When you can’t do anything else…

The child pointed to the carrots in the rikshaw.
Sharing a carrot, Delhi NCR winters, Street Photography, Nikon D7000.Sharing a carrot, Delhi NCR winters, Street Photography, Nikon D7000
Sharing a carrot, Delhi NCR winters, Street Photography, Nikon D7000Smiling
Sharing a carrot, Delhi NCR winters, Street Photography, Nikon D7000.

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27 thoughts on “When you can’t do anything else…

  1. Beautiful photographs! This is the best way to treat children. The man looks so happy!

    If we pay change, it will go elsewhere…here, the boy will eat the carrots. Very thoughtful of you to click this, IHM!


  2. Some times when I see such things, I feel that we have lost the way of leading a simple life style, by giving more joy to others and getting happiness out of it. The past generations or even before that, many people have spent huge sums to throw party and for functions. Examples would be wedding and naming ceremonies of babies. Even when the kings ruled, they had elaborate feasts and expensive exchange of gifts. But they had also spent huge monuments and architectural wonders, which provides aesthetic value even now.
    But nowadays, everything is becoming a chance to boast…starting from a small child’s birthday party, graduation day for kids, get togethers, sleep overs, family socialisation, pre-wedding and post-wedding celebrations, so on and so forth. Let people celebrate and have fun..that is not a problem. But when they do it ‘just’ to boast that is when it is an irritant. Do not we have some sense of social responsibility to others. When I try to stretch myself to put up a grand wedding for my kid, then a person who is in a little lower strata, is also compared by the family, (which is going to marry the person in this family) and they also try to stretch themselves beyond their means.
    My question is – do we earn to boast to the others or to make our life comfortable? If we are able to do many things online and get happiness, then why do we need to have lavish weddings, because of which no body stands to gain anything much. Taking into account that the bride’s family is spending for most of the weddings. Can we not shell some amount for educating at least one kid or save the life of one person who is in dire need of some surgery or medical help. Just like this man in the picture gives one carrot and feels that he has not lost much and actually gained something, can we not set aside a few pennies and cut short in our extravagance?
    I may sound boring or philosophical. But the exorbitant cost,like the wedding celebrations, really puts me off. Especially, when we may not assure the happiness of the couple based on this spend,I really wonder if it is really worth it.Any thoughts on these?


    • Lee,

      I once discussed this with a proud spender.
      Briefly, this was his defense:
      1)There is no compulsion.
      2)We spend because we want to.
      3)We spend because we have the money.
      4)We have nothing against those who don’t spend.
      5)What do those who don’t spend have against us?
      6)By spending, we are sharing our money with society.
      7)It is good for the economy.
      8)Money circulates.
      9)Shamiana people, catereres, gift sellers, all benefit.
      10)Incidentally, those of us who spend like this ALSO spend on charity and help good causes with our money.
      11) Now what is the problem?



      • Yes sir,
        I also agree that by spending on these someone else is getting business. But the problem is at least, people like us can stretch at times. When I think of the farmers and labourers, it is not a positive scenario. When my maid told me that she has to give dowry in the form of a two-wheeler, a house for the girl and some miscellaneous items, and on top of this, they have to spend for the marriage (btb, the maid’s daughter has finished her nursing course and is working), I could not understand the need for increased demand of wealth, from the bride groom. I somehow feel that, we generally try to compare ourselves with those above us. But when it comes to spending, we need to do just the opposite. Moreover once a standard has been set, it is difficult to break. When the rich set a standard, the other lesser rich try to follow suit. This is where the greed starts, stealing and more murders occur. This may also be at least 1% reason for female infanticide, as the parents of girls, start thinking of the spend they have to make later, and may feel it is not possible for them to bring up the girl child and give her in marriage. May be the people who are spending are not putting so much thoughts into these!!
        Thanks for sharing …..truly appreciate.


  3. This is just so wonderful to see… This is why our country is still up & running because of people like him…
    And yes, it is better to give or buy these little children food rather than give them money else they would think their whole life, they can just beg & get money rather than understand the value of hard work…


  4. Heart Touching Pics – I know dozen of people personally who treat others in similar manner.

    I don’t even remember when I did or may be I did or not. Shame !!

    Good message – Keep up, best of luck !!!!


  5. Look at the nonchalant way the man is sitting. As if he did nothing out of the ordinary. The day would be wonderful when good deeds becomes the norm that one doesn’t even think of it that way.

    Hope someday I can be that unselfish.

    Feeling warm and fuzzy!
    Thank you for sharing the pic.


  6. Loved this post. I happened to be at a function. Birthday party for a child who had turned 5. They had put up a big shamiana. There was food, playstuff for kids and music. Some kids of the day laborers (there was a construction going on nearby) were peeping from the corners. The host just handed them few starters and asked them to leave. They were watching with delight at people dancing. Some of the guests were carrying extra packets of popcorn with them. It was such a shame to be part of such a function. I couldn’t eat anything.
    I am glad to see people like the man


  7. In the local language Grandma used to say ..”Because of people like these there is still rain and crop on this earth..” ..Very heart warming pix, reminding us that we all need to be just Human to feel good..


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