  6. I am passively active here but never fail to read the posts as well as all the associated comments. It intrigues me every time I see a comment with different perspective. Love the forum and people who participate here.


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