Women and their unmentionables. Understanding Objectification.

This is a rambling and unedited attempt to understand why there is so much tolerance, in all Patriarchal societies, to Objectification of women.   

Many believe, and see it as obvious, that since women (unlike everybody else?) have bodies they should expect to be discussed, commented upon, condemned, stalked, hated, adored, sexually assaulted, respected, objectified etc.

Specially if the parts of the body being discussed have been sexualised – like legs, lips, eyes, breasts, ankles, back, belly, neck, midriff, shoulders, thighs, knees, toes, ears, mouth; because, why else were these body parts created if not for men  – to view, approve, own, disown, love, hate, honor, decide whether they are obscene or graceful, whether they look more attractive (to men) covered or uncovered, and how much covered or revealed?

This belief that women (or their bodies) exist to serve some purpose in men’s lives is reinforced when we hear numerous statements, like those that imply that our Skewed Gender Ratio is a problem – not because it indicates something seriously and evilly wrong with the society, but because it means there aren’t enough women for men to marry.

So, it’s obvious that when Deepika Padukone pointed out, “Yes, I’m a woman, I have breasts and a cleavage.”, many of us can’t quite understand what she means.

[Yes, I’m a woman, I have breasts and a cleavage, Deepika Padukone slams leading daily.]

Because, the point for many is just that. She should not forget that she is a woman, and has breasts and a cleavage. She is supposed to keep them covered or lose all right to dignity or privacy (for want of better word).

Here’s a TOI comment that explains the attitude better:

“If a person is not ashamed to remove his/her clothes for whatever reasons there may be, then why make a big fuss about people peeking into the pics looking for something ‘more’. Lets not let ourselves down to a level where public scrutiny might shame us”

It’s not just breasts. Women are viewed as a collection of body parts and the parts have been transformed into objects that serve to attract, delight or disgust men. What other purpose do women’s bodies serve? Women (i.e. their bodies) it seems were created for men.

Try viewing legs (women’s legs) as means for moving from one place to another – it would be considered a radical and impractical idea by many – because non-radical or default or the ‘normal’ remains how they appear to the male eye. Like – whether or not they are modestly covered, how good or bad they look, what colour, shape, texture, size, covering appeals to men.

TOI says:

Deepika Padukone SHOWS off again !!


‘… when her dress went too far and a part of her unmentionable were visible for a second ..although it isn’t a blooper but we definitely caught something peeping out of her dress.’

How do women’s body parts become ‘unmentionables’?

‘Some 150 years back the women in kerala launched a feminist revolt for the right to cover their breast, women in kerala were not allowed to cover their breast; mostly this rule was applicable to lower caste women, when someone from higher caste would come she should show her breast to cover ones breast was considered a sign of immodesty. Brahmin women can cover their breast while venturing out but at home they had to be topless, shatriya women cant cover breast infront of brahmins and lower cast women couldnt cover breast infront of anyone. The cloth worn on lower part couldnt be lower than the knee.’ [Click to read more]

There are contradicting ways in which women’s bodies are objectified.

One is seemingly respectful, protective and caring, another is gallant, chivalrous and seemingly liberal, and yet another one is openly misogynistic. All involve sexualising of women’s body into parts and seeing women as objects created for men’s convenience.

1. One view claims to honor, worship, find graceful, love, adore ‘the beautiful women who give men life’ and who sacrifice their happiness and self interest for men.

They believe crimes against women would end if all men viewed all women as their mothers and sisters and if all women lived and dressed in ways that didn’t draw any attention to them (basically if women were not seen).

They don’t talk about incest or child abuse or other crimes against women and children inside their homes.

They might believe that West is the cause of all crimes against women in India. They believe sexual assaults happen because men are weak and fail to control their ‘natural’ urges and that such men should be castrated or hanged or stoned and spat upon. And they might believe that women are too good to have such ‘manly needs and urges’.

They might also believe that lesser evils in man can be reformed by the love of a good woman.

They, like others misogynists, insist that women’s bodies were created for men, the Uterus to provide male heirs (though beautiful daughters are needed too, or else there would be no one to provide loving care, tie a rakhi, wear pretty bichias and bangles, provide opportunities for kanya-daan, save the rituals, customs and culture etc. So, yes, they admit, daughters have their uses too. These are the people who would appeal to parents to have daughters but may believe that divorce and love marriages are social evils.

They don’t talk about what women in unhappy marriages should do, they believe good women know how to stay happily married and such women would rather die than bring dishonour to family.

This view urges men to ‘respect’ women like their own mothers and sisters, but says nothing about viewing women as humans – capable of feelings, failings or desires.

Those who hold this view won’t allow women to compare themselves to men. They insist that men are weak, spoilt, selfish, aggressive, crude and that’s okay because they are men. But women can’t afford to be like this and they mustn’t attempt that. Because women are special – they are mothers. (Yet they don’t think children should carry their mothers’ names and lineage forward)  They believe it’s okay for women to give up their families, names, identities and happiness for men. They are likely to admire women who suffer in silence, sacrifice and serve without complaining. And because all women are goddesses and those who are not are merely misguided, and should be still ‘respected’ and taught about their duty to ‘mankind’.

They don’t see much hope for a woman who is not found beautiful by men, which is why they feel they are being compassionate and reassuring when they insist that ‘all women are beautiful’. Occasionally they can be also be found assuring random women of their attractiveness to men, and then be hurt when women are not appreciative of their generosity.

It simply doesn’t occur to them to see women as people and not as bodies, beautiful or ugly or deserving or not deserving of men’s love. They don’t see that their view too is all about Men, because they believe it is a Man’s World and women can be very satisfied and lead fulfilling life if they made men’s convenience their life purpose.

They might also believe that everybody (not just those who can enforce it) has the right to decide what in women’s bodies is condemnable or controversial, moral or immoral, shameful or shameless, excusable, obscene, vulgar etc.

Women who ignore or disagree with this view are viewed as leading selfish lives devoid of men’s approval or worse, ‘men’s respect’ (though some of us might consider them Empowered). Which is why misogynists view women who do not wear traditional clothing as a threat to Patriarchy.

2. Another is a seemingly Modern Mindset where one hears claims like ‘I love women’.  

Why do they love women?

Because women are beautiful. Women are hot. They are perplexed when some women are not delighted (forget grateful, not even glad) to be loved by them. They admire a thing of beauty – and all women are beautiful.

This view does not see women as individuals.

But the world would be so boring (for them) if there were no women in it. They are fine with women ‘flaunting’ their bodies (the default is ‘covered’, if it is not covered, then the body it is attached to, has no rights over it). Beauty is to be beheld. So women should be free to enjoy the appreciation when they go ahead and ‘show off’. (Not covering is automatically ‘showing off’ or even consent)

Those who hold this view have been questioned by women and media for making statements like, “I love women!!” and clearly didn’t get why this was found offensive by some women. It wasn’t even about women. It was about what men loved. What kind of skin colours, hair volume and texture, clothing etc they preferred in women. What makes women attractive (to men). What women should do to win a man’s approval. Isn’t it awesome/fortunate to be born women in a world where men just can’t do without women.

This view does not talk about rights or respect and generally views male attention and approval as empowering for women.

3. A third kind of objectification is the blatant objectification where women and women’s bodies are viewed as man’s properties and dangerous for social harmony and are best kept covered, locked up, denied voices and rights. This view is generally criticised and those who hold it are viewed by all, including the other two above, as misogynists.

But for those who hold this view of women, there is no other way of life.Their honor lies in ensuring their cows, homes, women, crops etc are kept safe from other men. It’s all about men. Men own everything including women and their lives and their bodies.

* * *

Finally here’s a comment that comes close to what Deepikia Padukone probably feels.

I am astonished by TOI tweet. Would you react same if your genitals are being discussed in public.

I wonder if all those who don’t understand, would be fine if the parts of their bodies or lives and choices that are ‘not covered’ were to be viewed as ‘flaunting’ and were open to public scrutiny, leering, commenting and judgment. Though ofcourse their preferences are no reason for Deepika or anybody else to tolerate the same.

What do you think?

Why do societies get away with women being denied the ownership of their own bodies, covered, uncovered, attractive or unappealing (to men)?


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45 thoughts on “Women and their unmentionables. Understanding Objectification.

  1. I have seen several women make fun of other women (by pointing it out to the men who are present) because of their breasts or other body parts. ( too big too small etc.) I would like to hear your views about this. What do we make of it? Especially when it is done in the company of a man or a mixed gender crowd? Is this also objectification? I am sure no woman would like to be laughed at in that way?


    • Have you ever seen a movie where there’s a powerful villain, and he has a a sidekick who keeps cheering him on even though he knows that this guy is a tyrant? The sidekick is usually either trying to gain power by appearing to be “one of them” or protect himself from the tyrant’s wrath.

      I have a suspicion these women you talk of are trying to do the same. It doesn’t matter what they really feel inside. What matters is how the men they’re with see them.


      • If your suspicion is right it is indeed sad. These women I talk of are financially independant, well read, well travelled and well aware of their rights as women and would not hesitate to protest if they were at the receiving end of such treatment. Yet they put down other women to ‘fit in ‘ with the men.

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        • They want to be the ‘bros’. They think commenting on other women along with male peers make them cool.
          Well… I too say things like “whoa! pretty/cute/sexy” if I really feel so. but never saw whats so appealing in making ‘teasing’ (derogatory) remarks about body parts


        • I have been guilty of this behaviour when I was an insecure 22-year old.

          I wanted to belong to the cool kids in college, be one of the bros.

          I am ashamed of my behaviour now. One should never change vital parts of who they are just to gain approval


  2. I would.like to add that I feel uncomfortable when women do this to other women. The men around mostly laugh and start to look at that women’s parts. I have seen very few men who ignore the comment and refuse to laugh, comment or participate.


  3. I dont understand why Deepika is so irritated. Feminists have long demanded that breasts should not be sexualized. So why did Deepika feel “violated” by the ToI article? Discussing her wrist and discussing her breasts are the same, no? Both are not sexual, just body parts, right?


      • Just replace the word “cleavage” by the word “wrist” in the ToI headline and tell me if the article would read like something that “sexualizes” her wrist. So, its not the sentences themselves that sexualized anything, its simply that you find the word “cleavage” sexual in itself. But then, its all in your mind, no?

        And @anawnimiss: If you feel it is ridiculous to compare the cleavage to the wrist, I would suggest you be more open minded. Human sexuality is a beautiful and varied thing. Please accept that different people may find different body parts sexually arousing and no that doesn’t mean they have a “problem”. Live and let live.


        • It is not about sexualization either, in this case, it is about consent, about whether she wanted that picture taken at that time!
          Also, how different is a picture taken from high above, to capture cleavage different from peeing tom type pictures?


        • If you can not understand the difference in addressing then there is no point of discussing this issue. Its all about how the person is addressed.

          Nobody can discuss anyone without their permission whether its wrist,breast,legs etc. If you are dealing with a Public figure then you should realise that they too deserve privacy.

          Addressing is important: Call your father as husband’s mother or mother as father’s husband . Nothing changes but the way of addressing shows your attitude.

          And realise this the problem of addressing women is extended till roads which forced two girls two commit suicide. Somewhere for some man covering of breast will fail and derogatory manner he will point out and you don’t have a right to feel violated.


        • @Sumit: So what you’re saying is: hey, Cut the poor guy some slack, coz it’s okay to focus on Deepika’s breasts coz there are people in this country who don’t find them half as exciting as the sight of her toenails. (Oh sorry, didn’t you say “wrist”?)
          Really? THAT is what you took away from this whole discussion?
          I don’t even know how to respond to you anymore.


        • Sumit, the outrage is not about Deepika’s cleavage. The outrage is about TOIs uninvited, drooling focus on Deepika’s cleavage. Deepika and the feminists are not sexualizing breasts. TOI is sexualizing Deepika’s breasts without her consent. That’s why a lot of people are outraged. Regarding your breast-wrist equivalence, I’ll concede your point the day TOI has an piece focusing on a woman’s wrist :).

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  4. Very true this.. And it reminds me of that article where a youbg lady voiced her opinion on a woman being provocative no matter what she does.

    Having said that, I am personally not sure as to what would constitute obscenity. Should there not be dress codes for both men and women as to what they can wear to public events especially if they are likely to be photographed? I mean there is a boundary somewhere between choice of dress and obscenity… Non gender specifically.

    Although I do supoort the freedom to dress as you please, I would definitely think twice before being cool with my kids wearing such clothing to public as may reveal more than what is accepted in society. I feel this applies to both men and women.

    Admire Padukone’s statement, but have a very confused view of the clothes.


    • Let me as you this. If a woman was wearing a saree and walking down a road, and someone clicked a picture focusing on her behind as she walked, or worse, videotaped it, would it still be the woman’s fault?

      Obscenity is in the mind, not in the actual clothes.


    • Well I think it it is not just about specific body parts but a social aesthetic as well.
      Most people would only prefer all body parts that are sexual in nature- private parts an erogenous zones like buttocks and breasts covered. We have to accept that these parts are not asexual through evolution unlike hands or legs and if we pretend otherwse we would only be rejecting our own sexuality.
      Also there is the factor of social aesthetics. Some cultures consider nudity acceptable. Some do not. Some are fine with expsed breasts and penises. While we have the right of freedom to dress as we please we also have the problem of fitting into the rest of the society. Nobody can walk into a corporate company wearing eskimo dress or beachwear if that is what they find comfortable.
      I feel that we all should know how to strike a balance…between our own desires and social expectations. Freedom also comes with duties.


  5. It’s always amusing when men think they have a right to speak to what a women ought to wear, how she ought to speak in public and what she ought to be like as a person. It is never about the clothes or the wearer, it’s always about the chauvinistic pig viewing all this and passing judgement on it. When will we be treated as people and not women? In India, we still have a long way to go.


  6. I don’t really see the problem. This morning my teenager was ranting about her silly girlfriends who fall in love with boys with nice abdominals. I asked her why appreciating a nice and fit body is a problem ? In the process I learnt that one boy “showed his body” at school (he briefly lifted his T-Shirt)… Good job the climate turned cold yesterday 🙂

    Once I read this post by an 80+ American woman, and she was explaining how men stopped looking at her when she reached a certain age, and later women stopped looking at her too, and she felt like she had become invisible. When I look in a mirror these days, I can see this happening to me. I was often whistled at when I was younger. But now people laugh because my sagging boobs tend to get out of my bra.

    We are sexual beings as well as we are souls, i think we should honour both these aspects of our reality. Then when someone respectfully enjoys your physical beauty… enjoy it while it lasts because soon it will pass.


    • “Respectfully” enjoying beauty is probably the key, because I don’t think I’d like to “enjoy” someone photographing me and zooming in on my breasts or my behind without my permission and sensationalizing it, thank you very much!


  7. Maybe objectification by men has got something to do with their brain wiring and hormones ?
    They see everything as pieces,parts and not the whole !
    The West and East both ogle ,talk about women as parts but in East women have no free choice !
    Doesn’t look like objectification is ending soon,……actresses,models and porn stars have made a career on it now !!


    • I wonder.. if it was wiring it would be everywhere, I think… There are tribes, matriarchal tribes in the North East where women (and men) don’t cover their upper bodies and they are so used to seeing them, they don’t find them provocative/vulgar/offensive.

      Do you think Patriarchy has something to do with objectification of women? Also with controlling of women’s sexuality? Aren’t they related?

      Also what do you think of sexualisation of those body parts that are covered – where they are not covered they are not or less sexualised or atleast not found obscene and vulgar. Like midriff is not found vulgar in India (only in certain kind of clothing), legs and thighs in shorts are not considered vulgar in many places.


      • Matriachial tribes are so rare ,everywhere else its the same kind of mindset ! In Kerala,literacy rates are highest if I am not wrong ,….still men keep ogling and staring even when there is nothing to see in salwar kameez !I hated my travel to Kerala !
        So covered or uncovered nothing seems to make a difference !
        I have travelled in my colourful Rida (a kind of burka) still Indian men stare !Same with jeans,salwar kameez !
        Also ,I have travelled to Iraq for a religious visit ,covered in my community burqa ,but no one stared at me ! Not a single man ,the poorest or rich kind didn’t stare at me,their gaze was always at my face while talking to me !!
        Its only in India, men undress you with their gaze or talk to your breasts ! I have lived only in India so I don’t know what they do in other western countries !
        I wonder how it is in Pakistan, because its a Muslim nation again but belonging to Asian subcontinent !
        Patriarchal mindset is related to everything, IHM,….when a man starts his thinking about women in his life as his ‘property’ something is fundamentally wrong with him and his upbringing !Since women have done maximum upbringing for so many years so either women’s mindset while bringing up boys are not changing or men are not changing ,I don’t know which !!
        There no results to be seen which says men’s upbringing by aware smart ,non patriarch women is making a difference at least when it comes to crime against women !
        Is there a statistically significant result ??
        Modi hit nail on the head when he said ask questions to your sons,the way you grill your daughters!!If only more mothers did that instead of getting scared of their sons !!


  8. //I am astonished by TOI tweet. Would you react same if your genitals are being discussed in public.//

    This is a false comparison but this is precisely at the crux of the debate.

    It is still considered vulgar in our society and age to wear clothes revealing one’s genitals. Whereas clothes revealing the cleavage have come to be considered par-for-the-course, hot and what not.

    There may be people who consider that vulgar, but that still gives them no right to presume access to the body – that should be more than clear.

    But at the same time, we should be clear, that she was intent on revealing cleavage to the photographers in the function.

    What offends us is the precise way it was worded: the actual articulation of the word ‘cleavage’ and the ‘OMG’ and the close-up shot. Had they been done subtly it would not have offended the aesthetics of our age (which, let us understand is less than a few years old).

    “Deepika shows off her curvy legs” wouldn’t have attracted such ire from any.
    Suddenly it may not have been as ludicrous if ToI had claimed it as a “compliment”

    Does comparing ‘legs’ and ‘breasts’ seem ridiculous?
    Well, in Victorian England it was considered extremely vulgar to use the word ‘leg’ when you are in the society of ladies – ‘limbs’ was preferred.

    ToI is guilty of poor taste and choice of language – which is not in keeping with our time. Yet.


    This is not an invasion of privacy like nude pics stolen from JLaw’s phone.
    This is not a street harasser calling out unsolicited ‘compliments’
    This is not as simple as ‘you ask for harassment when you wear such clothes’ either – we need to consider the context of the event.

    This is NOT male entitlement, slut-shaming, rape-culture – or any of those words that are being invoked and diluted too easily.


  9. I request everyone here to please have an open mind. There are two important points to make here:

    1. First of all, the pics were not shot with a hidden camera. They photographed what was in plain sight. Moreover, Deepika explicitly invited people to photograph her. In such a situation, there is clearly no expectation of privacy.

    Lets recap:
    a. Deepika is in a public setting
    b. She invites people to photograph her.
    c. She makes a living by showing her body (lets not kid ourselves about “acting skills”: If it was about acting skills, how come every single woman ever with acting skills also just happens to be slim, trim and attractive? pure coincidence?)
    d. The photos were not taken by a hidden camera.

    Now she wants others to apologize because she didn’t like the way they photographed her?

    Imagine for a moment that Deepika had come to a party and yelled swear words at the top of her voice. Can you blame ToI for recording them and releasing them with the headline: OMG Deepika swearing!

    2. There is a strange belief among feminists that the media “sexualizes” breasts. Please understand that sexuality is inherent and different in every individual. The media cannot sexualize something you don’t already find sexy. To suggest that media pictures are pushing sexualization of breasts is like saying male underwear ads are pushing homosexuality on young boys. Once you go down this road, where do you stop? Some people sexualize feet. Will you go after feet pictures next? Some will sexualize black dresses, some leather, some will sexualize a woman smoking…the list is really endless. How far will you go?


    • Sumit, you are making an irrelevant, strawman argument here. No one is angry about Deepika being photographed. People are angry about Deepika’s photograph being used to specifically point to her breasts with the pathetic caption “OMG…Deepika’s Cleavage” on TOIs website. This sounds like a 15 year old boy’s wet dream rather than a piece from a national news agency. This is extremely cheap behavior from TOI…They are trying to make money off Deepika’s body without her consent and violating her individual dignity in the process. The fact that she is or is not a good actress is neither here nor there.

      Reg point 2, thank you for being so kind enough as a man to tell feminists how they should view sexualization of women. Yes, men may find any body part sexy. But women do not exist simply to fulfil men’s sexual fantasies. When the media continuously sexualizes a woman’s breasts (or feet), the message they are sending is that the woman does not matter as an individual in herself, but she matters only to the extent how her body parts appeal to men. This is the original point made by IHM.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Definitely the way it was said was indeed cheap.

      However I will not agree that breasts and buttocks and men’s torsoes are asexual parts of the body.

      I would definitely lose interest in sex altogether if all body parts are deemed asexual because sexualizing them means objectification. No. It is not. Behaving lewdly is objectification.

      You may feel aroused but you should not behave in a lewd manner.


  10. Brilliant analysis on objectification, IHM. I’m going to send this link to both my nieces.
    So what do we teach our daughters and nieces (and what we ourselves need to learn to do)? It all boils down to OWNING OUR BODIES.
    – dress to please yourself, not to fit society’s standards of beauty, so if it’s sweatpants for the day,
    so be it
    – dress to be comfortable (yes, shorts in hot weather if that’s what makes you comfy)
    – name body parts without embarrassment (maybe first learn private body parts to prevent abuse)
    – object to people/friends/media who objectify women, speak up in office meetings, friends’ gatherings when someone makes objectifying jokes
    – resist being placed on a pedestal for all the wrong reasons (covering up, being submissive, trying hard to fit in) yes it feels good to be liked but it comes back to hurt us
    – exercise your REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS (whether to have kids or not, when to have, and how many)
    – actively take a stand to be seen as a WHOLE HUMAN with a mind, body, an spirit, full of strengths and weaknesses, unique, interesting in your own right
    – take pride in yourself and make no apologies for your PERSONALITY (extrovert or introvert, direct or subtle, that’s who you are), or in fact develop a personality by discovering who YOU are, rather than trying to fit in with society’s arbitrary standards
    – make no apologies for how you look (‘You don’t owe prettiness to anyone’ post)
    – object to women objectifying other women (Do not ‘let it go’, point out what they did calmly: “What you said hurt her feelings.”)


      • For writing the above comment, I received the following on my blog:

        My response:
        -Awesome that all these women are scientists.
        -What does it matter what they’re wearing?
        -Why put down the call center workers in jeans? Because they’re wearing jeans? Which call center worker is claiming she is a scientist? They are making an honest living. Not everyone has to be a scientist and everyone, regardless of what job they do deserve respect. Why judge them for their occupation? Or is it their choice of dress that’s the issue here?
        – If one of the saree clad women scientists showed up to work in jeans because they make her comfortable or that’s what she likes wearing, would you respect her any less? Would you now judge her for giving up the saree?
        – Since you are feeling so nostalgic about the saree, should we start feeling nostalgic about the dhoti? Should all Indian men start wearing dhotis to uphold Indian traditions? No? They’re uncomfortable and impractical? Hmm, okay, why not allow women the same choices then?
        – Please let’s all get out of women’s wardrobes – that’s their PERSONAL SPACE.


        • These women seemed to be dressed up for the occasion !Maybe some don’t even wear saree daily !
          Scientists can also be very conservative !


    • In real life,there is remarkable absence of women standing up for other women ,….in my experience, no woman has stood up for me ,its been only men on couple of occasions !!
      In fact,I don’t rely on other women’s word at all these days !
      That’s been my experience,…
      But when it comes to critizing cooking,dressing style,thinness and fatness,…oh awwal number !


    • ‘Dress to be comfortable’ unquote
      It is so commonsensical still alarming number of women dress up to please the crowd !
      India is so hot,…yet I am not fashionable if I don’t wear flowing anarkalis in synthetic polyester,rayon !
      I don’t wear shorts by choice becoz too much waxing required more frequently,also attracts too much attention outside the house ,….roam around in cottons,khadi everywhere !Salwar kameez and jeans are my uniform ! Saris are OK if I don’t need to move at all but haven’t worn one in last 7-8 years !
      Hate bling bling gota,but love makeup and bright lipsticks!
      Thank god for my parents, they let me dress up the way I liked all the time !Though Mom use to be frustrated by no bangles,no big bright imitation jewellery at weddings ,…crib ‘rehna hee nahi aata meri ladkiyon ko ‘ !
      Frankly, I no longer care about other people’s opinion about how I look..dressing up is too much work for everyday !!


  11. IHM, that TOI article was mind-unnervingly dumb. The news piece is not even worth commenting on. But oh, the excuses. The ‘gaanda hai par dhanda hai’ attitude, and the whole ‘she started her career as a swimsuit model for a liquor brand’…

    Instead of using up a whole page, they should have just put one line. A line we all are familiar with – “She asked for it.”

    There’s a controversy of if this was staged, but no valid proofs. Just deductions.

    In either case, its outrageous.


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