On 19th Jan 2014.

In November 2010 when a parent said they lit a candle and cut a cake on their child’s birth anniversary each year, I was sure I could never do that.

But today, Brat Three cut this cake.


And her brother insisted on this orange candle…

Orange Candle

* * *

Later this afternoon I wanted to rest but Brat Three woke me up, asking me to come and see something. “Can’t it wait Brat Three? I am trying to get some sleep!”

No protests, no attempts to convince, no ‘it will take only a moment’, just an uncharacteristic, almost meek, “Okay.”

Later when I got up she got this for me to see.

HappyBirthdayTejasweeRao“How did you think of making this card Brat Three?”

“Because it’s her birthday today.”

“But she can’t see it… how will she see this card Brat Three…”

“She will. She knows. She can see from there.”

 * * *

Earlier this morning Brat Three had to draw a ‘Family Tree’ for her home work and she asked if she should show three children in our family.

I wasn’t sure.

“Name the three children?”

“…then should I show two children?”

“Three is fine. There’s you, Brat Two and Tejaswee.”


* * *

And this photograph is from 19th Jan 2010. Tejaswee’s 19th birthday. The dogs came out every morning to say ‘bye bye to Tejaswee’ …barking to make her come back.


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39 thoughts on “On 19th Jan 2014.

  1. I am loving Brat Three SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! She is amazing already 🙂 Please Tell her she is amazing from me! 🙂


  2. Bt 3 is just the sweetest little “brat” ever – The card she made is beautiful! (She has an EQ that breaks all records!).
    You’re an amazing mother.. Just amazing…
    Love & Hugs
    P.S : I also loved the Orange candle! 🙂


  3. Kids do the most amazing things. Things that just blow your mind away at the kind of thoughtfulness that came out of a little munchkin hardly capable of drinking her own milk without prodding 🙂

    I cried a little at this, IHM. Not tears of sadness but at the kind of joy you have found in your life. You deserve every bit of happiness B3 brings to you and to your family.

    Happy birthday, Tejaswee. You are remembered and cherished!


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