Eleven reasons why I liked Highway.

Watched ‘Highway’ this morning. Here’s what I thought. Spoilers Possible.

1. I hope those who watch the movie notice that it challenges the myth that locking up women inside their homes keeps them safe. 98% of Indian rape victims know their attacker.

2. The movie shows how harmful silencing of the victims of sexual crimes can be – including how it can traumatize a victim for life.

3. Don’t miss how the sexual criminal(s) in the movie benefit from the idea of honor/dishonor (partly because it silences of the traumatized survivor(s) and their loved ones).

4. It also shows that sexual crimes against women and children have little to do with the economic, social or educational status of the abusers. It’s more about the criminals knowing they get away with it.

5. Please note: The way they panic when they learn who they had kidnapped shows that the fear of consequences goes a long way in helping control all crimes including sexual assaults. (Not sure if the movie intended to show this)

6. Shows what I have always held, that men too are traumatized by sexual crimes against women and children. And their trauma too can last a lifetime.

After Milkha Singh, we have another sensitive movie where a young boy is affected by watching a woman he loves being subjected to sexual abuse.

7. I also think it’s okay awesome to take one’s not-so-sensible dreams seriously – because who decides what are ‘sensible dreams’?

8. In the last scene Alia Bhatt is holding ‘Women who run with the wolves’Starryeyed I intend to read it asap now – hugs and thanks again.

9. Yet another Indian movie showing a woman wanting something other than getting and staying married.

10. Shows men having feelings.

11. A R Rahman’s music.

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26 thoughts on “Eleven reasons why I liked Highway.

  1. Loved the movie. Alia Bhatt surprised (actually shocked) me.
    I always comb through the reviews before watching movies (because hey, tickets are expensive especially n weekends). And not even a single review mentioned child abuse. It was one of the main aspects of the movie. Of course they went on and on about Stockholm syndrome.
    And the scenes where she laughs uncontrollably, where he breaks down but couldnt explain why, where she screams because its oh-so-liberating…
    In fact totally loved the movie.
    I did find the character Veera a bit similar to Geet (without the dark past). But you can never get tired of Imtiaz Ali’s obsession with Himachal.


    • Yes, without those scenes it’s perhaps difficult to understand or like the movie. I loved those powerful scenes very much. Could relate to the extreme, overwhelming and difficult to fathom reactions and emotions she was going through, and when she describes how it was like she was watching it happen to someone else.

      Loved the highways and the places they hide in.


  2. oh man.. absolutely second the reasons… I was amazed on realizing point 5 when the criminals come to know about alia’s background.
    However there was a small downer for me just before the end.. Randeep Hooda sigh ..


  3. I watched it this weekend.


    I thought parts of the the movie itself were a little weird because the girl opens up to her abductors just like that. Which seemed way too soon and way too abrupt, despite her troubled past. But hey, that’s the story (which needs to move forward), so I guess one shouldn’t give it a hard rap for that.

    I liked it because it focused on how child sexual abuse can happen at home. I felt Aamir Khan’s Satyameva Jayate conveniently stepped around that whole issue.

    ARRahman’s background score at times was some song playing in reverse I think. Do you know which one? It was eerie, but fit well with the movie.


  4. One other thing I liked was how she says that she cannot think of marrying him and having his kids right then. She just wants to see how it goes. It was a selfish reason but atleast she set her priorities right. After all she was a kid.


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