Thank You Blogadda :)

Thank You Blogadda!!

I couldn’t make it to this awesome evening – WIN’14, India’s first blogging conference and blogger awards in Bombay, and received this beautiful trophy via courier…

WIN14, #win14, Bloadda Awards, Best Personal BlogHonored and delighted 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Thank You Blogadda :)

  1. I am giving myself an award!
    For what?
    For that gut feeling three years ago that this blog is the one I want to stay with and have permanently on my reading list!
    Congratulations from a loyal reader.
    May you win many more awards in future.
    Do I see Tejaswee smiling again?



  2. Congratulations IHM. You and this blog truly deserve it.
    In addition to your current readers, I wish the newer generation of Indian youngsters stepping out of their teen years, or those dating, getting into relationships would read this blog. Just reading about the experiences narrated here and the objective, rational way they are analyzed by commenters can be such an eye opener to those who have not yet had a chance to think beyond the influences of immediate family and society.


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