‘After shocking the nation with her involvement in a high profile prostitution scandal…’

A clean chit.

… ‘shocking the nation’ and ‘involvement in a high profile prostitution scandal’…

I was under the impression that Shweta Basu Prasad did not ‘shock the nation’, instead there was an outrage in support of, or atleast in sympathy for the young actor – mainly, I think, because none of the powerful businessmen involved were named, but the young actor was. What do you think?

Earlier the media had reported:

Noted actor Shweta Basu Prasad was arrested in Hyderabad on Sunday for being involved in a high-profile prostitution racket.

And now, a clean chit.

Shweta Basu Prasad gets a clean chit in prostitution scandal case

After shocking the nation with her involvement in a high profile prostitution scandal, the Makdee actress Shweta Basu Prasad was sent into a remand home for few months. The actress who recently got out of the remand home can breathe a sigh of relief as Hyderabad sessions court has given a clean chit to her.

Shweta Basu Prasad had mentioned earlier that she had made peace with past and the prostitution case doesn’t affect her anymore.


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8 thoughts on “‘After shocking the nation with her involvement in a high profile prostitution scandal…’

  1. I wasn’t shocked by Shweta Basu Prasad’s arrest. I was sure she would be released.
    I am shocked by this recent Uber taxi incident and the system failure it illustrates.
    So, should we have special taxis for women driven by women only?
    We can get some tough, no nonsense kind of women, and even arm them for emergencies like this. We have women cops. Why not woman taxi drivers?
    Just a thought. How practical is it? I wonder.


    • I do believe there is a taxi service – at least in Mumbai – that has only female drivers and services only female clients. I believe the name of the service is Priyadarshini.


    • I would not want to segregate society and public spaces according to gender. That would only validate the idea that men cannot ‘control’ their ‘urges’.
      Also, that places the onus of ‘avoiding rape’ on the women – that choosing not to use ‘women’s only’ compartment/taxi/bus = wrong/stupid, which I think women can do without. (Most women , I assure you , already think long and hard before short and long distance travel in India)

      Creating safe public spaces for women (and children )is a collective *societal* responsibility, implemented by the local authorities, maintaining it that way is the responsibility of law enforcement and punishing those who make it unsafe is the duty of the judiciary.

      Systems-based correction IMHO would involve – safe, 24 hour public transport facilities, responsive police phone lines,CCTV monitoring, and greater oversight of autos/taxis. A safer city is better for everyone, not just women.

      Liked by 1 person

      • How far are we willing to go to make the city ‘safe for women’? First, separate ladies compartments in the metro. Now cabs for the women driven by women. What’s next, woman only banks? Woman-only colonies? Also, how is this treatment any different from the zenana culture that many of us agree was oppressive?

        What happens to women when they step out of these ‘boundaries’? Because let’s face it, they will function like lakshman rekhas in the end. More harassment and more victim blaming. So I’m with Desi Daaru on this one.


        • And I am disgusted with the govt’s it-happened-in-a-cab-so-let’s-ban-cabs attitude. Will we go about banning nightclubs, shopping malls, parks, buildings and streets next?

          I say let’s take a multi-pronged approach instead that promises fewer rapes, less immoral behavior (consensual sex), reduced population. Let’s ban men instead.
          Oh wait, that’s not going to work either for reasons I mentioned above.

          Umm.. okay, then let’s work on finding a solution that actually works.


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