Research survey on Street Harassment

Sharing an email. Please do participate and support. The first step towards controlling a crime is understanding the crime and such surveys are a step in that direction. 
Dear IHM,
We are writing to you to help disseminate our research survey on Street Harassment. In collaboration with researchers at the Cornell University’s ILR School, we are collecting survey responses from across the world with support of local sites. 

The survey asks about demographics, experiences with harassment, reactions to it, and other questions. It is completely anonymous. Summary reports and press releases can be expected early in 2015.

If you have any questions you can ask your site leader, Arpita Bhagat ( If you want more info on the survey itself, contact Prof. Beth Livingston (​​For Mumbai, we have translated the survey in three languages – English, Hindi & Marathi. It would be absolutely wonderful, if you could share the details on your platform or/and give us a shout out on your social media.

Mumbai, English:
Mumbai, Hindi:
Mumbai, Marathi:
Please do participate and share with your network widely.
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14 thoughts on “Research survey on Street Harassment

  1. Video by Hollaback recording 10 hours of street harassment in New York:

    I face a different kind of harassment where I currently live in the Middle East. On a consistent basis, I find men staring at me long and hard, regardless of what I am wearing or who I am with. My female friends experience this too. Disturbing and annoying.


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  3. Yale students share names of men they find unsafe in secret networks
    Women at Yale use “whisper networks” and Google Docs to share information about men they say engaged in sexual harassment or assault.
    Sororities collect the names of these men and bar them from social events.
    Women point to fears of social exclusion and a lack of faith in Yale as some reasons these information-sharing networks remain underground.


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