‘What Shri Yesudas said in public is what most of the parents are telling in private.’

I was away and did not see this positive news until Saturday afternoon. The times are changing and it’s good to hear long established lies being debunked.

Thanks for sharing Mr G. Vishwanathjee.

Yesudas strikes a sour note with comments on women’s attire

“What should be covered must be covered. Women should not trouble others by wearing jeans,” K.J. Yesudas, musician, said here on Friday, inviting protests from political leaders, women’s groups and the public.

“They [women] should not try to become like men but must behave modestly,” he continued. The attire, he said, is unbecoming of Indian culture and what lends beauty to a woman is her demureness.

Until recently comments like this were accepted as common sense and traditional wisdom.

So it’s a huge positive that no matter how obviously absurd Mr Yesudas’s comment might seem to some of us, it is still being challenged, discussed and responded to.

Unbelievable though this seems, there are many who still agree with him, and are going to quote him as the final word on what their women should be allowed to wear.

And those who quote him would not just be doing this because they hate women, but because they can’t see what options can their women be permitted.

Many of them sincerely believe that lewd comments or stares (i.e. women failing to avoid attention or disrespect from men) is amongst the worst things they can watch happening to their women, worse than their women being allowed to lose freedom, happiness, and worse than their women not being viewed as people with feelings of their own.

Everything must be sacrificed (by women) to ensure that lewd comments and stares don’t offend those who fail to see who should be outraged and by whom/what.

Because they believe that women should be held responsible for protecting the sensibilities of those respectable people who do not want to watch women being subjected to lewd comments.

This comment is a response to the article in the Hindu.

What Shri. Yesudas said in public is what most of the parents are telling in private. I would like to suggest these progressive people to just remember for a moment of the past as to whether they had ever noticed or felt embarrassed or scared when their daughter or close relatives wearing these dresses were stared upon by strangers or subjected to lewd comments.

I hope the outrage and protests bring to notice that:

1. What should be found objectionable and embarrassing, and should be controlled is the ‘lewd comments’.

Yes it’s difficult to understand after centuries of having heard otherwise.

So let me attempt to explain.

2. Making excuses for the lewd comments also means – that now, after centuries of doing this, we aren’t sure who is the victim:

i.)  the harasser – being troubled by women in jeans, or

ii.)  the women, or

iii.) those who believe they have to take decisions for ‘these women’.

3. All along, the person making ‘lewd comments’ knows he has well known figures commiserating with him. (Some of them are probably justifying their own past and future actions?)

4. Only now since more of us, including women, have a Voice do we learn that women have feelings too.

Suchithra krishnamoorthy, playback singer:
#Yesudas Men shouldn’t be allowed to talk so much and must learn to behave. Y provoke us women into wanting to slap u?


5. Though I think misogynists should be allowed to talk – Silence does not change any points of view, Dialogue does.

6. And dialogue also means that we know we aren’t the only ones who can see how absurd it is to defend an obvious wrong, and to blame the one who has been wronged.

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23 thoughts on “‘What Shri Yesudas said in public is what most of the parents are telling in private.’

  1. The way a woman dresses seems to be everyone’s business but the woman’s. Every major religion in the world has prescriptions for how a woman ought to dress. While the men have moved on with the times and wear whatever is practical, convenient, breathable, and facilitates work, sports, and comfort, women have been asked, expected, demanded, restricted, blamed, and sometimes punished into wearing whatever men consider appropriate, pleasing, safe, exciting, beautiful, plain, or whatever they feel the need of the hour is. Why not let a human being be a human being? The right to dress as one wants to. The simplest of choices denied. Sad and shameful.
    It is indeed positive that people are finding Yesudas’ words (rather than women’s clothes) objectionable.


  2. Oh this is nothing new !
    Educated men and women talk like this all the time !These idiots really think that if you cover up from top to bottom you would be harassed less,not raped or even eveteased !!
    This kind of thinking is so common only because there is no tangible alternate explanation for crimes against women !
    This thinking is Not going away !!We have to live with it !


  3. Given that I am a huge fan of his singing, I was very disappointed to hear this nonsense from him.

    “Women should not trouble others by wearing jeans” – WTF, Yesu? I’m currently in the US where almost every single woman wears jeans and no one seems even slightly troubled by this. Does the fault lie with jeans or does it lie with our prudish, regressive, restrictive “culture”?


  4. Women in jeans bother him and so he concludes that they bother everyone else! The sheer arrogance of this reasoning!

    Please notice that he’s not thinking about what’s good for the women. He has not mentioned any of those flawed but standard arguments about “attracting men” and “own safety”. Instead, he’s clear that women should dress in a certain way because it bothers him otherwise. So look at the sense of entitlement behind this comment. If something bothers him, it’s 49% of the population that must change and not him because of course, being a man, he must be right.


  5. So if his audience were comprised of women in jeans Would he Sing , Or be so troubled he’d have to go rest :-).

    I’d say ignore him, appreciate him for his talent and ignore everything else coming out of his mouth. And I guess he knows the reaction to his words now …


  6. At least most people are criticizing him for his words and most people find what he is saying hopelessly out of touch. Just because someone is a great singer doesn’t mean all his views are correct.


  7. I am wearing a saree to work today, and people are staring at me in a lewd way. At first I was puzzled, because I’m not even wearing jeans, but then it dawned on me. I must be wearing the wrong color – this green looks nice on me – maybe it makes me look ‘too demure’. My beauty must be shining through ‘too much’ and that must be causing their dicks to get out of control. I’m such a whore for troubling them!

    Maybe I should send out a mass mailer apologizing for making them want to lech at me.
    My father and my brother and my husband must be so embarrassed. Should I apologize to them too? Maybe.


    • But this is the other side of prudishness ; being bothered by lewd stares. Western women who show their cleavage and wear mini-skirts are expecting to be stared at.

      Women are allowed to be beautiful and sexy. Men are allowed to stare. And also men are allowed to be beautiful and sexy and women are allowed to stare. A cat can look at a queen. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Loved your reply.
      Yesterday, I decided to wear a sari because my husband thinks I look wonderful in a sari.

      So I wore a sari and went to dinner at a nice bistro. I rarely wear saris except for the occasional wedding.

      I was surprised at how the waiting staff treated me. Apparently, a sari-clad woman cannot tell a sauvignon blanc from a chardonnay.

      I realised that while I am at the receiving end of lecherous stares when in jeans or a skirt, in a sari, it was assumed that I was a barely-educated, servile woman who had no business ordering from the wine list, or paying the bill, or driving the car.

      In India, no matter what a woman wears, it is impossible to escape the stereotyping.

      You’re a slut if you wear a skirt, you’re a subservient, servile fembot if you wear a sari.

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  8. The worst reaction I saw was See what his Daughters in Law are wearing – Jeans only (sic!) . Like anyone is taking orders on their wardrobe from him . And I am tired of people being aghast when you express how wrong it is to go around spouting prejudice of this kind . He’s not god , just a human albeit one that has a wonderful voice .


  9. “What Shri. Yesudas said in public is what most of the parents are telling in private. I would like to suggest these progressive people to just remember for a moment of the past as to whether they had ever noticed or felt embarrassed or scared when their daughter or close relatives wearing these dresses were stared upon by strangers or subjected to lewd comments”

    I have noticed and felt embarrassed and scared when my male friends were staring at woman in jeans.


  10. To be honest people will forget what somone said or not. Just like the nirbhaya rape case. The ground reality wont change unless we make an attempt to change it.

    Till then all the talk is just gibberish.

    We indians have a habit of considering staring at someone as a individual right. You will find almost everyone doing it.

    What hurts most that though crimes against women is rising, nothing is done to empower laws from making one think twice before doing it.

    Read news sometime back about a guy losing his life trying to protect a girl from eve teasers.Just wondering who is winning here.

    Somehow believe that voilence has found acceptance in our society and people actually think they can get away with it if you have power and money or can instil fear in the victim. No wonder it gives power to peverts to carry out their heinous crimes without fear.


    • >>We indians have a habit of considering staring at someone as a individual right.

      Have you seen Indian women walking on the street stare? I haven’t. I have only seen Indian men stare.


      • I have seen Indian women stare… at me, my husband, our baby 😉

        In France and Italy everybody stares at everybody… but in the UK and USA it is considered rude.

        Sometimes in India I get the feeling that people get so absorbed in staring that they forget about the silly aspect it gives them… I can see starers getting lost in tortuous thoughts… and sometimes it is followed by blunt comments. It amuses me and I feel honoured to be the object of so much attention.

        I remember this line from the show “Bharati” that toured in the west which said something like “Indians are always interested in other people’s business”. I think it’s true and you can see this as annoying or endearing. 😉


  11. I’m a huge fan of Yesu but this comment has left me cold. In Kerala where Yesu hails from there was a time in the not too distant pass when men and women went bare chested. Lust and sex is in the mind of the beholder !

    When you hit the 70s and the brain cells are slowing down why not just retire to some quiet corner and enjoy life instead of making a fool of yourself ? I don’t understand why men, especially Indians, don’t have the balls to retire from the limelight gracefully instead of doing things that is none of their business like lecturing people. Yesu has made similar bloopers in the past couple of years.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Trouble is, some people who are worshipped by the public by virtue of their amazing talents consider their God given right to tell the world how to live. They assume their age gives them immunity from public ire. Am very glad that Yesudas has been told by the public exactly where he gets off.

    Well, at best, I shall give him the benefit of the doubt – this is probably the onset of senility.

    Liked by 2 people

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