And maybe it is too funny to even imagine the same thing ever happening to a man?

Sarika shared this image [from here] of a child with bandaged head and arm, a bruised eye and some red colour to indicate blood near his mouth and on the bandage. He is holding a placard that says, “I argued with my wife”

The image, also being shared on facebook, is titled – ‘fancy Dress Competition WINNER’

Would it be funny if it was a girl saying she argued with her husband? Why not?

Because we believe that this could actually happen to a woman? And because despite social tolerance to domestic violence we do not think Domestic Violence against women is a joke.

So do we think domestic violence agianst men is a joke?

No. So, maybe we think it is too funny to even imagine the same thing ever happening to a man? And if it does happen – then the man had better not talk about it or risk being seen as a joke or as unmanly.


That ‘joke’ about violence? It’s not funny.

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31 thoughts on “And maybe it is too funny to even imagine the same thing ever happening to a man?

  1. This picture is in such bad taste. Violence is NOT funny, regardless of whether the victim is a man or a woman.

    I know a man who is a victim of domestic violence. For years he never said anything for fear of being ridiculed. When he came out in the open,
    1. Most people didn’t believe him.
    2. The ones who did believe him told him he should know how to keep his woman under control – “ek thappad lagana tha, akal thikane aa jaati”. These same people made jokes about him as soon as he turned away. Some of these people were women, who themselves were domestic violence victims.

    Need I say more?

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  2. Is this considered funny by some people ?!
    Men also face a lot of abuse, usually not violent but it can be very damaging as well. And it’s much more difficult to come out as a victim for a male. They are often ridiculed and their masculinity belittled.


  3. I have seen what domestic violence looks like. A friend who was in an emotionally abusive relationship kept believing “It’s not so bad. He has a temper. But he never hits.” Frustrated with her lack of action, I told her to call me if she ever felt the need to come over and stay at my place. One night she did. She walked through my door with bruises on her face. I can’t even begin to describe how horrible it felt – looking at her bruised face. Domestic violence is NOT FUNNY. It’s real and sadly it often goes dismissed/hushed up/unreported.


  4. God which… parent decided this was a good fancy dress look, whatever happened to doctor, astronut, policeman etc., at least couldnt they have fallen back to krishna, radha etc., if they couldnt come up with something intelligent.


  5. I wonder what did they tell the child when they were dressing him up like this? Did they joke about how it is impossible to win an argument with your wife? About how one should ignore a nagging wife and all that? I shudder to think what has settled down in this boy’s brain? 😦

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  6. Folks I saw this on a FB page specially for Women : cMom of Bangalore” and it got many like and Lol there are people with crooked minds who like it.infact in general people dont bother to think on the impact of violence and find such bruises funny too..Society is goin to dogs

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  7. I got this pic whatsapped. I saw it on my phone’s tiny screen.Without zooming, I couldn’t read the text.And thought its an image of an injured child.My insides churned.
    When I did zoom in, and read the text, I felt anger and then disgust.

    And then I asked myself,what if parents of some girl dressed her up similarly, with a board that read I argued with my husband??

    I hope its not really a prize winning fancy dress. If it is, its awful.This is not humor.Its sick.
    I have a lot of unpleasant stuff to say to the brainless parents and equally brainless judges involved, if this is for real.


  8. Awful. There are things like this that just make you wonder if there shouldn’t be a parenting school. I wonder if the parents got a dose of how inappropriate this was? Reminds of the ad that still makes my blood boil – the jingle twinkle, twinkle, little star appropriated for diamonds – a child tells his teacher that his mother’s diamonds are just like stars. It’s a radio ad.


  9. This is so insensitive and illustrated the double standard still present in ft shows and movies-a man being abusive to a woman is unacceptable but a woman being abusive towards a man is taken as a joke.


  10. Violence can never be funny and so insensitive to see people having a laugh at it. It got to do with our education where boys are taught not to cry. It’s such a misnomer in the name of bringing up children!


  11. I think a lot of people also subscribe to the idea of “ha ha tables are turned. Girls are hitting now” without realizing that violence is a bad thing no matter who the victim.

    Of course, I’m more worried about what messages children pick up. Besides, when I was a child fancy dress was left up to the child to plan and learn. We would imagine, search for props, write lines and so much more. It’s so annoying to see parents using kids as a tool for self expression!


  12. And here is another one:

    Dost : Biwi se Jhagda Solve hua kya ?
    Husband : Ghutno pe Chal k Aayi thi Mere Paas.. ghutno pe.
    Dost : kya baat kar raha hai..
    Husband : aur nahi to kya..
    Dost : Fir Kya Boli ?
    Husband : Boli Palang k Neeche se baahar aa jao, Ab Nahi Maarungi.


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