Marital counsellor in Bangalore

Sharing an email. Can you help?


Also, I would like to make a list of therapists, counsellors, marriage counsellors and divorce lawyers in India – those who don’t confuse counselling with warnings like, “Drop charges, else no man will ever remarry you”…’ – so do share the names and contact information of those who you have found good. 

Dear IHM,

I live in Singapore and am a long time reader of your blog. A close friend of mine in Bangalore is in need of marital counselling. She is also keen to only visit a female counsellor/therapist.
Please can you or the readers of your blog help with recommendations?

Thank you.

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15 thoughts on “Marital counsellor in Bangalore

    • Yes. Dr Shireen of talkitover has her practice in indiranagar and has been very helpful to me through my grief. She is especially good for counseling people in abusive relationships.


  1. Here is another request from me.
    A young man sought my help.
    He does not speak good English and struggles to express himself.
    His native language is Malayalam which he speaks fluently.
    He came to me seeking help in identifying a good “Head Doctor” for consultation.
    I took me some time to understand that what he was asking for was a competent psychiatrist.
    This was after I asked him and verified that he was physically okay, and there was no pain in the head.
    While speaking to me, he would only vaguely insist that he “had some problem in his “head”
    But he was insisting that the Doctor be a Malayalee only.
    This I presume is because he will be able to communicate his problem properly only when he speaks in Malayalam.
    If anyone knows a suitable Malayalee psychiatrist, practicing in Bangalore, I would be grateful to have his/her contact particulars.



    • Is the gentleman in Bangalore? If so, NIMHANS is the best. They also have doctors from different regions, so finding a Malayalee doctor should not be an issue.


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  5. A good Counseling Doctor.

    Dr. Eliya Singhan, situated in Bangalore, India.

    Helps with family planning advice. A great find and a trustworthy recommendation.

    Kindly contact for Doctor in advance. Subject to availability.


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