Hasee toh Phasee : When a Bollywood hero is an Emotional Dhakkan.

Loved Hasee to Phasee. Please do watch. Will add no spoilers – but the heroine is a Chemical Engineer, her family disapproves of her short hair and she doesn’t seem to see Getting Married and Staying Married as her only goal in life. Her father is warned, “She will not bring home a son in law, she will bring home a daughter in law.”

This hero takes relationships seriously and wants to get married.  (Contrast this with ‘boys ki life hai easy’). He is compassionate, uncomplicated, open, displays no obvious aggression, and communicates his feelings. He is not making more money (or almost any money at all) than the woman he wants to marry, and he is pressurized to do so.

So they are both Sinners against gender stereotypes.

What I did not like: The movie typically glorifies 1.) stealing (from any body), and 2.) consumption of alcohol to deal with stress or disappointment.

Don’t be guided by the official trailer or the name of the movie. The movie is good.

Not sure if the movie passes the Bechdel Test though…

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26 thoughts on “Hasee toh Phasee : When a Bollywood hero is an Emotional Dhakkan.

  1. Hi IHM! Very true. Loved the movie. The fact that this girl goes all out to make a career for herself she so wanted to (so many other things like learns a completely new language in a new country – assumption but most likely true) breaking all gender stereotypes. And I think it does pass the Bechdel Test (don’t wanna add spoilers here, but the conversation between her and her family members?)

    Love your blog!


  2. Hmm..finally. If what you describe of the movie is right, this is a great step for Idian movies. BUt I wonder, why does a woman not interested in marrying always have to be this rough & tough, speaking like a guy kinda girl. Why can’t she be normal woman who loves girly things but doesn’t want to commit to relationships?


    • I agree… That way Rani Mukherji in another movie (Mitwa?) was less stereotypical. Though Meeta is not really a rough and tough girl in this movie, apart from an odd scene where she catches and throws the cricket ball… she is shown as human, vulnerable, imperfect, smart….

      Updated: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna was the movie.


    • “Why can’t she be normal woman who loves girly things but doesn’t want to commit to relationships?”
      I can’t believe I’m reading this. Why can’t a woman be like the one portrayed in the video and still be ‘normal’?


      • Normal is subjective. Why does every woman who is commitment phobic or ‘modern’ have to be tomboyish? Like we automatically have to associate those characteristics with men. So, the movie makers assume that only men are like that and not women?


        • I don’t feel that she was really tomboyish, except for in the one flashback where her dad is yelling at her. She’s dressing nicely and acting girly throughout the rest of the movie, so maybe it was just a phase she went through to rebel 😉


  3. I have been waiting for this movie, loved the trailers and now with your comments, I think I was right about my gut feeling for this movie! So excited to watch, I loved the songs too.


  4. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch this movie, but since you recommend it IHM, I will definitely watch it. Another one I would love to hear your thoughts about is Shaadi ke Side Effects. The trailer for that one seems very interesting.


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  7. Watched it and found it nice. Here’s a thought: The girl and her father are shown to be helpless over anybody who slaps her at any time. I didn’t understand how any random person can slap an adult girl. The movie doesn’t justify/glorify this – but I still feel such scenes should show a footnote saying these acts are illegal.


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  10. Saw this movie today..I liked it 🙂 Liked both Parineeti and Siddharth …
    Didn’t like how he (Nikhil) was supposed to prove his worthiness in financial terms, and how the movie trivialized the act of stealing..
    Otherwise it was good…


  11. Hey.. I dint know wat betchdel test is.. just now read about it..from a long time I have preferred movies which have a strong female role.. I cn nw chek if the mvs pass the test too 🙂
    I would like to mention a book ” the woman’s room” which was d frst thing tat came to my mind (apart frm rani n vijaulakshmi in queen) wer the woman talk of various things n they THINK.. I m fed of writings tat portray women as stupid.. btw haven’t watched hasi to phasi.. wil do soon 🙂


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