My mom and AAP :D

My mom fails to understand many things I do. She could not understand (at first) why we wanted to adopt. She can’t see what’s so interesting about birds photography. Then, when I decided to volunteer for AAP, she said, “I have nothing to say.” My casual references and attempts at sharing my point of view, were politely but firmly discouraged.

Then this Sunday she called and I could hear laughter and positivity in her voice, “I can get an appointment with Akhilesh Yadav, but our Aam AAdmi Party supporter is too busy to talk to her mom?” 

And this is what changed her mind 🙂

Did you watch the Satyamev Jayate on 23rd March, Sunday?

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23 thoughts on “My mom and AAP :D

  1. I watched SJ and it’s an eye can only hope it leads too someone brilliantly said. we expect Modi, Kejru and Rahul to be the change. Why not us?! Hope u get time to speak to your


  2. I have a similar Mom who discourages me from writing itself. What the subject is irrelevant to her. She says, “Don’t write online. Put it in a diary. Don’t share your views.” Moms, I tell you…:-)


    • Women of that generation are so afraid of the power of their own thoughts that they not only guard their own thoughts but those of others too. Part of being desi mother is to train next generation of women not only socially acceptable gender behavior but also self monitored and subservient thinking process.
      DG recalls how her mother vociferously discouraged her from contesting college elections. Years later she explained she wanted DG to focus on studies and not waste time. Her mom is pretty politically active person she is campaigning for AAP. And that is the way to go…
      Desi Girl


      • Very well said! They are scared of their own power. My Mom is a teacher and teaches her students to be fearless and vocal, yet asks me not to be vocal.That is what surprises and annoys me. But then again she’s a over-concerned and over-protective mother.


  3. Speaking to NDTV, actor Aamir Khan says that AAP is the first ever political party that offers power to people. He also adds that in order to contribute to society, one does not necessarily have to be in politics and hence he doesn’t want to go into politics. (Audio in Hindi)


  4. AAP definitely appeals to all activist minded people who constantly raise issues that concerns the common man. Do they have solutions that work in the long run? Well, that’s a different question and even AK’s only answer- Join us, let’s see how it works out.


  5. That episode was just fantastic! And I’m sure it would have had lot of people thinking. AAP makes so much sense. I had been in two minds a few days back, but I’m back in the AAP camp again now.


  6. I live in the US. American democracy doesn’t run by itself. The people help run it. I see it everyday in my town. In little things – like protesting a sports stadium being built in a residential area that would create traffic congestion – to big things – like how much money should be allocated to our schools. Ordinary people get involved everyday. They go to meetings, express their viewpoints, make their voices heard. Democracy takes work. We can’t sit back and complain about our leaders. American government isn’t exactly made up of angels either. But the people hold them accountable to some extent.

    So glad to see Aamir Khan talking about this on SJ. And glad to see Indians are thinking about this. Very heartening to see underprivileged people in villages asking tough questions and demanding answers, demanding accountability. We don’t need to be intellectuals or writers of complex political analyses to do this. We need common sense, awareness, and the will to change.


  7. Ah! The generation gap as usual.
    For you it’s the gap between your mom’s thinking and yours.
    For me it’s the gap between my thinking and that of my daughter and son.
    They have more than once, expressed their concern about me.
    They are not at all comfortable with my on line activities and feel I reveal too much info and are afraid someone may exploit me!
    My wife feels I shouldn’t be reading “diaries of unknown women”.
    I assure her the diary is public and I back off when I know my presence is not welcome but she is still not convinced. She has no interest in social online media but is active in real life socializing with people.

    I also assured my children that I would stick to “me / myself, ” when revealing any info and keep the family out totally. I have only revealed harmless general info about them to people who sought to know but given no details. My children similarly keep me totally out of their on line life. When I had a facebook account for a short while, they refused to befriend me and curtly asked me to stay out!

    My son too does not welcome it when I tell my on line friends about his academic successes and published writings both in the printed media and on the internet. He keeps me in the dark and I find out in my own way and don’t tell him that I know what he has written and where.

    As regards AAP, I wish them well. But frankly I am tired of the fractured vote in India which creates coalitions and the evils resulting from the compulsions of coalition politics. With all the problems, for me it will be either Congress or BJP. While I personally like MMS, I am shocked by the incompetence of Rahul Gandhi, scams of the Congress and MMS’s inability to prevent it and feel it is not fair to target Modi for his inability to prevent the Gujarat riots and to hound him constantly, and overlook the acts of the Congress during the 1984 riots. I used to be a loyal Congress voter but I am ditching them for good now. My vote is for the BJP now.

    I am impressed by Gujarat’s development and progress. I have lived in Gujarat before Modi appeared on the scene and have visited Gujarat after Modi took over. I would rather trust Modi than Kejriwal. May be later, I may consider Kejriwal after he has matured in politics. He is still a greenhorn. I rated him highly before he became the Delhi Chief minister, but I am not willing to trust him with stewardship of the country as a whole. He is better in the opposition keeping those in authority on their toes.

    I feel Kejriwal is a local phenomenon. He will command some clout in Delhi and surrounding regions but will come a cropper in the rest of the country. Let’s see what happens.

    Yes, I am watching SJ. As I was out of the country, I missed the first two episodes but could watch a part of episode 3 last Sunday. I wont miss it henceforth.



  8. That is so like almost evry mom! Though mine never doubts me but den again she woudnt really relate to my thots! And adoption omgomg wen uttered gets an extreme reaction everywhere. MAy be i should ask them to mail you are somethin!

    And SJ episode was so so amazing. WE have never realised how much the govt has managed to lootofy us until that 50000000000000 figure amir wrote on the boards. I mean what the heck to these people do with so much money :O :O


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  10. This election is a Modi win. However, here’s hoping that a lot of useless candidates from BJP and Congress are defeated ceremoniously. Here’s hoping that AAP’s amazing activism, media initiatives like SJ, and social media help send a strong enough message to BJP and Modi that Indians will NOT take it lying down. They should understand for next four years they need to forgo communalism, increase transparency and accountability and work on women’s rights – if they want BJP to be relevant at all.

    I am looking forward to 5 years ahead where AAP will be a strong contender and and a truly deserving candidate/party will be elected.


  11. Yes yes I did and I absolutely LOVED it! It was an eye-opener of sorts at so many levels! I saw the first episode of this season and I admit I was a tad bit disappointed. But this episode has made me realize that the makers of the show have their heart in the right place still, and I am so glad for that 🙂


  12. “AAP’s former woman leader, Kavita Verma told PTI that when she approached senior party leaders about the issue of her counterpart allegedly sending vulgar messages to her, she was asked to get back only post elections…..Verma claimed she was offered the post of AAP Ghaziabad’s Women Cell by party leaders to hush up the matter, but she refused.”


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