When Kumar Vishwas quoted these lines from my sidebar :)

When, in India, did we hear these kinds of views from any political leader fighting elections, before? And he actually talks about freedom of expression, so casually like it’s the most obvious thing in a democracy. Like Democracy is not possible without free speech. He says,

I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Do watch this interview (in Hindi).

Hoping to breach the Amethi ‘citadel’ (he points out that there should be no citadels in Democracy), Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas challenged Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to a debate.

At 17.20 in the video he says that while his views are ‘Nationalist’, party colleague Prashant Bhushan is Leftist, and Arvind Kejriwal is more of a Centrist, they all still respect each other, and he may disagree with them, but he would defend to death their right to disagree.

He explained why he has decided to fight from Amethi.

“The question is, Dimple Yadav, an inexperienced contestant,  was elected unopposed from Kannauj Lok Sabha seat in the by-poll election in 2012. Why doesn’t BJP field a good contestant against her? It’s a big power club.”

Another link: The party spokesperson said the Aam Aadmi Party will field candidates against Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi from Rae Bareli and Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav in Mainpuri. http://ibnlive.in.com/news/aap-to-contest-uttar-pradeshs-all-80-lok-sabha-seats/444016-3-242.html

Updated to add: I am aware that I will find myself disagreeing with him (and others) on several issues – but this is one issue on which I do agree.

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21 thoughts on “When Kumar Vishwas quoted these lines from my sidebar :)

    • I am waiting for the steps AK will take to make Delhi a safer place for women. Sheila Dixit lost her CM post just for that one reason, and AK got elected for making promises in that aspect.


    • Yeah, at first I thought he had quoted from your blog directly 😀

      Is there a translation for these videos? For the first time I’m really interested in politics and I find it hard to keep up. The scrappy hindi of a Rajinikant loving idli munching Tamilian only goes so far.


      • 🙂 I did look for a translation, he is a Hindi Professor and a poet 🙂 … there are other reports but I found no transcript, or translations. His response to all her questions is honest, simple powerful and all along very respectful towards those he disagrees with.


        • For the very first three times I saw him on tv (which was a long time ago around the time of the Lokpal agitation), he came across as too rude and crude for a professor and a poet. I don’t think a person who could talk like that can actually change in character over time. Maybe this is just an image make-over before elections. He is one person from the AAP whom I dislike. But if he has quoted these lines, it is reason enough for you to feel happy.


  1. I really liked this interview IHM. He comes across very humble, honest and yet very articulate. That’s why it was sad that Mallika Sarabhai accused him of misogynist views and gender insensitivity. Any idea why she is accusing him of that?


  2. IHM, AAP is a mixture of Rt wing Nationalists, Centrists and Leftists. Vishwas may belong to the first category. That is why, as Mallika Sarabhai has pointed out, his old speeches has shown intolerance to minorities and misogyny.
    Another such AAP leader is the current Delhi law minister.
    See what he and his goons done yesterday .


  3. Thanks for the link! Yes I heard it… gardan katwa dega par tumhara bolne ka haq nahi jaane dega!

    I too may not agree with Prashant Bhushan, but that does not mean he has no right to his view!


  4. IHM, what is your view on ministers from AAP organizing rais on “sex workers” without a warrant and subjecting them to tests and searches?


  5. Thank you , Rajdeep Sirdesai !

    Thank you for conducting that brutal interview of Arvind Kejriwal , Saturday evening

    Normally , Arvind is a very reticent fellow

    But you managed to rattle him !

    But for your penetrating questions , Arvind would not have volunteered to reveal on his own , the following :


    – It is only for 28 colleges which are partially or fully funded by Delhi

    It is for ANY student ( from any state of India ) , who passes his / her
    10th standard from any Delhi school


    – Only 20KL per month is free

    Our goal is to ” Reduce Consumption / Conserve ”

    Hence it makes sense to charge those who continue to consume more
    than 20 KL .

    If they want FREE , they must cut back on consumption !

    Again it makes lot of Economic Sense , to give water free , only to
    those who have meters

    Lakhs of households will now get motivated to install meters !

    A very powerful incentive

    That will introduce ” Measurement of Resource ”


    – This is a physical problem of laying 150 Km of new pipe-lines /
    installation of pumps etc

    No one asked Congress government re this for 15 years !

    It is totally unfair to expect AAP to do this in 15 days !


    – This is what democracy is all about !

    We encourage ALL to speak their minds without fear / reservations

    Ideas must flow unhindered

    We believe in brain-storming , not in suppressing views !

    But ,

    PAC members / MLAs / Core Committee Members etc will need to toe the

    FINAL PARTY POSITION ( arrived after fierce internal debate / evaluation /
    consensus ) in public , irrespective of their personal views

    As far as millions of ORDINARY MEMBERS are concerned ( including Capt
    Gopinath / Mallika Sarabhai etc ) , they are at liberty to criticize even the

    We impose PARTY DISCIPLINE , only on office bearers

    And since Vinod Binny is our MLA , he is bound by this internal CODE OF

    He must leave the party , if he cannot comply


    – If Delhi police won’t act against drug mafia / sex racketeers , despite a
    pile of complaints from local citizens , then our ministers will come out on
    the streets , in support of the oppressed

    We will not hesitate to join their agitation / revolt against the corrupt !

    Even Mahatma Gandhi , had to break the unjust British Laws

    We will do the same

    If we cannot change the law with the support of our MLAs , then we will
    break it with the support of the suffering public

    Make no mistakes about it !


    – Another TV channel editor said , we are continuing ” Activism ”

    Still another TV anchor says , AAP failed to graduate to ” Governance ”

    Use any – and all – adjectives you can , to describe our behavior / actions

    We are not guided / governed by any ” Ideology ” ( Left / Right / Center )

    When we take any decision / action , we only apply ” Gandhi Guideline ” ,

    viz ; ” Will this help the poorest person ? ”


    – If they like , let them withdraw their ( unasked for ) support today

    Let there be re-elections

    People of Delhi will bring us back with 50 seats


    – I may , if Party asks me

    [ Arvind ,

    Whereas all the rest of your answers were most appropriate , this was
    the most disappointing !

    If you succumb to the ” wishes ” of your colleagues , not only the
    people of Delhi , but of entire India , will conclude that ,

    # You are an opportunist

    # You are after power

    # You cannot be trusted

    # You have betrayed them ]

    Once again , thank you Rajdeep ,

    But for your grilling , public would have continued to believe the canards being dished out by those pseudo – experts trying to drown out each other , on panel discussions / obsessions !

    * hemen parekh ( 20 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )


  6. Did you see his statement on nurses from Kerala? He may have been supporting freedom of speech but the mentality of the man is evident for everyone to see. So, would you support him just because he supports freedom of speech in spite of the type of mindset he brings with him? I’m sure any other politician would have been thrashed to bits on this blog on uttering such nonsense.

    And what about the Delhi law minister’s raid on the so called drugs and prostitution racket? There were no drugs found from the site. And even if there was prostitution going on, there must have been at least one male who must have bought the services of the Ugandan females (if they are really prostitutes). But we saw no male being caught, let alone harassed. The blame of the supposed prostitution went entirely on to the foreigner females. Were they practicing prostitution among themselves?

    Its funny how we Indians get so impressed by something and anything which is projected to be new or attractive without even applying our brains. The AAP is one such attraction.


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