Looking for a good gynaecologist in Mumbai…

Sharing an email – what do you expect from a good gynaecologist?
After much deliberation I decided to write to you asking for help from you and fellow bloggers in your network.
I am looking for a good gynaecologist in Mumbai. It may sound silly or maybe it is an inappropriate platform to ask for help in this regard (I apologize for that if it is) but I am in desperate need of a good gynae who can treat me and most importantly diagnose properly.
Since I started menstruating 16 years back, I have been battling with extremely heavy and painful periods. The pain subsided a couple of years back but the flow has only got worse. I have PCOS but I feel there can be something more serious. I will spare you the details but I am extremely frustrated and sick. I have not been able to work full-time because of this issue, in spite of being capable otherwise to earn a decent living nor I have an active social life.
I have visited many doctors and none have been able to help me so far. And it is difficult to trust random reviews posted on the Internet especially when I know there are many fake paid reviews as I am a Freelance writer myself.After reading one of your blog I got some hope based on few comments that there might be few people who can help me with contact details of a good gynae in Mumbai. I am looking for a doctor who has time to spare and would not brush away my problems saying that ‘it happens to many and will fade away once I get married’ or put me on pills straightaway.

Looking forward to hear from you.
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31 thoughts on “Looking for a good gynaecologist in Mumbai…

  1. Kiran Coelho, Lilavati hospital.
    I suffered from a UTI a couple of years back. Post which I started facing a lot of issues. and went to a few gynaecs before meeting her. She was the only one who looked into my face and comfortably asked me about my sex life. She didn’t cringe or feel weird or make excuses. Also, she solved the issue and explained to me properly what the problem was. She was what a doc should be like – clear and easy to talk to! 🙂


    • Hi Sanchari,

      Thanks a lot for your help. Someone I know had also recommended Dr. Kiran Coelho. But I will confess, I was a little intimidated by her ‘celebrity doctor’ status when I Googled her. Although reading your case reassured me. 🙂

      Thanks again.


      • Hi. I am suffering with this problem for 3 years. Tried all best and big doctors and hospitals in Delhi NCR, Ranchi and Mumbai.

        Please help me with your experience and whom did you finally consult?


    • Hi Sanchari,

      Thank you for recommending. Someone I know had also recommended Dr. Kiran Coelho. But I confess I was a little intimidated by her celebrity doctor status when I Googled her then. Reading your case reassured me that I shouldn’t be. 🙂



  2. Please get investigations done for endometriosis. Dr Cherry Shah in Mumbai is an excellent clinician,compassionate and patient listener.You can contact me for details if you wish. Take care.


    • Hi Sharmila,

      Thank you for your recommendation. An external ultrasound had ruled out endometriosis. But as my symptoms match endometriosis, I will get tested further to be sure.


  3. Have you tried any other non allopathic treatment? I have feeling that yoga or other methods will be more effective (and at no cost).
    Since you have been trying to get treatment rather unsuccessfully why not give it a try for a month or so? Cant harm in any case. You may like to see http://Www.weebly.healings.com for more details and totally free advice and treatment.


    • yes, yoga could be of help in this regard..would recommend finding a good class and a teacher..however, if I may suggest something, you would have to take it slow and gentle if you’re new to the practice and a good teacher should consider that…


    • Please !! I highly object to your suggestion about turning towards yoga to achieve a cure. Yoga is known to be beneficial in lifestyle changes and is preventive rather than curative. Avoiding medical treatment, be it for any reason such as no cost or no harm, will only further aggravate the illness.

      The problem is not actually with the allopathic treatment but is with its practitioners who the letter writer has met till now. It is only about meeting a capable doctor instead of looking at costs or experimenting with alternative methods.


    • I have actually. I have tried homeopathy and ayurvedic medicines too but none helped. I used to practice yoga 2 years back but then I noticed any exercise that puts pressure on my lower stomach leads to bleeding (even simple crunches or yoga postures). I tried to ignore and carry on with my work out but it got worse. So now I am restricted to just walking because doctors advised me the same without explaining me the cause and I didn’t wanted to aggravate it.

      For now I need a doctor who will diagnose and can tell me what exactly is wrong without brushing it off as stress and strain.

      Thanks for your help. 🙂


  4. I don’t think it is inappropriate to ask this on this blog. IHM has a great network of women who follow this blog and can help. And, to me, the best part about being a woman is reaching out and sharing with others who may be going through the same problems. I agree that finding the right Gynaec can be quite a pain. You need to feel completely comfortable sharing your problems with the person. I had to give up my first gynaec in Mumbai because she would brush aside all my problems as insignificant and change me a bomb to say that. I have to leave the second gynaec because she made a huge deal about nothing just to justify her high fees and ensure the patients kept going back. I have now found a third one through a friend and I will start going to he from July.

    Where in Mumbai are you looking for one? Hopefully the references here might work out for you after trying out a couple of them. All the best for your search! And thank you IHM for creating this wonderful platform where women can feel comfortable enough to reach out to other women folk and get a hearing! 🙂


  5. Cyn of the blog Cyn’s Adventure in India (cynublog@blogspot.com) lives in Mumbai & suffers PCOS also (she discusses it freely on her blog at times).
    She may be able to make a more personal recommendation for a ‘specialty gynecologist.
    You might consider seeing an endocrinologist also as PCOS is an ‘endocrine’ disorder.
    Although PCOS is one of the most common endocrine disorders among women, my experience is not many Indian doctors know how to treat it.
    I’m only familiar with OB/GYN & endocrinologists in Delhi & Kathmandu so sorry.


  6. Hii dear, I understand ur situation as one of my friends is also suffering from similar issue. You can contact Dr. Sarat, Dr. Sumana Manohar, Dr. Meenaxi Sundaram. They all belong to Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. I understand, u r looking for drs in mumbai, but I dont know anyone in mumbai, but in Chennai. N mark my words they all r outstanding drs. M saying this with my personal experience.
    In case you want any help, plz get in touch with me.


  7. Dear LW, Where in Mumbai are you? Dr. Avan Dadina on Peddar Road is very good. There is Sadhana Desai in gamdevi who is also well recommended. Wish you the best and hope you feel better soon.


  8. I have Pcos and it is usually caused by hormonal imbalance due to a variety of reasons. I have had it al. My life. And even though I live in the us. My doc was indian and very keen to cure the disease and not the symptom. Aka she didn’t just want me to pop pills to regulate my periods, she wanted me to cure the disease. Turns out I had to lose around 25 lbs before it was regulated. Every person is different ask for a fasting blood profile, sugars, lipids,TSH etc.


    • i also have pcos and diet and excercise worked wonders for me. Losing wieght and cutting out sugar and carbs really helped me.


  9. I thank each one of you for recommending doctors and sharing suggestions. I am really grateful to all of you for helping me out. Based on your recommendations, I will soon narrow down and pay visit to one of the them.

    Thanks again. 🙂


  10. I am guessing since the LW has mentioned she is suffering from PCOS, she has already has had a scan and nothing untoward was uncovered.But still, I would not rule out the possibility of Endometriosis. I understand only a Laproscopy can confirm whether the condition can be termed as Endometriosis or not. If the doc who found out that the LW has PCOS has not suggested she get a surgery done to find out whether or not its Endometriosis, then I would totally respect her wisdom and diagnosis.But my own Endometriosis was diagnlsed after it had become Stage 3 or 4, which was Severe,and until then, my Gynec, who had Eleven Gold Medals to her name,kept brushing it away as normal lady pain, just because she dint wanna cut me up at the first indication of pain.So not all docs who suggest Surgery at the mere mention of pain are evil.Nor are those who send you back home with assurances that its normal to feel pain as a woman is negligent. I wish you all the best and may you find a doc whose diagnosis saves you from furher pain.Sorry, my doc is in Bangalore not in Mumbai.Wish I could have helped you more LW.
    Btw, IHMs blog is the perfect place to ask such questions.


  11. I suggest you get tested for endometriosis. The best way to go about it is via laproscopy. External ultrasound hardly helps in diagnosing it. I suffered for a long time with doctors telling me that it’s just a minor cyst, kidney problems and even that im lying about the pain. Don’t stop until you find the ideal doctor . Sadly my doctor is from Nagpur . Best luck.


  12. I have faced exactly the same problems as mentioned by the letter writer. I have been suffering for at least 7- 8 years. Even after my marriage, I continued with this issue of heavy and prolonged plus irregular periods. So, it has got nothing to do with marriage- actually doctors say that because when you get pregnant after marriage, and after child birth, your new cycle of periods may be less painful and lighter than the pre- pregnancy cycle , that’s why ! I also have PCOs. I had to discontinue with many jobs and my studies were interrupted because of this issue.
    A time came when I could not even move out of my home fearing bloodstains and sudden / unannounced periods that would go on for a month. But only one thing that helped me was the Birth Control Pills prescribed by my 2nd Doctor. The first doctor also gave me Birth Control Pills to stop this irregular- heavy periods. Sure, everything came under control while I was taking Pills. But after I was asked to discontinue the pills, the horrible situation came back.
    In the case of my second doctor, he told me to take those pills for a longer time – for one year at first but he told me to take some breaks in between.So first he prescribed them for 3 months , told me to discontinue for a month and again take the pills for another 3 months until there was no more irregular / heavy periods. Nowadays, some good Birth Control Pills with almost no side effects are being prescribed- my second Doctor gave these state of the art pills and not those ‘usual’ cheap pills ( which was provided by the first doctor ).

    I am talking about birth control pills because as far as I know, the pill is the only method by which this issue can be addressed. I am yet to come across any other better method other than the pill. But there is a lot of misinformation about the pill in our traditional society and that is why I want to clear some points.

    You should not be afraid to take these pills for a longer or an indefinite period…there is nothing wrong in taking these pills for a longer period if suggested by the doctor. Google search and you will find women in western countries taking pills for 10 years or more – but under doctor’s recommendation.

    Why the taboo against birth control pills even if you are not married ? Birth control pills are not only meant for delaying pregnancy / becoming childfree. It also prevents ovarian cancer, PCOs and other gynaecological issues apart from solving the issue of irregular periods in both married and un-married women. You can read this basic information in nearly any pack of birth control pills.

    The alternative of birth control pills is hormonal medicines which are more harmful , more particularly if you are given hormonal medicines without checking your hormonal levels-my first doctor gave me hormonal tablets without checking my hormonal levels and when these failed , she prescribed BPC.

    I also want to add that newly developed state of the art ( but a bit expensive ) birth control pills have no side effects- I did not feel nausea or weight gain or anything like that.
    With birth control pills , doctors will prescribe Metformin tablets for PCOs. Which you should take.

    My condition never returned after taking the prescribed pills for a long time and now I am not on birth control pills. Yet a change in diet, lifestyle, performing yoga,meditation, regular walks, becoming stress free etc. are essential even after you are cured from this condition. I have been maintaing such a healthy lifestyle since then. Hope you too will receive the help of a good gynaecologist just like my 2nd doctor ( he was a male gynaecologist by the way yet he was very empathetic) . Change your doctor if you feel uncomfortable with the medicines he / she prescribes, as I did by changing my first doctor with whom I did not feel comfortable.
    Sorry for not answering your question directly as I do not live in Mumbai but I am writing this reply from a patient’s/ fellow sufferer’s perspective.
    Take care,


    • Hi,

      My aversion to pills is courtesy the horrible side effects I have had so far. While I assumed those hormonal pills that were given to me were birth control pills as they also act as contraceptives (when I googled it), after reading your answer I think they are two different things.

      The side effects of those pills ranged from excessive bleeding for which I had to take another set of medicines to stop it, skin eruptions and drop in blood pressure (which by the way was a result of the doctor prescribing me a wrong medicine that I took for months! Needless to say I stopped going to her)

      I hope I get lucky like you and find a good doctor who first thoroughly investigates what’s wrong, has more than 5 minutes to spare and prescribe me the right meds. Because if surgery can be avoided nothing like it.

      Thanks for sharing your story. It helps. 🙂


  13. Hi Letter Writer,

    There are 2 major Uterine issues – 1. It could be Endometriosis 2. It could be Adenomyosis (Please google for details)

    Actually not much is talked out Adenomyosis. 1.- Is where the lining develops around the Uterus and 2. Is where the Uterine lining becomes thick inside the uterus and makes it bulky.

    Both lead to immense pain during Menstruation. I suffered from the 2nd. It all started off with PCOS-8-9 days of torture with pain and horrible flow. I was put on the cyclic tablets to control the issue. Pain killers were of no help. Gradually the cycle became normal, but all 2-3 days I would suffer with immense pain, had to take leave atleast 2 days of every month. The gynecs advice would be “get married and have babies soon” as thou the groom was waiting around the corner and first thing you would do is jump into bed and have a baby with him!!!! They also warn you that Infertility would be a problem. It was so disgusting, depressing and painful. I too tired Ayurveda, Sidha also besides Allopathy. No gynec wanted to do anything else as I was unmarried.

    As I was in Chennai, I was adviced to go to Dr.Kurian of the famous Joseph Nursing Home. He recommended a small surgery where he would scrape of the thick lining of the uterus and it would anyway take a few years for the same to grow back – there is no cure for this, except a Hysterectomy. That was a big mistake. I went thru the procedure. But the pain never subsided. Due to the surgery, the scar tissue only kept growing and growing and lining started getting thicker and thicker.

    The gynecs I went to afterwards blamed the surgery and told me I shudn’t have go the surgery done when I was unmarried. I should have waited till I had a kid. Unfortunately I got married only a few more years after that surgery when I was 29. The pain kept getting worse and worse. I would be totally bed ridden and would get up only to go the loo. Anything I eat, I would throw up–I would live on bread n jam and tea for 3 days.

    After 1 year of marriage we decided we will try IVF and sought help from MMM hospital,Chennai. There they made it very clear that we might never have kids and I could go ahead and try IVF if I wanted–first time would anyway not be a success, I would have to try multiple times. The lining had made my Uterus very bulky – so I had no chance of carrying the baby till term as the foetus will have not place to grow. Surrogacy was also given as an option.

    Finally I did try IVF once just to rule out the guilt that we never used that option. Here in MMM, they prescribed me suppositories to deal with my pain. It helped-for a few hours. I would take it every 3-4 hours and go off to sleep. In the end 3 yrs back I opted for Hysterectomy (I was 36) as things were just getting worse and scans showed tissue was making my uterus stick to the bladder and there was no more waiting.

    Sorry, for the long comment, but what I am trying to say is-yes you need to be diagnosed with what the actual problem is and take treatment for that. Don’t opt for surgery if you plan to have kids-as it could jeopardize that.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for sharing your case in such a detailed manner. Its so sad to read about what all you had to go through. 😦
      I hope you are better and stronger now.

      Thanks for the heads up about surgery. I will know what are my options and what’s the issue once I get diagnosed properly. I hope to know that asap.


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  15. Suffering from thickness of uteruses, abnormal periodic cycle. Some doctor is telling immediate operation & some medication. Can a best gynecologist be suggested for this.


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