What exactly do those who object to Sex Education think Sex Education is?

The same lack of interest in actually understanding an issue can be seen here,

Sex education in schools should be banned, Union health minister Harsh Vardhan says


“…Opponents argued for a ban on sex education in schools on the ground that it corrupted the youth and offended ‘Indian values’. They contended that it may lead to promiscuity, experimentation and irresponsible sexual behaviour.

As fallout of this controversy, several Indian states including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Goa declared that the course content as suggested by MHRD was unacceptable and thus banned the programme.”

What exactly do those who object to Sex Education think Sex Education is?

Should anybody have the right to deny children and young adults with information that can save their lives and protect them from abusers/sexual crimes?

Sex Education has nothing to do with Blue Films.


Who benefits from criminalizing consensual teenage sex?

‘Bill seeks to let 12-yr-olds have non-penetrative sex’. Does it really?

It’s child abuse, not an ‘affair’.


14 thoughts on “What exactly do those who object to Sex Education think Sex Education is?

  1. Here in the US, (a few) Indian parents take their sons and daughters out of school before they start giving out sex-education in schools and bring them back to India so they can grow up knowing Indian values and morals, and not be corrupted.


    • Have these parents actually said they are relocating because of the sex education?Or is it something you assume. I too relocated from the US but for reasons like aging parents. Im sure to a casual onlooker it may seem like I moved to avoid having my child learn about sex.


  2. How many such brainless ignorant comments will we be forced to listen to in one lifetime!? Am so fed up of these people IHM! ‘INDIAN CULTURE’ – These two words are enough to make me go into a murderous rage! We are living in a country where common sense, logic, rational discussion and individual rights are all trumped by the dreaded mythical ‘INDIAN CULTURE’.

    How can someone possibly think about banning sex education in a country which has the second highest population and is ranked third in the world for highest AIDS rates!? Heights of lunacy…!

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  3. I really do not know.
    There are so many misconceptions, fears & fallacies about the topic of ‘health’ in general in India it is really hard to say.
    My opinion- Everybody has a ‘body’ & therefore everybody should be educated as to the body’s care & function (that includes ALL aspects of ‘health’ including sex & reproductive issues).
    An aside-
    My teenaged Indian nieces & nephews would barrage their ‘new gori aunty’ with questions about sex whenever other adult relatives were not about.
    What to doooo?
    Well, ‘gori aunty’ was perusing the enormous bridal special issue of Indian Vogue magazine one summer in IGIA and lo & behold!!!! There was a well written, mature, non biased, 25 page article inside for ‘brides to be’ on human sexuality, including sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual activity, reproductive health, birth control methods, describing the stages of pregnancy etc. complete with tastefully drawn diagrams (yet accurate & explicit enough to understand.) I bought 3 copies & distributed them to my nieces. I saw my sister in laws & nephews reading them too. Even neighbor women came by & ‘borrowed’ those issues of Vogue. So any folks who might have gotten all fussed up about any form of ‘sex ed’ going on just thought the teens (and others) were checking out the latest in bridal couture.

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    • That sounds wonderful. I have been trying to talk to my younger cousins (and some friends of my own age too) about basic sex-ed. Could you please tell us which edition of Vogue this article was in. Maybe I could buy an e-copy.


  4. Even if he has clarified his statements, the biases are pretty clear. For the record, many a spouse has got HIV from the other spouse. Condoms versus fidelity? What if one partner is faithful and the other is not? Only talking of sex within a marriage to keep it simple for these guys.

    This level of head in the butt is a big reason for our societies being so repressive and regressive. When a person of the other gender is made out to be a Devi or a devil! Doctor to boot!


  5. Dear IHM,

    you may have already seen this…

    Its an article by richa about how boys almost her children’s age were harassing here.

    What surprised me is that these were just kids and imagine what would they become once they grow up. These boys are the ones who make lewd comments even if someone tried to teach them about sex, its not just education these morons need serious counselling.


  6. When I read the headlines, I thought it was absolute madness and so regressive too. Sex education is about SAFETY. It is not about all the different Kama Sutra positions.
    WHERE are people going to learn sex education from then???? Pornography????


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