What do you find offensive enough to make you violent?

The only way to control violence and rioting is by controlling those who are violent – those who burn buses, or kill or attack other people (no matter what they claim ‘provoked’ them).

Same as rape. The only way to prevent sexual assaults is by controlling those who commit these assaults. No matter what they claim ‘provoked’ them.

Same as thefts. Murders. Child abuse. The only way to control any crime is to control those who commit the crime.

And for this we must acknowledge that Violence is the crime – not dissent, disagreements, western-clothing, wealth, poverty or ignorance.

So this is not going to control violence. It might do the opposite. It might suppress voices and create a sense of entitlement in those who see violence as a legitimate means to express disagreement.

Maharashtra police to crack whip on those who ‘like’ offensive Facebook posts

MUMBAI: In an attempt to contain protests over objectionable posts on a social networking site about Chhatrapati Shivaji, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and the late Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray, the Maharashtra police have decided to take action even against those who ‘like’ the controversial posts.

Those who ‘like’ such posts will be booked under the Information Technology Act and under the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Nanded police have said. A person could face three to five years in jail if convicted under Section 66 (a) of the IT Act (punishment for sending offensive messages through communication service, etc), applied in this case.


It seems just like we tolerate rape-apologists deciding who is to blame for rapes, now we are letting Violence-Apologists decide who is to be blamed for violence. (FB-likes in this case)


What do you find offensive enough to make you violent? Is it legal for you to be offended enough to get violent?

I gave it a lot of thought, and I think the only thing that can make me violent is defence from violence.

But then it seems there are some people who tend to get violent – what should be their legal rights? Should they have The  Right to Take Offence? And should those who offend them risk being jailed?

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15 thoughts on “What do you find offensive enough to make you violent?

    • Nothing in the world can be offensive enough to cause emotional harm that may ‘provoke’ a person into being violent. In fact, emotional harm shouldn’t even exist.

      It is a person’s choice to either watch, read or hear something and get depressed or ignore it altogether. If a person is emotionally so weak that he gets depressed by merely reading something offensive, its his own choice to get depressed.

      Anything that appears to be offensive can be ignored to prevent emotional harm. Therefore, any emotional harm including being depressed is a person’s own choice.


  1. This is incredibly depressing. It seems that the authorities’ response to the youth protests is to stop the youth’s ability to protest and express dissent.

    For a large section of society, raping is not outrageous, wearing jeans or reporting the rape is. Mob violence is ok, expressing your view is not. Anyone who feels the need to get violent in the face of disagreement is an extremist.

    Our social and legal rules seem to be defined by rapists and violent extremists (or people to sympathise with them). The authorities are trying to pander to these people and punish those who ‘provoke’ them. Utterly regressive. I cannot believe this draconian IT law hasn’t been challenged and struck down.. it seems to exist only to punish non-conformists and create excuses for mob violence by politically backed goons.


  2. This kind of release by men and boys is very common all over the world.I have seen mostly men do it,…so I think they enjoy this pillage, like a mini war scenario.Men feel in control, they must be getting a feeling of accomplishment!
    Destroy public transport, maybe hired goons do it in India.But yes, all fun for boys !


  3. facebook definetly should offend people and cause them to resort to violence 🙂 but we don’t live in a perfect world, and i really don’t like *** ********. so if i dislike him in facebook, I’m stating the absolute Truth 🙂
    but then i don’t much like Idiot police anyway. Of the so many millions in our country can’t they find a few of the thousands of smart people for such a important job????


  4. Violence is no excuse ! I do know that as a mom if anyone threatened my daughter I could very easily see myself causing harm to someone. That is a unique situation though, in most cases there is absolutely no need for violence.


  5. It’s just sad the way the law is used… Or misused, rather. It’s always a matter of convenience. There are more dangerous cyber crimes that happen every day… There’s so much intelligence and equal inaction on those, but, apparently it’s more important to arrest and prosecute people who ‘like’ some post which some local neta finds offensive.

    Also, it’s a death of democracy if people aren’t allowed to express themselves in fear of the cops and netas not agreeing with their opinions and/or getting arrested under ambiguous sections of the rule-books.

    Sorry state of affairs, indeed.


  6. So basically we should not even express our opinions and have to blindly agree with these leaders/politicians, otherwise, we will be in jail? Isn’t this like blind obedience to elders/old people. But murderers/criminals will not be arrested on time? Are our police so free?


  7. Some logic! Do nothing to stop people from murdering, but stop those who ‘like’ something!! Oh wait! That’s their logic to take care of every wrong thing happening in the world!


  8. voilence of anykind is bad and WRONG.. but this is atrocious that they will act upoin the people who put a like ..

    WHAT ABOUT the acts commited by the same people who are offended by these likes .. basically we the indians are hypocrite people , we are happy to do what we want but when others do we feel offended..

    I have always been against a lot of things that take place in maharashtra for example when people of other states were asked they shud leave .. well the same people did not ask their own state people to COME BACK from other states ..

    sad sad situation

    but hey on a different angle @IHM if this law comes into being maybe I will start to get LESS thumbs downs on this blog 🙂 he he he he


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