“It is very sad, disheartening and shocking to learn that the body of the missing girl was tracked down by her father and colleagues in Bhandup.”

This is really shocking. Whoever committed this horrible crime seemed to have had no fear of police. And it’s easy to understand why [links at the bottom].

‘Had the crime branch… launched an immediate rescue mission by thoroughly combing the Bhandup location of the last call on her phone, her life may have been saved’

When her father was unable to get in touch with Esther Anuhaya, he asked his brother Kumar to approach cops and register a complaint. The railway police at Kurla asked Kumar to register a complaint with Vijaywada police station, near Machilipatnam where Esther had boarded the train. Kumar called up Jonathan and a case was registered with Vijaywada police station after which the cops there wrote an official letter transferring the complaint to Kurla railway police.

“It is very sad, disheartening and shocking to learn that the body of the missing girl was tracked down by her father and colleagues in Bhandup. It is suspected to be a case of rape and murder, which will unravel after the post-mortem. Had the crime branch, whom I was in touch with on behalf of the family, launched an immediate rescue mission by thoroughly combing the Bhandup location of the last call on her phone, her life may have been saved,” Abraham Mathai, president of Indian Christian Voice, told TOI.

MUMBAI: The half-burnt body of software engineer Esther Anuhaya (23) was found in a highly decomposed state in a secluded place near a nullah off the Eastern Express Highway in city’s suburb of Kanjurmarg late on Thursday. Investigators suspect it to be a case of “rape with murder” and that the accused may have tried to destroy evidence by burning her body.


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“The rape victim had gone there willingly. She was not lured into it. They drank vodka.”

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“As long as the men do not understand that they CANNOT and WILL NOT get away with such behavior and criminal acts, the rape culture will not go away”


12 thoughts on ““It is very sad, disheartening and shocking to learn that the body of the missing girl was tracked down by her father and colleagues in Bhandup.”

  1. This is just the worst. And this happening in what used to be one of the safest cities in India is just terrible. Earlier it was mostly rape & now, Rape & murder seems to be happening on a daily basis.
    Can’t even imagine what must’ve gone through her dad when he found her.


  2. Such incidents always fill the heart with deep sadness but the worst part is the ever increasing proportion ,cruelty and heinousness. The incidents of rape are being reported on the daily basis.now murder follow it.Where lies the check–prompt action,punishment or somewhere deep down we as society are failing.May be all of these have their own share.
    Praying for strength to the family to bear the loss……is that all I can do?
    Tired I feel.


  3. No matter how many efforts people make for gender sensitivity…perverts remain unaffected. Its sad to read about such cases and it occurs that it could also have been one of us. The police is still complacent even so many such cases. Will keep Esther and her family in my prayers.


  4. There is an increase in such incidents because, our societal outlook has not changed since our grandparents time. The parents of the sons have not been reinforcing to them that they will be disciplined and penalised if they behave in any manner that brings disrepute to another girl. Movies glamourize parents and sisters, encouraging the young men of the family ogling other girls and it is considered being cool or as friendly. Stalking in the name of love is applauded. Rejection of the men in love is portrayed as being arrogance by the girl, as if the women are born only to please the men. If she is thought by him that she is rejecting him, because of her beauty, then he throws acid on her face to ‘teach a lesson for her arrogance’. How many women have done it men, whose love has been rejected? How many wives have thought of beating the men, after they come home drunk and beat the wife black and blue.
    Even now it is sickening to see how women can be so patient or with lowest self-regard for themselves that they can keep playing the victim role…..it is not physical prowess that is important. How assertive you are with the men who try to curb your rights in your day to day life will go a long way in teaching those men, that they cannot mess up with women. This should be a collective and continuous action, rather than coming in sporadic outbursts on seeing such news.
    Why can’t the families have same ground rule for both boys and girls? If a girl has to come back home by 7 or 8 PM, then the parents should also question the boy. Not because it is risky for him, but he might disturb another girl or woman out there. I am not talking about those people who are on shift duties or on some important job, but those who are killing time in the name of fun ! The family in its enthusiasm to stop crime being committed against their women folk, are restricting the women in their respective household. Actually if the men who are unnecessarily loitering around in the tea shop, in the street corners, under the flyovers or in parking lots are forced by the police to go back home, then half the problem will be solved.
    My request to all parents who are reading this, please start asking your boys also, where they are going, in the name of ‘chilling out’ see to that they do not disturb other girls on the way, hoot or howl (into the ears) while vrooming past in their bikes….only if we start doing this, the uneducated or those who may not have read such blogs can improve their upbringing of children.
    We need to teach every child the art of respect irrespective of gender,class or race. Education is what we apply in real life through what we have learnt and not how much money we can later mint out of it.
    My comment may not be in total relevance only to THIS problem but a general view about a few of the root causes of crimes committed against women.


    • This is one reason why activists are against harsher penalties (e.g, death penalty, castration) for rapists – they fear that the criminals will kill their victims to prevent report. Either way the crime victims lose.


  5. I felt similarly when I read the article – sadness and a lot of uncomfortable feeling. Here are parents, brothers, who have raised the alarm of a missing person almost immediately; the first 72 hours are critical in such cases. They had to coordinate their efforts across 2 cities, one of which was totally new to them. Why isn’t the media going after the cops? This apathy, this indifference, makes me fearful – basically the state machinery will not help you, if you don’t matter. To invoke a soured love affair as the cause is sheer laziness. This is what happens when you don’t have “influence”. Where are the vigilantes on this case?


    • I agree – how many women will have to die like this before police take their duties seriously? The media and activists should be seriously pressurizing the police. Kejriwal seems to be making the Delhi police sit up, we need similar motivation in all areas. Calling a murderous attack a love affair gone wrong shows not only lazy thinking, but a “she asked for it” mentality which we should just stop tolerating.
      The other thing I think about is that the cases that reach the media are these stranger-danger cases. But the NCRB statistics show that the bulk of crimes against women are committed by known people – family members, neighbors, co-workers/bosses etc. Those are less often reported and rarely reach the media because the first impulse is to hush it up.


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