Penile whitening cream launched for men

DG of shared this link with this message –

‘Finally! How much we had wanted this 🙂 ‘


Penile whitening cream launched for men


‘The new product Fair & Manly, currently undergoing clinical trials in a lab in Pune, promises fair skinned private parts for men, boosting their confidence level and increasing their chances of getting jobs and attracting romantic female partners.

“There are many whitening creams for men in market that promise fair skinned face and other parts of the body, but none of them work on their private parts, making them feel less confident, and at times, depressed. Common wisdom says, no matter how much fair a man is, his private part will always be darker than the rest of the body. We aim to change that.”, CEO of Hindustan Moonilever Limited Gorachand Kamdev told Teekhi Mirchi.

“No, we’re not competing with that Indian pharmaceutical company selling vaginal whitening cream, since we are targeting altogether a different demography.”, he clarified.’

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14 thoughts on “Penile whitening cream launched for men

  1. Actually, Men’s skin is harder than woman’s skin, ordinary fairness creams don’t work on men. So, men definitely need a separate fairness cream which suits to their skin type. If you observer, men’s skin is too rough, you can even light a matchstick by scratching on man’s face.

    All these days we used to use woman’s fairness creams and live like a sissies. Now, gone those days, we don’t accept this feminization anymore. We have our pride, symbol of empowerment, symbol of manhood, a fairness cream for men…

    Don’t believe me?? see this …

    And there is even much better cream available these days. The fairness cream that you mentioned in your post is nothing but a copycat of this marvelous cream.. Thanks to those who made this fairness cream.

    Warning: adult content, language and some visuals not suitable for people live in “Bharat”, but O.K for people in India.


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