Indian Roller, spotted and shot :)

Can’t believe I had never seen (or noticed?) this gorgeous blue bird before…
Indian Roller2

Maybe because the colouring is the same as the White Throated Kingfisher…
Kingfisher Highway

It was everywhere, all the way to Bathinda.

Indian Roller3

By the roadsides…

On telephone cables

In the fields.

Indian Roller4

Dazzling colours…
Indianroller - more

Bathinda Blue Bird

Very visible.

More Indian Roller3

Very beautiful.
More Indian Roller2

But I didn’t check my camera settings…

More Indian roller

These would have been awesome shots 😦

two indian roller

The bird seemed at home in urban environs…
Indian Roller in Bathinda

(Beautiful bird, Bad picture… 😦 )

Roller in city

They were everywhere. Almost as much at home as parrots!

Urbanised like parrots

Made me wonder why we have no Indian Roller living in our neighborhoods.

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19 thoughts on “Indian Roller, spotted and shot :)

  1. You are to be complimented on being able to click pix like these.
    Opportunities are fleeting and they come without warning.
    Whenever I tried, by the time I can point and shoot, the opportunity is gone!

    The pictures prove what I have believed.
    Photoshop is no match for good old Nature

    I tried embedding an html tag. Let’s see if it works.
    if you see “strong” at the beginning and end of the last line, please ignore it.


  2. It’s a beautiful bird and one that I am longing to click. I once spotted one on an electric cable while speeding along on the highway. So there was no way I could stop and click it.
    Lovely captures. 🙂


  3. Lovely sight to behold.Awesome pictures.IHM, you are too good with Camera.
    As GVji said ,shooting a bird is a very difficult job as window of opportunity is just fro micro seconds.
    Loved the pics. Infact I also once spotted a pair of Roller in the forest area at the outskirts of Indore and for a long time couldn’t believe my luck that I had actually spotted them. I can very well imagine the quantum of joy you must have felf on spotting them.


      • Ah ok. I have the AF 70-300mm that I stopped using now. 🙂

        I have the 300mm F/4 prime. Little bulky but its a wonderful for bird photography.
        The convertor also helps as long as the light conditions are great.
        The husband and I are fairly serious birders and we both swear by the latter. 🙂


  4. Amazing shots, IHM.
    Agree with GV – whenever I try to do this, I end up with a blur, a cutoff from the edge or an empty background since the bird is long gone 🙂


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