Child marriage “is an evil worse than rape” and should be completely eradicated from society, said a Delhi court

Child marriages can (and do) lead to ‘sex with minors’ – with or without the minors’ consent.

And, sex with minors is legally acknowledged as rape except when the rapist is married to the rape victim.

So for the child who has been ‘married off’ to the person legally not-raping them but forcing them into sexual activity, the child marriage is truly worse than rape. Because here the rapist has the legal right to sexually assault the minor victim.

I know of two women who escaped such marriages (link) – and when I shared this with an acquaintance (who was worried about western influence on Indian culture) she said, “Oh but these things happen only to the poor and the uneducated.” (a factually unsupported statement)

So such things only happen to other people, who are not like us?

I wanted to tell her that ‘the poor and the uneducated’ are assured that early marriages prevent sexual crimes, and that sexual assaults happen only to ‘the Westernised’ in India, not to those how live in Bharat. 😦

But I am glad to hear this acknowledged.

Child marriage worse than rape, Delhi court says 

Link shared by Abhishek Oza

Child marriage “is an evil worse than rape” and should be completely eradicated from society, said a Delhi court while ordering registration of a case against a girl’s parents for getting her married at a tender age.


“There are serious outcomes of child marriage. It is the worst form of domestic violence against the child, not only by the respondents (husband and his family) but also by her own parents.


“Child brides have a diminished chance of completing their education and are at a higher risk of being physically abused, contracting HIV and other diseases, and dying while pregnant or giving birth,” the magistrate observed, adding that luckily this girl was “healthy”.

And here is an effort that can help children stay in school and schooling makes it easier for parents to avoid child marriages.

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9 thoughts on “Child marriage “is an evil worse than rape” and should be completely eradicated from society, said a Delhi court

  1. I agree entirely.
    Let us clamp down severely on this horrendous practice and end it once and for all.
    This should be Irrespective of which religion the child belongs to.
    We Hindus have been guilty of this practice in the past but over the decades the age of marriage has been rising and child marriages have practically ended now.
    Occasional stray cases do spring up now and then but Hindu society is largely against it and will cooperate in ending this custom.

    My mother was “married off” at 14. I married my wife when she was just 21 but the marriage was decided when she was just 19.
    My daughter married when she was 24
    So we are making progress !

    Most modern Muslims (at least all the ones I am friendly with) too will abhor this practice and I heartily welcome their concurrence.
    There is unfortunately an orthodox section among them even today who will view any ban as in interference in their internal religious matters and stir up trouble.
    These people worry me.


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  2. Laws clearly say 18 for women and 21 fo men doesnt it. so if there’s a case where the bride is less than 18 then the guests MUST report it. no simply go there and eat the food. Thent he system will be able to take action. I’m sure there one or 2 brave ones who can report it. i hyope they do.


  3. They should set a legal marriage age at last and once they do just stick to it. I don’t understand why this issue is not adressed properly in India yet. It shouldnt be a complex question and all people show follow the law despite the traditions of the community.


  4. ‘and when I shared this with an acquaintance (who was worried about western influence on Indian culture) she said, “Oh but these things happen only to the poor and the uneducated.” ‘

    I’m always amazed when educated/middle class/urban people say this. The callousness of it! 80% or more of India is poor and uneducated. When we don’t care what happens to 80% of the country, our country goes to hell. How can they assume that we can become a developed nation when the majority is left undeveloped because ‘who cares what happens to the poor and uneducated’.


    • Poor people tend to flout these laws more because girl child becomes burden on them !!!When rich people do something every body will rush to explain it away !!!
      Also I doubt underage marriages will stop in India completely whether its Hindus or Muslims ,…it needs to be banned, enforced,penalised with heavy fines and punishment ! Who will do all this in India ??? Our governments ???


  5. Sexuality has to be a personal and free choice. But for this, parents have to accept they do not own their children and have no right on their body and mind. We can guide but never force.


  6. Child marriage is death of childhood before even child has moved out of that phase and has attained maturity. The way marriage is perceived and lived in india it is difficult for even an adult to cope it up then we can imagine the situation of a child in those condition. It can not be compared with any crime where dreams and aspirations are killed brutally by own family members and parents. And the sexual exploitation part makes it even worse. In these case when you are not even aware about sex, you are not even able to give consent then what it could do to child and how she can even cope with it is completely unimaginable. Court is right in its observation and ruling.

    And one more than how it is legal to marry a girl below age 18. And in this case marriage should be null and void. Rape charges should be pressed on person.


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