‘“Why would this girl lie? After all she is taking the blame on herself”, said the police officer to the criminal infront of me.’

My first thought was, “The other passengers should have helped!”

And then I realised if other passengers were helpful, there would be no Street Sexual Harassment. Sexual Harassment in public spaces thrives on Public Indifference and Victim Blaming. Often the only way to fight back is – alone. 

This story is positive because Megha also fought against the indifference of the public and the Police ignorance about sexual crimes.

If only all the fellow passengers could now be informed that the molester has been locked away, safe from all provocation. 

This inspiring story has been shared 13,128 times on facebook. Let’s share it further and hope it helps and inspires more of us. 

Thanks for sharing Kavya.

“Why would this girl lie? After all she is taking the blame on herself”, said the police officer to the criminal infront of me.

” …Suddenly I felt something touch me from behind. With half my mind on trying to get off at the next station I turned thinking it was someone’s bag or hand touching me repeatedly. I turned to see a man in a white kurta (long shirt) staring right at me and he had no baggage with him. In fact both his hands were clenching the railing next to him. But if both his hands were up there what was it that… I got my answer as soon as I lowered my sight. There beneath that long shirt I could clearly see that this man was UNZIPPED. I felt the blood rush to my head, boiling and fuming and fury ran through every nerve in my body.
Within that fraction of a second every single eve teasing incident, every darn face of those guys who had the guts to molest someone I know flashed in my mind. Before I knew my voice escaped my lungs and there I was screaming at the man who dared to mess with me.
‘KYA problem hai?’ (What is your problem?)
‘Kya samjh rakha hai saale?’ (What the hell do you think?)
‘Himmat kaise huyi teri?’ (How dare you?)”

Just, How Dare They?

Read more at – https://www.facebook.com/logical.indian/posts/565954860200904:0

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13 thoughts on “‘“Why would this girl lie? After all she is taking the blame on herself”, said the police officer to the criminal infront of me.’

    • I too struggled with this question for a long time. I used to hate them for not standing up then i saw people i knew,i considered friends act that way (imagine my disappointment ) ..I mean they are generally nice , kind, honest people, why would they let this happen? Then i realised , its never “50 people as an entity”, its 50 people “each on their own” in their heads. everyone there is second guessing if he/she spoke out he/she would be left alone to deal with ‘what essentially isn’t his/her’s problem if they keep mum’ . The pressure to fall in line /be ‘normal’ is immense too. I think we lost trust in each other hence we cannot count on anybody !

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  1. Back in the day DG had done something similar in wild wild west called feudal Rajasthan. She insists and encourages young women to learn to say it loud and clear unmentionable body parts of human anatomy. we often use it as a part of assertiveness trainings because unless you can name it you cannot fight it. Why women don’t press charges, it is not that they are not enraged every woman is enraged but very few know how to tell what was done to them. The shame of naming the unmentionable keep us oppressed. If we could name the unmentionable body parts without batting an eye lid we win half the battle. Criminals get away because most of us cannot explain what was done to us.
    Please teach your young ones to start identifying human anatomy in non emotional way with actual names of body parts not pseudonyms.
    If the offender did not feel any shame in flashing then why is the victim dying of shame, yes, it is grose, yes it is enraging and disgusting and everything else too but still you can say it, it is just a part of human anatomy.
    Desi Girl


  2. Your title aptly puts the pathos of the situation…the utter level of wretchedness and frustration is unbearable and should not by any means be accepted. I have always voiced against situation like this in my life. My body and my mind is mine and my dignity and no one has the audacity to disgrace it…thanks for sharing this article and spreading across the message that if only social evils like this can be handled collectively than individual fights become little easier


  3. Shaming and blaming victim is deeply rooted in our culture. But it is on us that where ever we can raise voice we should raise it. And DG is right, if we are able to break this attitude then half of the war is win.

    A nation whose population is more than 1 Billion is not comfortable even in naming the body part correctly. Somehow it feels that we are way behind in evolution of civilization. A man can mishandle women anytime anyway but if she raise voice she is disgusted publicly.


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  5. This post was written by brave girl Megha Vishawanath:

    Police or bystanders wont help until you help yourself. Women/young girls need to be stronger, vocal and intolerant towards even a small case of eve-teasing. I travelled in Blue-line buses for four years to reach my college….and evreryday it was nightmare…..crowded buses, men’s penises touching my body left , right and center…I could only move hesitently to avoid….then one day i travelled with my mom in the bus, those bastards didnt leave even a 45 yr old woman….but my mom is least tolerant person towards eve-teasing, she screamed on top of her lungs and said ” tameez se khade rahe, nahi toh dono haath kaat ke hath mai rakh dungi” . Conductor immediatly offered my mom his own last seat. My mom lectured me that never ever put up with such bull shit and thrash the guys whoever tries to touch you. From then on, I screamed, shouted and pushed men whoever tried to molest me. And that conductor always offered me his seat from that day. Women should not ignore even a small case of eve-teasing and fight back with full force. Its us, we women, who can bring a change in our rotten society.

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