For NCP leader Asha Mirje.

Why don’t we see urgent steps being taken to help those who desperately need help understanding What Makes Men Rape?

When Asha Mirje asked ‘Is it necessary to go out after 6pm?’ [link shared by Sarika], she probably believed she was empowering women by sharing her wisdom. It’s quite possible that she is genuinely convinced that rapes would stop if women changed the way they live. She has probably never heard that India leads in sexual violence, worst on gender equality. It’s possible that she (like many, many others) thinks there is nothing to understand – and she is absolutely convinced that rapes are caused by women who are found  attractive by rapists who are not able to prevent themselves from raping, mutilating, setting on fire and killing the women and children they find sexually attractive.

But then why is she a member of Maharashtra Women’s Commission (MWC)?

Do you think this might help her?

Shared by Pallavi on facebook

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37 thoughts on “For NCP leader Asha Mirje.

  1. Ref: Victim gets revenge by setting rapist on fire.
    That was hilarious and also an apt reply to the kind of comments woman victims have to face.

    Ref: Is it necessary to go out after 6 pm?
    I understand she apologized later for an insensitive comment.



  2. Ref: Victim gets revenge by setting rapist on fire.
    This is really too good… should be published everywhere…
    btw, he should have started singing malhar raag… it would have started raining and he could have been saved…


  3. Fantastic reply IHM. Probably Asha Mirje lives in the “asha” that staying at home or wearing a burkha will provide rapes. She has probably never heard of rapes in the home at any time of day or night. Innocent lady. Needs to grow up.


    • Even if it happens in the home it is the women’s fault you see, because she let the person in by opening the door!! She should not have opened the door! But wait, there are windows in the house too, which may be big enough. Ok, then close and lock up all the windows. But the rapist can break the brick wall and come inside..then build the house with iron and steel….but wait…..if you build it with iron and steel, then the rapist might……
      Well, I leave it our great leaders to fill up the remaining probabilities, than arrive at a real solution, as beyond this my limited intellectual ability does not permit me to think further….kindly excuse me!


  4. I have two questions for the lady.
    Hope someone can ask her.
    If staying indoors can save females from being raped, then why girls are getting raped by their relatives inside the closed doors?

    If body language is the reason for rape then why a 5 yr old girl is raped?
    Can you explain these madam? Do you have some pathetic answers for these too.
    I hope neither you or your daughter go out after six.


  5. OMG! I loved the last line!! 🙂 “We need to educate people about wearing fire safe clothing and carrying extinguishers with them all the time.For their own safety.”
    I’m speechless! It scares me to know there are thousands and lakhs of people like her who don’t empathize with their own kind, let alone being fair/equal.
    #1 “if the girl must still go out, she must be ready with a response to anything untoward that could happen. She must watch the people around her and their body language. Someone might call his accomplices. You will get time to run away from the spot.”
    #2 “They were my personal views, borne out of my personal experience and from my interaction with many people. These are not MCW’s views”
    Personal opinion?! I wonder if making pro-terrorist, pro-genocide, pro-infanticide… statements would be okay as a personal opinion.


  6. I wish she really ask all the boys and men to stay inside after 6 pm, as there will not be any perpetrators and women will not be raped outside. As far as women who are inside the house, please all of you come out after 6 pm, so that there will not be any victims! If this keeps going on, one day both men and women will be living in separate islands and this is the only way we may try to solve the problems of crime against the other gender. Are we driving towards this? When are we going to teach interdependency to our kids. Both men and women are interdependent on each other and the humans collectively are dependent on nature.
    Can we not teach our children, the burden of responsible behaviour lies with them, rather than scapegoating the others around them. This holds good for any responsible behaviour, be it sexual harassment, smoking, drinking, environmental awareness and protection. The attitude of ‘we are good, and it is the society that is bad’ should stop. When we form the society, then if it is dysfuntional, we fail to realise that we are contributing towards the dysfunction. When are we going to learn to accept responsibility for our misdeeds rather than displacing it on someone else or on something?


  7. And babies shld stop wearing provocative dipers…It might attract pedophiles so its actually babies fault for inviting rape…
    best is ban huggies n pampers !!


  8. IHM, can I please post this on FB? I find that this post can seriously counter the stupid logic people have who think it’s girls responsibility to protect herself . I feel this post is more effective than telling /explaining the skewed thinking , victim blaming lot in plain and simple language. ( It somehow reminded me of Amir Khan trying to explain Ishan’s dyslexia issue to his father by insisting to read chienese letters) .
    Oh I really want the entire world to read this post.

    I also want to ask Asha Mirge if for one day all the women decide to come back home before 6 pm, wear some kind of rape proof clothing , make no eye contact with any man and even spray offensive smelling deodorants ( body language uninviting ) than can she guarantee that India will witness a zero rape day?


  9. Btw I am living in the uncultured western country…I wear my short skirt n sleeveless top to office everyday…no one looks at pinching in buses…No lewd songs in metro train.
    I wear my skimpiest shorts on weekends n go shopping..again no one follows me home. Hell Nobody breaks into latest biber’s baby baby…..
    Dissapointed I hit the bar in my little black dress…dance wildly n get drunk…well some men do hit on me but they dont paw me try to rape me.
    I go back home alone at 2 am……unscatched

    whereas In India a salwar kurta clad girl will be dragged in the car raped then thrown on the road.The rapists will go scot free and she will be blamed for being “provcatively” dressed and being out from home at 6 pm !!!
    She will be considered a zinda laash, spoilt good for loosing her precious virginity !! again its her fault !!
    I reckon I am better of in the morally corrupt western country.


  10. I myself try to judge a place and then decide if I can go there late night but I will never blame a person who went there at late night and some mishap happened or not . Because I believe that person exercised his or her rightful right. If I know of a place which is absolutely unsafe and were to advice to anyone as a politician I will definitely say that its my state rule who is unable to have law and order along with me and my social setup which is unfortunately curbing your freedom and I am guilty of it as I am pary of this structure.


  11. Mirge has the right to free speech, but when such speech infringes on the law/assumed freedoms (of women), she is wrong. I wish someone would file a PIL against such people and the courts would punish them severely – that’d shut the rest of them up.


  12. I have a Tumblr, and I can’t count how many times I’ve reblogged that post. I’ve also had many male friends read that and then subsequently feel outraged…right before I point out that this is EXACTLY the line of questioning that women have to face time and time again. You can usually see the cogs visibly turning in their head as they put two and two together. 🙂 It’s also a reason to never underestimate the power of humour and satire when trying to drive a point home.

    As for the NCP leader, well, sometimes the worst types of patriarchal behaviour can come from women, considering how internalized some of us make our oppression. I’m sure that she doesn’t know of the statistic where the majority of rapes are committed by close family members, which makes her advice practically useless anyway. I wonder what advice she has to give to those women? “Don’t be born, and everything will be fine.” would probably be it.


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