Affairs are personal business, stalking, snooping, hacking, moral policing are unethical, illegal.

Digvijay Singh admits to relationship with TV journo Amrita Rai

He was married to Asha Singh, who died in 2013, and has four daughters and a son.[6] In April 2014, he announced that he was in a relationship with a television journalist Amrita Rai, who was to divorce her husband in order to marry him.[7] He is a Hindu.[2]

The man is not cheating his partner/wife. He is not denying her existence. He is not stalking or snooping on the journo Amrita Rai.

I have no hesitation in accepting my relationship with Amrita Rai. She and her husband have already filed a mutual consent divorce case.

They are getting married, and it would be perfectly fine if they were not.

Because like Kavita Krishnan tweeted,

‘Affairs are personal business, stalking, snooping, hacking, moral policing are unethical, illegal.’

Also take a look at this tweet.

Anand Pradhan’s (woman’s husband) message to all those with misogynist& patriarch mindset, sharing personal pictures

Anand Pradhan

Rough translation:

‘This is a difficult time for me. Amrita and I have been living separately for a long time. We are seeking divorce through mutual consent, this is a legal procedure and takes time. We have separated and Amrita is free to take decisions for her future and I respect her right to do so and I wish her all the best.

I understand that many friends, colleagues, students and well wishers are sad for me. But I know they are standing by my side. I am confident that I will come out of this difficult time and I hope you will respect my privacy. Maybe these are the times when  we see who our friends are. Can’t express my gratitude enough.

Those who do not respect women and see them through patriarchal mindset as child bearing machines and commodities, those who do not respect them as individuals – for them this is an opportunity to make cheap personal attacks.

This is the limit of their thinking and politics, can’t expect better from them.’

What makes some people confuse consensual relationships between two uncommitted adults with stalking or cheating, denying or lying? What is it that is found objectionable in this relationship?

The age difference in not our business.

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27 thoughts on “Affairs are personal business, stalking, snooping, hacking, moral policing are unethical, illegal.

  1. Nothing is objectionable…….its just that this is the same guy that wanted to make Modi’s wife a national issue. So now its his turn. Thats all there is to it.


      • To continue with you said:”Digvijay Singh is a widower.” who has not abandoned his wife for the noble cause of ‘Hindutva’ but merely come out in the open about his relationship with a recently separated women.

        Can guess why that seems outrageous for ‘saffron people’, how could he associate himself with such a ‘loose’ woman? Blasphemous in that little world of their’s!


    • Like

  2. every one has a right to find a life partner any number of times but to be in relationship while being married to another is illicit not by moral standards but by law and constitution , indians have a tendency of ignoring law and constitution and many others have a tendency to always clap for those who do this


    • just wanted to add what about his wife , did she had any legal rights , a cancer patient knowing about the illicit relationship of her husband , what about her , he is a widower now . was the wife not treated as property


  3. I am not concerned with Digvijay’s personal life and will take no interest in this personal matter and will not comment on it.
    I am concerned at his ridiculous political utterances.


  4. The right wing moral guards of India who would use violence just at their whim to protect the “traditions” “culture” are often the ones who are most morally corrupt. Why should sane people even care what right wingers really say.


  5. I don’t like Digvijay Singh as a politician. That said, what he does in his personal life is none of my business. If it were some criminal action that had a bearing on how he conducted his politics then a reaction from the public would be justified. But him finding love is neither the public’s concern nor their business. Enough men in Hollywood are with much-younger women and no-one bats an eye, so if these holier-than-thou commenters are looking for some alternative example it’s there for the taking.

    They are two consenting adults in a relationship. Whatever their motivations may or may not be, the other dynamics of their relationship etc. are not even a little bit of the public’s concern. At all.

    In all honesty, I hope he finds happiness in his personal life again.


  6. What is glaring about this incident is Digvijay has been in relationship with a married woman but has been preaching marital morals to others… That’s the only issue
    As for Modi his marriage was anyways child marriage hence null n void.


  7. Frankly, I am not the least bothered by whom Digvijay Singh wishes to marry or get into affairs with. What I am bothered about is the personal muck he tries to get to the limelight about all the other political party contenders! That was crass on his part.
    If he really would have shown some consideration for the personal lives of the other politicians in the past few years, maybe his life details wouldn’t be thrown around so much right now. And don’t you think if Digvijay Singh was on the other side of the mike right now and maybe a Kejriwal or Bhushan or Modi or Rajnath on the dias, they would have been let alone by the Congress leaders? Do you think their morals, choices, principles and the entire work of their life wouldn’t have been questioned?


  8. When I first studied out of India, I had this vague conception that foreign people were lustful and lascivious. Then I discovered that in the culture I was studying in, though sex fascinates and gossip excites like any other, they treat it more matter of factly and subject it to less analysis and judgment.

    The point is not that any foreign culture is better than Indian norms. But merely that our culture can learn to grow up in this specific aspect. A woman leaving a man for another man is painful to the man, just as it is painful for a woman to have her man leave her for another woman. Aside from the tabloid human drama of the event, there’s no further impact or consequence that makes it important. Certainly it’s not the moral matter that our sensationalism makes it out to be.


      • The tragedy of AAP is that in the issue of Moral Policing, Racism, male chauvinism etc many of its leaders are no different than other Politicians . It will be good for AAP if it can push out or reform Bharatis and Vishwass from its midst their


    • LOL.
      He even wants to file PILs so that all such relationships (presumably of other parties) comes out into the open.
      Parts of his blog are *so* downright disturbing, especially his views on divorce and women. Beggars belief that he was made Law Minister of Delhi.

      Cannot fathom why a brand new party with absolutely nothing to gain from unsavoury characters entertains them to their own harm.
      It’s not like he has some huge sway over people, why not kick him out? But no, hold a dharna in his support instead. 🙂


      • The good thing is they consider themselves accountable, and it is safe for any of us to criticise them – which gives me hope that we will see them dealing with these or any other issues that crop up.


  9. DIRTY politics .. and we indians love to wash our dirty laundary in public always ..

    EACH and every leader is same no matter what party they are from , we only come to know what the “GOOD ONES” been to in a few years times thats the only difference..

    Why shud it be anyone’s business what I am doing or not doing .. My life I do what i want to WHEN i want to ..


  10. Um, that is the weirdest thing I have ever heard. And that is exactly how “affairs” are seen in India – stalking, snooping, hacking….? It is wrong on so many levels. Affairs DOES NOT equal stalking etc. Where is the proper definition of good old fashioned dating? That involves two WILLING partners, falling in love, wooing each other…? What is all this stalking crap and why is it even mentioned in the same sentence as affairs??
    So similar to that post you did a while back, of the girl getting harassed by her boyfriend, him saying that he will kill himself etc.


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