As we drove back from Bathinda on a foggy February morning…

…as this fog lifted around 11 am
Fog on the highway

Emerged the green fields…

green fields

And enchanting yellow mustard blooms,

Bathinda Mustard fields

We decided to stop and walk down this path…
to the fields highway

To find a field full of birds 🙂

indian roller in green fields

All these birds….

Bathinda, Yellow Wagtail

… Field heron, Indian Roller,

Birds in fields


Kingfisher flying

were following this tractor for their lunch…


After declining a polite offer of chai, we drove on.

Shot this Long Tailed Shrike later, from inside the car.
Rufous bird on the highway, Long Tailed Shrike

But had to get down to capture this one 🙂
shikhra highway

And then it flew…

Brat Three shooting a Kingfisher 🙂

Brat Three

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21 thoughts on “As we drove back from Bathinda on a foggy February morning…

  1. That’s a Cattle Egret, isn’t it, the one with the Indian Roller?
    Nice captures. The blue of the White-throated Kingfisher is in stark contrast tot he background! Lovely!


  2. Lovely shots! The mustard one is great composition. I love the bokeh effect on it.
    The twin flying Indian Rollers is a great click too.
    The raptor is a Shikra.


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