Thank You Indiblogger :)

Received this beautiful trophy yesterday. Thank You Indiblogger.

Honored and delighted 🙂

IndibloggerTrophyIndian Blogger Awards 2013
Category: Social, Causes

Trophy closer look


39 thoughts on “Thank You Indiblogger :)

  1. Congratulations!
    I am proud to be a loyal reader of your blog ever since three years ago, Desi Girl lead me here.
    I feel it is as much “our” blog as it is yours!
    Not many blogs are like this where reader participation, by way of comments is so active and constructive.
    Sometimes each comment on this blog is a like a mini blog post in itself.
    You deserve credit for getting so many talented, enlightened and mature readers to follow this blog and also contribute.
    It is gratifying to see this blog receiving recognition from IndiBlogger.
    May this blog flourish.
    I am sure Tejaswee is smiling.

    Congratulations once again.


    • I totally agree about feeling like I am part of this blog. Admittedly, I’ve been here for much shorter than you have but I feel so validated when I come here and get to hear so many different perspectives on issues.


  2. Congratulations IHM! You truly deserve this award for inspiring so many people, especially women. May the tribe of participants increase day by day. You are indeed an agent of change. Wish you many many more laurels! All the best!


  3. Congratulations IHM! 🙂
    I have only recently started following your blog & have already learnt a great deal of the many issues Indian women & men face on a daily basis…
    You’ve inspired me to create awareness about the wrong doings around me…
    Thank you for this blog & wish you many more awards such as this! 🙂
    You deserve them all…


  4. Great! Congrats! I go to many blogs, but there are not as many bloggers in those sites, as I see in yours. The moment you paste a topic, the comments just start pouring in. In some blogs, which had articles that dates to 2-3 years back and dated until today, there is not even 5 comments. This is not said to flatter, but just to express the happiness the reach this blog has to many people. Also,there are many intellectual bloggers, in this blog, who do not comment just for the sake of it, but to truly put across their opinions or ideas. Such worthwhile discussion makes this blog, an outstanding one.
    Thanks to you and your family, for this blog, and ALL THE VERY BEST in all your similar future endeavours.


    • So true!
      I had tried my hand at blogging and found hardly any readers, and even less comments
      More people read and reply to my comments here than to anything I ever wrote at my own platform.
      There is ready access to an intelligent and informed readership here.
      The comments enhance and add value to the original post.

      This blog also serves as an open forum for discussion and offers a useful platform for people to share their troubles/difficulties/sorrows with sympathetic people anonymously and seek advice or opinions.

      A blog like this needs a lot of investment in terms of time and effort and IHM must be complimented, recognized and thanked for volunteering to host it in spite of her family commitments.

      I am truly happy that this blog is being recognized for its usefulness and merits.
      I wish this blog all success and hope it goes from strength to strength.


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