So how will banning cabs make public transport safer for women?

We seem to have a history of not making a serious effort to understand an issue.  Not even something as obvious and as simple, as in this Uber cab driver’s case.

Gurgaon: Cab driver rapes woman professional,

Here is what I think the focus should be on – 


The police verification document, dated May 2014, certified Yadav’s clean record, despite a case of rape being registered against him in 2011. During investigation, police found that Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Southeast Delhi, L T Hrangchal, whose signature the form bears, was posted to Mizoram on February 18, 2013. – See more at: Driver permit: Police and Transport play ping-pong

The police claims the documents are forged – link  This should be taken very seriously.

How do we control crime if police verification documents cannot be absolutely relied upon?

2.  It seems the driver had been arrested for rape earlier [link] [link].  Wouldn’t a Rape Registry [link] have been effective here?

And here is what might distract from the real issue:

1. The rapist’s remorse.

Delhi rape: Uber cab driver Yadav confesses to crime but shows no remorse

So would it make any difference whether or not he rapist ‘shows remorse’? How is he expected to show remorse? By promising not to use forged documents or by offering to marry the rape survivor? Or by shedding tears like this rapist? What if he did act extremely remorseful – then what?


“We will try our best that this cab company is closed and it should be investigated that who brought this company here and how it started,” Chairperson Delhi women commission Barkha Singh said.

Anawnimiss commented: 

And I am disgusted with the govt’s it-happened-in-a-cab-so-let’s-ban-cabs attitude. Will we go about banning nightclubs, shopping malls, parks, buildings and streets next?

I say let’s take a multi-pronged approach instead that promises fewer rapes, less immoral behavior (consensual sex), reduced population. Let’s ban men instead.
Oh wait, that’s not going to work either for reasons I mentioned above.

Umm.. okay, then let’s work on finding a solution that actually works.

3. We really need to stop viewing (and trivialising) a sexual assault as ‘shameful’ and start seeing it as horrific, violation, violent, disgusting and traumatic.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.59.04 pm

Please note: Most of the other freedoms for women are meaningless if safety of women and children in public spaces continues to be viewed as optional.

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Indian women dancing in the streets? Photographs.

What bothers me is how quickly we are getting used to our freedom being taken away and how we are willingly shutting ourselves in our homes for safety.

Do you believe that if this video was shot in Delhi, the girl would not reach home alive?

More bans?

… ban on jeans (reserved for men)

… banning of Porn sites

...ban on mobile phone use by Indian brides.(reserved for men)

Ban on using one’s own judgment

Pubs in Andhra banned for women. (to be officially Reserved For Men?)

Ban on Holi

Ban on pubs for girls 

Ban on liquor… ?

Ban on ‘Boys and Girls Holding Hands’?

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Ban consensual sex between adults

Ban Valentines Day? 

Ban jobs, safety and roads after 8 pm for women (reserved for men?)

Bans on art, movies and books. 

Ban on using your own judgment?

And here is what would work.

Women in streets, after dark in Gurgaon



32 thoughts on “So how will banning cabs make public transport safer for women?

  1. Exactly! How does closing ONE company prevent men from raping? Why, if he did this before, did he serve so little time? Why isn’t there more uproar over the common incidence of forgery? Why do non “new tech” cabs have better tracking as well? But tracking doesnt deter OR stop men from raping. Yes women can rape so dont get all “male rights” on me you chauvinist readers… the point is STOP raping will stop rapes!

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  3. This is such a knee-jerk reaction by the Government. With the last metro in Delhi at 11:30 PM and banning of some other cab services as well, the normal man/woman is at the mercy of those autowallahs who will charge whatever they want or simply deny their service because your destination doesn’t suit their route.


  4. The Govt is banning only UBER cabs, not all cabs, but still, govt. should increase the number of Govt sanctioned/run vehicles, so as to save them the difficulty in getting pubic transport !

    Usha Padiyar

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  5. But there is some conspiracy behind it right… like the Uber is illegal in India or something like that. They banned Uber cabs not just because the driver raped that woman…


  6. How government and media has made this as UBER case. As if its UBER responsibility to provide safety to women and men passenger.

    Yes they didn’t conducted background check. For this they should be penalised.

    But for what they have been banned .And how background check was supposed to happen. Do we have a central database.

    If regulation was not in place then how they were running taxi in India. Was government waiting for an incident to happen so that it can take action.

    Media to is busying in pushing responsibility toward UBER. No one seem to ask a question how forge document was made and is government going to take any strict action against those public servant. And what what about transport department ??? Media is biggest joke. What they did in Rohtak molestation case was superb example of sensationalism.

    Nobody is asking any question to judiciary. Why a rapist was awarded such a lenient sentence when he was a repeat offender??? If this is condition after making law tough then god knows what use to happen when law was weak???

    One more question what about the rehabilitation of the person who are convicted and have completed their sentence. Based on their background verification they will never get a job , then they have to be criminal throughout life. How we can make sure that convicted people get back into society???

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  7. I totally get that banning Uber doesn’t solve the problem, but I have to say, banning Uber is nevertheless is VERY good thing.

    If I own a restaurant in which I advertise that I serve “fish”, but in reality some of the fish I serve are fugu… AND my chef faked her certification papers for fugu preparation… which results in the death of customers who were served the improperly prepared poisonous fish: I am most definitely liable for their deaths. It is my responsibility to both advertise truthfully that I’m serving fugu – not any regular fish – AND to ensure certification of my chef is not faked.

    Uber advertises itself as a simple driver service but in reality some of its drivers are rapists. AND it doesn’t bother to properly check if their drivers’ certification is faked. Therefore they are liable.

    There are like 50 excellent reasons why Uber should not just be banned but its management and CEO thrown in jail.

    – The senior vice president of Uber hired a team of opposition researchers and journalists, with a million-dollar budget, to dig into the personal lives and backgrounds of media figures who reported negatively about Uber – and actually carried out this expose/blackmail attack on a female journalist.

    – They have admitted to illegally selling customer data for shady purposes.

    – They deny service to blind people and other handicapped people as part of unofficial policy – which is illegal.

    – An Uber driver ran over a 6 yr old girl, her mother, and her brother – the little girl died, mother and brother were seriously injured.

    – Uber employees with burner phones posed as fake customers, and booked over 5000 rides with a competitor only to cancel the rides/never show up, to drive the competitor out of business. They did this to two separate competitors in two different US cities.

    – Three women have been abducted in major US cities so far.

    – One person has been hit on the head with a hammer by an Uber driver.

    – One driver slapped a passenger for burping.

    – Another driver left a customer stranded in the middle of a highway after stealing his phone.

    – 4 official rape allegations against Uber drivers in the US alone.

    Remember also that Uber is a VERY new company. All these horror stories have happened in just 4 years.

    Uber is a prime example of a corporation trying to turn at profit at the expense of the society around it. There’s a reason why real taxi drivers get all kinds of stringent checks that Uber drivers are never subjected to… and the reason shows in Uber’s record, which is short and very ugly.


    • Maybe you are right and Uber does have a bad record but I do not believe that someone in the govt. did all this research and came to the conclusion that Uber should be banned, it was a knee jerk reaction to soothe people.


  8. The Government has employed classic deflection techniques by making it all about Uber, without a mention of their being amiss in doing background checks before giving the perpetrator his license. Beware, they are just trying to avoid blame.
    While there may be some truth to the fact that ‘Uber gave the victim a false sense of security’ – when you really think about it, the rapist knew that he would be easily traced if the victim were to complain, it didn’t him. That to me is truly scary. The brazeness of the attack to me implies that we are far, far from being able to provide women with a basic sense of security in our nation. Truly sad. Meanwhile, everyone is busy banning Uber – which as of today is perhaps still the safest option available (sure there is scope for improvement and Uber should shoulder some of that responsibility). I have a feeling that not too many are falling for the Government’s tactic this time though.


  9. If we look at the situation objectively, compared to other cab companies in India, Uber is doing SOME kind of background check, though it may not be a thorough one. But the advantage with Uber is that its technology allows the victim and the police to learn the criminal’s identity very easily, and to also track down his or her movements.

    Suppose this was an auto that was hailed instead of a Uber cab, not all of us diligently note down the driver’s name and the vehicle number each time we get into one. And with lack of any advanced technology, the driver could have easily gotten away with the crime.

    Does Uber need to be more stringent about background check? Yes. Does the government need to be more up-to-date about records – hell, yes. But I would feel way safer in a Uber taxi that something I just hailed on the street.


  10. – Whatever it is about Uber, I feel we should be questioning as to why the driver who was a serial offender from the age of 21 was even let out every time. He SHOULD be in jail.

    Why the hell is our legal system so crappy?

    – Improve the public transport and safety measures.
    – Improve our police force
    – Create a database. First of all, make every Indian HAVE an ID card and make it easy for them to obtain it.


  11. If it was any ordinary taxi – not affiliated to any web based service – chances are high that the driver or even his car wouldn’t have even been identified – let alone being traced / caught.

    Our internal security basics are all screwed up. There must be a central database of all crimes and criminals. Any policeman at any time in the day, in any police station of the country must be able to check – whether a person in question has a previous record – just be entering his details in a system. Basics like these are lacking. Whats the use of all this IT we brag about ?

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    • Which is not to say that – in this case – they’ve no liability. They didn’t do their job right which they promised and must be punished for the same. But banning is definitely no solution.


  12. In this case, the cabbie did have a criminal record for rape. What if he hadn’t? Does every rapist have a criminal record? Who will they blame then? You can only check existing criminal records. You cannot read people’s minds and determine if they might potentially commit a crime in the future.

    In such a situation, personally, I would feel safer in these radio cabs than regulat taxis and autos. I have used services like Meru cabs etc many times even in the middle of the night alone with no problem. Many of these cabs have an gps-sms-update feature to a third party’s phone of your choice. Nobody can ensure 100% that the drivers they hire won’t commit crimes, but atleast we can make them think twice out of fear over swift police action and punishment.


  13. Theyre not banning all cabs, they’re banning uber, as they very well should. If a company advertises its drivers as safe and vetted, then I will expect their drivers to have no criminal background, uber deserves every single but of criticism it is getting. The media is focusing on uber because uber is in the wrong here.
    From what I heard the drivers jail time was originally more but he was let out early because of lack of evidence-the witness’s testimony was seen to be insufficient-something like that.


  14. I think its quite right to stop these cab services till their process es are looked into ! They were as it is operating without any checks in place! They marketed safety and plagued on well off ,higher middle class mentality who thought they were buying safety and comfort for travelling at odd/late hours which is otherwise unknown to a large majority !
    GiVen the corruption in lawmakers and police they will be back on streets in new avatars !Nobody is talking about highhanded ness of auto drivers and cab personnel s !Everyday on the streets its a daily magaj maari to deal with them !


  15. Frankly IHM .. I am grateful to Uber.. Coz next time I am travelling in a Uber cab at 10 pm in delhi all by myself and if I get raped by the driver, despite all the brouhaha over how mad I am to put myself in such a situation, I can be rest assured that the rapist will be caught in no time …


  16. Is there a sexual offenders register in India? Like in the UK? If you apply for a job working with children, the public etc you have to go through and enhanced security check prior receiving a job offer. The register is country wide and all regions feed into it. Not a perfect system but lowers the risks.


  17. As a former cab driver, I won’t go into what I actually DID in the past, as far as criminality. But I will say that just because a government body does a background check on a perspective driver, this doesn’t mean much. When a person can steal a police car and be charged with about 11 other crimes (I may or may not be speaking from experience) and can still pass a full police background check, I don’t know . . . How effective IS a background check anyway? The officer doing the particular background check’s question, “Are these the only thing you have been charged with?” My response, “Isn’t that enough???” I figured I had no leg to stand on with those particular charges still showing up on my record. It was a laundry list from ‘felony grand theft of $10,000 or more’ to ‘felony speeding’, which I wasn’t aware of such a crime of felony speeding. Considering I got off from all charges by “Not guilty by reason of insanity” (I’m not making this up, by the way . . .) should I have gotten a license to drive the public from here to there? I would’ve had reservations about it had I been the officer doing the background check and probably would not have given me a license.

    Anyway, that being said, you never know about anyone. Everyone has the capacity for evil and doing bad things for whatever reason. There is no hard and fast rule for governing a person’s behavior, predicting criminal intent, and trying to nip in the bud what MAY happen. You really can’t predict a person’s behavior and we (or any government) definitely should not pass laws with that being the main idea. Trying to head off crime by things like profiling, then what’s next? You get things happening much like what happened in America in the 60’s with the civil rights movement or prejudicial laws toward gays to head off AIDS or against women to head off STDs (because of course it’s all a woman’s fault for looking so damn good, right??? And I just could not keep it in my pants!)


  18. Agree wholly but just had one more clarification to make.

    The “remorse” thing is reported not to actually soften opinion on the rapist but to give viewers an insight into the psychology of the rapist. A lack of remorse is characteristic in psychopathy and sociopathy. Also it helps people understand better what induces these people to rape- psychotic issues or other factors so that the issue can be addressed.

    For legal and forensic purposes, these little details matter a lot.


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