Arvind Kejriwal.

I am not able to understand how and why some of us seem to see no hope in Arvind Kejriwal’s honesty, idealism, courage, determination, administrative abilities, humility, simplicity and intelligence. 

Isn’t this what we had been hoping for all along? Those of us chose and supported him have lots to be proud of. This is why I am Proud of India Today. Not India of Yesteryears.

Ofcourse he is not going to be able to please everybody – nobody can.

Ofcourse he is going to make mistakes. And these mistakes will not include crime, misuse of power or corruption.

Sometimes those who support him will not agree with him – obviously. Is it possible to agree with someone on everything?

What matters is that his every action and every statement indicates that he has immense respect for and faith in India’s Constitution. The 17 issues that he has listed and his 20-point action plan, which he started working on immediately (and some criticised him for being in a hurry 🙄 ) are issues nobody else seemed to consider important till now.

Social Work was seen as NGO’s area of work. When did we last see a CM aware of and interested in what they were elected for? Maybe we have never seen Indian political leaders actually working for anything other than creating vote banks or creating wealth for themselves.

I can’t understand the unwillingness (of only a small minority hopefully!) to give clean, honest leadership a chance.

Weren’t we complaining about the lack of role models for today’s youth?

I am sure our future generations will read about this aam aadmi who changed the way elections, power, governance, vote banks and the freedoms and the rights of the common citizen were seen by both those who ‘came to power’ by ‘fighting’ elections, and by those who thought they had to choose from the Evil or the Lesser Evil?

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114 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal.

  1. My Amma was saying the same thing. At least give him a chance. He may succeed or succumb to the political scenario, but at least give him a chance. Dont judge everything he does immediately. He may be wrong, but at least he is making an effort 🙂


      • Yes !.. My mother-in-laws (who are in Delhi) ..called my wife to say ask ANil to join AAP.. the impact is amazing.. there is absolute honesty in him.. but there are so many voice and Indians- specially are very paranoid and want magical solutions.. give him time, give him time.. damn it..give him time.. he is working hard already.. but we will all need to do our bit too.. and the first step is to trust..


  2. Strong women don’t play victim, don’t make themselves look pitiful, & don’t point fingers. They stand and they deal -Mandy Hale


  3. Most people who thrive due to corruption will not want him to succeed. Most polititians who create the divide based on caste, religion, language, etc would also not be like him to succeed. Most Indians who greese the palms to get their work done on “priority” would not like uncurroptable govt servants so they would not like him to succeed either…. the list goes on.


  4. When your trust is broken over and over again ( which has been happening in the past years) it’s difficult to trust again. Especially when things sound “too good to be true…”
    If you notice, more than the youth the Gen X guys are the ones that are more skeptical…
    All we can say is, Give him a Chance. Give him a few years. Maybe he was the change we needed all along. We should help him now rather than criticizing him…


  5. I have always been running away from Politics, always jumping to the sports page in the news paper! For I so nothing around the scene that inspired or gave me hope! This guy certainly does that…

    Its the cynicism of 67 years that people are not able to trust this guy or feel he is a congress stooge or something! Whilst the BJP see him as the thorn in flesh they will be all out to malign him and hence this mad spate of sms about AAP.

    I am quite clear in my mind, AAP & AK’s intentions sound noble to me, their efforts so far too… Give them time, let them make their mistakes, let us see how they react to those mistakes… do they remain humble all these things only time can tell.

    People just want to decide in one day! When they try to do that… the cynicism of the past 67 years comes through.

    I don’t think anyone in the right frame of their mind write AAP or AK off… without giving him a chance. I mean how worse can we get than UPA2?


      • India media which is supported by certain powerful investors will obviously not support Arvind Kejriwal when he is out in the open against all such cronies. If you notice, media started blocking him after his ‘expose’ on Reliance industries and KG scam


  6. IHM, Completely with you! He feels like he has his heart in the right place. He might not be perfect, but is what we need in India right now.

    I am hopeful, tremendously hopeful that only good will come out of this.


      • @fakeindianbbahu

        I will not pretend to speak for all those who are skeptical of him. While I do agree that he brings in a breath of fresh air as regards to his transparency and honesty, I am completely opposed to his left leaning economics. I hope it isn’t inappropriate to have a principled opposition to the economic agendas of an honest man. While self aggrandizement and corruption of the present day politicians is deplorable, it is my opinion that unsound economics cause much more harm to the society in every aspect in the longer run.


        • Hats off to the man. And I do think that we should give him a chance. Its bizarre that we have put up with decades of corruption and mismanagement and now scrutinize an honest man’s actions with a hawks eye. Perhaps we are just not used to a politician actually working and working hard at that.
          Having said that, I dont believe in giving things for free. It will just be misused. My friend worked in an NGO in Delhi. With the help of some NRI funds, they sponsored free sewing machines and training (by fashion students as 20 hrs of community service is compulsory for all college students) to women in XXX colony. After 6 months, the NGO sent people to check the outcome. The machines were lying in the corners all rusty. Some have given it away as dowry to daughters. Out of 250 machines, only 2 were put to the use it was meant for. self-reliance of these women. This is just one example.
          In this regard I agree with MOEM above.
          But as IHM said, supporting him neednt mean agreeing with everything he says/does. And if anyone deserves a chance, its him.


        • I think if corruption is gone there will be surplus money for subsidies..I am waiting for their fully formed policies on economic, industry , employment, education, gender issues, reservation , international positioning, if they comeup with sane policies and if they work in Delhi with evolving policy by identifying mistakes and not sticking to it accepting and correcting faults.I am ok , if 80 % policies are fine .I will be ok…I am waiting and watching them closing till end before I vote…but yes they very much needed to raise the bar of politicians .


  7. I think ‘First they ignored you, then they laughed at you, then they fought you, then you win’ applies 100% to AAP and Arvind Kejriwal. I was skeptical at first too when a political party was born out of anti-corruption movement but today Arvind Kejriwal is my hero. The guy who had the guts to challenge Ambanis must have been very strong indeed. More than anything else, to me, AAP means that political success need not come only with encouraging corporate cronies. Proving this is a great deal not just in India but in the entire world today!! I’m glad AAP is contesting national elections as I now have a decent choice to vote for. I would most definitely think they’re worth giving a chance to than all other parties which had many chances till date and which refuse to change.


  8. People are way too cynical. Plus, a section of the middle class is wary of socialism in any form and see BJP as the only rods to a capitalistic neoliberal India. If that’s the dream, AAP won’t please them. Slower but more inclusive development is the only way forward, but we are a nation in a hurry!


  9. It’s not a question of believing or disbelieving in him. Nor is it the case that Arvind will either succeed or fail. He will probably do both. And we will improve incrementally. Is AAP a step in the right direction? Yes. If it fails, will other new steps in the right direction be taken? Yes, because now there is a precedent. If it succeeds, will that preserve its ‘purity’? Not wholly, perhaps, but even partially would be good for India. In short, no matter how mixed the outcomes will be, India as a whole will benefit incrementally, because some ethics is better than no ethics. And that’s the sort of optimism I really do believe in 🙂 A country is developed step by step; problems like corruption are also solved step by step. One person, one party are all instruments of social momentum. Their success or failure matters very little to the big picture. We are not dependent on them, so we needn’t base our entire optimism on them.


  10. Because it is cool to be cynical and stupid to be idealistic. Screwed up. We complain when no one does anything, complain when someone tries and wait for him to fail so we can complain.

    Complaining is in the genes! The power of this idea is fantastic. Not one person but a huge ton – AAP has done what people said won’t happen – changed middle class urban apathy!

    If they splinter the vote and ensure that both parties are kept in check, that is victory. In less than 2 years, that would be a miracle!


  11. I think we have let cynicism overtake hopefulness. Noone can please everyone. At least this guy and his party are making an effort, which is a big thing. I will vote for AAP. And I will hope that his strategies work out. Not all will, but I am hopeful that he will bring about some change. He already has.


  12. It doesnt matter if he is a win or lose. It only matters that other voices are heard, someone else got elected, he will try his best and hopefully will do good, give him a chance, if not his win will bring out some other enterprising honest young person to go into politics and cleanup the mess. When we can time and time again give 60yr old corrupt thieves many many chances and repeatedly hand them power to corrupt why not him, maybe he’ll do good maybe he wont but he cant be worse than those already there???


  13. He awakened those million people who felt helpless and gave them something to do.. Their party site is super impressive… I feel hopeful for the first time ever! He is fixing those small issues that matters the most to any normal person rather than talking big and taking sides…


  14. Good post. I am happy to see an alternative to Communal/corrupt Sanghis and corrupt appeasing weak kneed politics of the dynasty. I am hopeful not about the person Kejriwal, but the movement of AAP. The email/ SMS referendum they did to decide about forming govt in Delhi was the best example of grass root democracy. Due to its internal contradictions and ideological haze, AAP may not last for long, but it will change the politics of India for ever.


    • Administrative experience of building Infrastructure, providing water, un-interruped power supply even in villages(The Electricity boards haven’t gone bankrupt here), jobs and 12 years of peace – not 1 curfew!! I am no Super Fan of Modi, and I am all for Honest leaders like AK – but credit must be given where its due(Otherwise how do you explain him being re-elected thrice in a row).

      And if he’s managed to get his Top police officers behind bars – then you should be happy about it. That how democracy is supposed to be. They didn’t take a stand when they should have – they tried to appease him (If some police officers decide to gun down a girl to please the CM and get a promotion – you can’t blame the CM for that) – so now they’re paying the price for it. That will set a precedent – Policeman will now know that the law will catch up with them(I hope!!) and neither NaMo or any Gods can save them if they do wrong.


      • Mir, u believe Modi had some hand in getting his Police goons arrested??? Pls provide some evidence for it.
        It was through Supreme Court intervention and CBI investigations that 19 Gujarat Police officers ( 6 of them IPS) are put in jail for murder charges in fake encounters . Many IPS/IAS officers who refused to bent their knees to Modi were punished in several ways. Is this you mean by good administrator?


        • I know for sure Modi had NO hand in getting them arrested. And I also know that had it not been for the SC – those goons still would been terrorising ppl. I’ve no illusions. You comment was a pun and so was mine.

          Here’s the thing – that quite a few perpetrators of the 2002 riots have been convicted. Please tell me as to how many criminals of the 1984 POGROM have faced remotely similar judical action. Madam G has even been issued summons by US Courts. Its the different yard stick that applied to Modi that I have objections to.

          What i mean by a good administrator I’ve already mentioned. Wikipedia is by no means an authority. There’s plenty of examples you’ll find that W’pedia has been wrong. So lets not discuss that. Its not just about house holds electrified.
          Do they have un-interrupted power supply. Till atleast a year ago – Gujarat was the only state with a separate grid for farmers for irrigation with assured and STABLE power supply which saved farmers thousands by way of protecting their pump sets from surges.

          Don’t we all know the fiscal health of the electricity boards in the states you’ve mentioned.


        • Mir, I never said Congress is not culpable for Sikh riots. Why do you bring up Delhi riots when I talk to you about killer squads of Gujarat Police. Very strange. -:)
          Many of Modi’s co workers were convicted in Gujarat riots because, there were enough evidence and Supreme Court directly monitored the investigations and shifted many cases out of Gujarat. So should one give credit to Modi for that or criticise him for protecting the Sanghi criminals as far as he could ?
          About electrification data. If you were open about it you would have visited the Wikipedia table and realised that what they are quoting is 2011 census data. Now are u disputing census data?
          There may be a separate grid for farmers in Gujarat, and the Electricity Board may be profitable but the fact is 15 other states has more percentage of households electrified than Gujarat. Still you think Modi has done something great!!!!! Strange!


        • Mir, now about Water supply. As per census reports drinking water available in the premises improved from 29.3% of households in 2001 to to 48.3% in 2011 in rural areas in Gujarat. But during the same period similar or better improvement were seen in rural areas of Haryana, Himachal, Assam, Goa etc. Kerala and Punjab head the list with around 80% households having drinking water in premises. So there is nothing special about Modi’s administration except of its abysmal human rights record.


        • Mir, it seems there is not much of a point debating you with facts, because you do not consider scientifically acquired census data as true. I have debunked your claims on water and electricity.

          Arun, are you being serious?

          I get the feeling that you or trying to win an argument by deceptively quoting statistics. (I am sorry to be blunt, also see my next post).

          I just read the same documents (wikipedia/pdfs etc), the same statistics and I have a very different view on the electricity situation in Gujarat. In fact, I am
          now tempted to be a big supporter of Modi (from being a weak anti incumbency supporter).

          I find that you repeatedly mention Gujarat as ranked the 16th state on electrification – that has two flaws. One is that that list combines UTs and Goa which are small urban outliers. The second is that all states above and including Gujarat have GREATER THAN 90% coverage. With such a narrow range of values, ranking is no longer meaningful and “random effects” start to dominate. This is why we don’t “rank” many metrics such as examinations results, vendors etc – we only “grade”.

          In addition to near full coverage, GJ has steadily risen from behind TN and MH as the highest producer of electricity and NOW IS AT NEARLY THE TOP of installed electricity capacity GOING SO FAR AS TO CONTROVERSIALLY SELL ELECTRICITY to TN before the last TN assembly election. (Note: GJ has less population than TN or MH).



        • Between 2003 and 2008 the change was negligible. When states like Tamilnadu could improve the percentage of surfaced roads by 5% during that period, in Gujarat the improvement was only 0.5%!!!


          First, it is a fraction. Road length has increased. Please see pdf again.
          AND THEN SECOND:
          Why do you not quote the absolute numbers and only the growth?

          Let me show you (from the VERY pdf you linked):
          GJ 90.19 90.48 90.44 90.57 90.41 90.24
          TN 77.43 77.96 78.73 80.09 81.22 81.31

          Heard of the “low base effect”? I have a strange suspicion, you are quite aware…



        • Its one thing to have electricity connection and another to actually have electricty flowing thru those lines.

          About water – We’ve seen the reality on the ground – whatever the census figures be. We were always a drought prone state unlike state line HImachal, Goa & Assam with all their magnificent rivers and mountains. Its only after Modi came to power that parched areas of western Gujarat have pipe lines full of water pulled all the way from the MP, Rajasthan border. Agriculturally – we’ve excelled. You drive in the hinterland of the state and see it for yourself. And I can assure you the ride won’t be bumpy. Because:-

          (Just read the first 2 lines)

          We swear by the roads – the remotest of them are World class!!!

          And :
          “Why do you bring up Delhi riots when I talk to you about killer squads of Gujarat Police. Very strange. -:)”

          Because – You don’t talk about the killer squads of the congress & the Delhi police too. Pulling out the names of your victims from election voter rolls – that congress’s ingenuity.

          The democratic processes in India have taken care of a lot of those criminals involved in the 2002 riots (In just 10-12 years). And 24 years (and 0 convictions and long after most perpatrators are dead) later all you’ve is a ‘Sorry’.

          Very strange. Indeed -:)


        • Mir, it seems there is not much of a point debating you with facts, because you do not consider scientifically acquired census data as true. I have debunked your claims on water and electricity. Now about roads. Consider road density per km statistics. Gujarat ranks 12 th among all states.There was not much of change in ranking from 2003 to present. Consider road density per 1000 population. Gujarat is no where in the first 10 positions. Only area in which Gujarat leads along with Haryana is in percentage of surfaced roads among total roads. But here again , statistics show it has nothing to do with Modi. Between 2003 and 2008 the change was negligible. When states like Tamilnadu could improve the percentage of surfaced roads by 5% during that period, in Gujarat the improvement was only 0.5%!!!


        • slightlychauvinistiyer,
          This debate is about achievements of Narendra Modi as Gujarat CM. Statistics show the position of Gujarat in most social and economy indicators did not improve much during Modi period. If Gujarat is leading in some areas, you will see it was in the same position in late 1990s. If Gujarat is behind in some areas, you will see even after 12 years of Modi rule situation is the same. So the myth of Modi as a development god is very well exposed by statistics.


        • If Gujarat is behind in some areas, you will see even after 12 years of Modi rule situation is the same. So the myth of Modi as a development god is very well exposed by statistics.


          When you quoted electricity figures you didn’t quote growth. Unlike other posts, this last post is surprisingly lacking references (but I’ve supplied some here). “You will see” is usually a wording predicate for prejudice.

          In electricity generation, GJ jumped above AP and TN to second spot behind MH, that too between 2007 and 2011 with arch enemies at the center. Had over 50% growth in installed capacity. Other high growth states (WB and RJ) had only 40-50% even with lower starting points.

          See page 9 (hope that link comes ok).

          You can sanity check by looking at similar years (exact numbers will vary, but proportions are similar) at (see page 15, just above)

          I was also riled at your repeated usage of rank. Rank can hide absolute numbers very very dangerously.

          Don Bradman is ranked number one in test career batting averages. Sutcliffe and Barrington are ranked two and three (over 50 innings).

          Their averages? 99.94, 60.83 and 58.67.



        • So Gujarat is behind Maharashtra even in power generation . So we should all vote for Congress as per your logic. Lol
          Yes rankings can be deceptive. I proved Modi is not a Bradman (number one) as Sanghis claim in most of the parameters. Just a Sutcliffe who acts as if he is a Bradman. -:)


        • So Gujarat is behind Maharashtra even in power generation . So we should all vote for Congress as per your logic.


          Eh? Do you even read my posts? Or do you merely want the last post in the thread?

          MH is not even a high growth state with electricity generation. For those who may find it difficult to follow the pdf link, installed electricity capacity growth 2007-2011, by state (in GigaWatts and percentages).

          GJ 10.3 to 15.8, 53%
          WB 5.5 to 8.1, 47%
          RJ 5.9 to 8.5, 43%
          AP 11.5 to 14.5, 26%
          MH 18.3 to 22.3, 22%
          TN 13.1 to 14.8, 13%

          Mir had also pointed this out – GJ is one of the few states that didn’t EVER revert to load shedding and powercuts, even in it’s remotest rural areas in the last 10 years. I can tell you – all the other large states did. You chose to ignore him.

          I am upto 5 posts in this thread. Won’t post more.

          Will accept one thing though – Modi is not Bradman . He may not be head and shoulders above the rest in managing infrastructure growth but is still quite ahead (the closest I’ve seen in India to such a large gap to the next “rank” in administration was PVN Rao, but that was not in infrastructure growth).



    • “Corrupt appeasing dynasty”
      Arun, I love your comments, but in this case, tell me how AAP taking support of the corrupt congress is different from congress taking support of the corrupt DMK/SP?


      • In a Parliamentary democracy, coalitions and outside supports may be necessary as many a time no one will get absolute majority. But that do not mean one should turn a blind eye to the deeds of your partner. Congress along with their partners were corrupt in UPA. Let us wait for AAP govt’s report card , say after 2 years and then judge.


  15. What I dont understand is this issue about corruption. Who indulges in corruption in our country? Where exactly is this corruption which Arvind Kejriwal is going to weed out?

    Its been barely a few days since I saw my colleagues at work forge documents and receipts to obtain added allowances in the salary (we are govt. employees) while simultaneously cheering for the Aam Aadmi Party in order to eradicate corruption.

    Is/was corruption only related to those corrupt politicians of the Congress and BJP? Had it nothing to do with the common man? Obviously, a clean and honest leadership is the best bet and hence it is best to have someone like Arvind Kejriwal doing the job. But how exactly is he going to treat corruption? The corruption which hurts the common man the most is actually perpetrated by the common man himself.

    So while we should rejoice at a honest man being the leader, we should still be worried about the corruption inherent in us, the common people.

    I completely welcome the govt. of the Aam Aadmi Party for the fact that at least we wont have politicians in power who only care about collecting wealth for themselves. Its just that I’m scared about the corruption inherent in the character of the common Indian.

    And I’m not too keen on seeing the Aam Aadmi Party forming a govt. at the center till they declare their stand on other national and international issues. Surely they cant go back to the people for their opinion on international issues like relations with Pakistan for example.


    • Do u think they will referendum for everything
      Do u think falsw claims etc is corruption and not criminal my company there was an audit of 3 yrs to chk if out medical bills were genuine and50 approx folks were kicked out.. because onus is on company to chk claims aunthenticy and IT depart had asked for same …my company didnt give reqd bribe to it dept


  16. Arvind Kejriwal should be given a chance to improve Delhi and make it the best in India. But this over ambition, even greed to jump into LS elections is dangerous, India cannot be handed to inexperienced hands, unfortunately he might form a third front, and cause hung assembly again. He needs to establish himself and take a strong footing in politics, he has gone back on words too many times already, I am only watching with doubt and hope now.


  17. Agree with you IHM. I don’t understand how we can put up with decades of corruption and inefficiency without batting an eyelid, dismiss it as ‘part of life’, continue to fit into the system rather than try to change it, remain complacent, uninvolved and blame the government – when the government is just made up of the same people like us – only a few shades worse.
    Then when someone finally comes along and gets involved instead of just talking idealistically, suddenly we sit up and take notice. We dissect him under the microscope. We analyze his every move. We make dire predictions about his policies. I really don’t get it. Give the man a chance. He will probably make some mistakes, but to me, it’s still unimaginable that someone like him exists in Indian politics. So the least we can do is to support him to balance out the powerful vultures who will use every weapon to bring him down.


  18. “Nothing is evil in the beginning. Even Sauron was not so”.

    Let’s wait and watch. Arvind Kejriwal seems to be sincere about his promises, but, as others have pointed out, his policies needs to be better thought out. “Free Water and Subsidized Electricity”? It’s fine in the short term as a stop-gap arrangement but it cannot be a long term policy. In TN, we have seen such subsidies and freebies getting the aam aadmi nowhere. Because of the electricity subsidies to farmers and poor energy planning, people are now forced to endure 9 to 16 hour power cuts even in the height of summer. People now have free TVs and laptops, but they do not have electricity to power these devices. In a country with perennial water problems, free water is not the answer. Better water management and a more efficient water supply and distribution policies needs to be thought out and implemented. All these takes time and we should give him time.

    There are some people (in this forum and outside) who are asking others not the criticize him or judge him but to give him a chance. I agree with the “give him a chance” part as this is a very novel experiment that seems to have been started with good intentions and has tremendous public support. For the time being, it’s a good idea to support this initiative and see whether it takes our country in a new direction.

    But let’s not exempt it from criticism. AAP’s every action still needs to be judged and evaluated if we do not want it to go the way of it’s political predecessors.


  19. Completely with you on this, IHM. I think the cynicism has set in so deep that even hope looks dubious or wrong. Sad.

    I read a bit being passed around that he sure reduced the water bill but if the use passes above a certain threshold, the costs will get higher. But what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that the best way to ensure wasters keep in check?

    I mean, it all can’t happen in a day. Not what has been ruined in the last 67 years.

    I dislike how media and unions threaten him to ‘prove’ himself.

    How come this isn’t being demanded of the Government in play, is beyond me.


  20. Great post and discussion. I think Manmohan has been the best PM ever, but no party should have so much time in power.
    Kejriwal is my man of the next few years, but uncritical adulation will make him arrogant like the Modi-Monster.


    • But, Manmohan as the best PM?????
      The guy just put his foot down against Sonia for signing NPT !.. And he didn’t take any stand when he could have probably make a difference..


      • He is the best PM for delivering the best growth rate ever recorded. The fastest drop in poverty ever recorded. Per capita income growth was thrice that of the NDA years. Also, no extended, uncontrolled anti minority pogroms in his reign. RTI. First time senior ministers of ruling coalition went to jail. We all remember how Atalji handled Pramod Mahajan, don’t we?
        His biggest flaw is he isn’t a Hindu, nor is Sonia. That two non-Hindus finally broke the back of the Hindu rate of growth is what riles the communalists.


  21. Manmohan Singh is honest too, does that make him the Messiah of Aam Aadmis?
    I remember all of you people supporting Rahul Gandhi in a IHM post some years ago! Now that he is a certified joker, you people have jumped onto the AAP bandwagon lol.
    AAP is nothing but a group of Communists, who offer free goodies like cheaper electricity and free water. Has anyone here criticized him for directly pandering to Muslims directly? Why should i vote for him if he has no administrative experience? Don’t you think AAP is becoming a place for Modi haters these days with Mallika Sarabhai and that Ashutosh who calls Congress Secular? What about that Yadav who wants to increase quota??? AAP is repackaged Congress that’s it.


  22. “When a society is suffering from malaria, a certain activist comes up and says, “I will clap clap clap and kill mosquitoes in front of you.. Give me vote”. Looking at the activist, people who are badly bitten by mosquitoes, see a ray of hope and vote for him. The activist gets votes and becomes CM.

    After becoming the CM says, “Here is a new helpline number. If any mosquito bites you, then report to us and we will kill it..”. Media makes this a BIG news. Media portrays this as the most innovative idea to eradicate this planet of the deadly disease called malaria.

    The activist’s organization now wants him to be PM.

    Some men are frustrated. Others say, give the activist some more time as Malaria is a big problem and cannot be eliminated in 15 days. Some others say, it is a small step, but a definite step towards eradicating malaria. A few wonder, ”Something is going wrong.. Is the actual problem being addressed at all ?” ~ Sai Prasad on FB


  23. IHM, why there is no article on Khurshid Anwar and AK Ganguly? what mistake these communist/socialist did? or you are not comfortable with that??


    • First you become known, then ask a question. If person “X” becomes a crusader for issue “Y” then, it doesn’t mean that he/she can do it only if they can crusade for all A-Z issues! You have reasons to support ganguly, you bring it up ! Personally, I have the intern has been vindicated finally so i don’t see a need for similar article ..,maybe not IHM either.


  24. Good place to leave this comment – shared on FB :

    To sum up all recent news, Arvind Kejriwal is a failure because

    1) He has not been able to cure AIDS and Cancer
    2) He has shown no signs of being able to walk on water
    3) He hasn’t converted water into wine either
    4) He has not gone back in time to save India from British rule

    Tch tch tch…too bad


    • Loved your comment. People are already labeling him as failure because of similar (if not same 😉 ) reasons. And it is really sad because unfortunately he is no God. He is an aam aadmi and hopefully would do whatever is possible to clean up the mess..


  25. I don’t really have an opinion considering that I’m not an Indian citizen and will never vote in an Indian election–but I’m glad you support this person. My husband was super impressed by this guy and I find that amazing as he’s an Indian citizen who’s never voted in an Indian election (the quality of life for him won’t change much depending which political party is in power, like a lot of the people I know here, so I can see why they are apathetic).

    What I am surprised about is the negative response here and elsewhere by the Indian middle and upper middle class (which may have relatively high salaries but no significant inheritance, which you need IMO to have any quality of life in India). Dudes, this educated/experienced person may actually initiate the change that will make your lives a million times better. At the same time, if these people would rather shoot themselves in the foot over petty things and not support this movement, then I’m not too sympathetic towards them either. They’ll just continue to live in a country where they have to fight to get something as simple as a passport/24 hours electricity/24 hours water etc.


  26. I understand why we people are so cynical. But there is certain amount of rational thinking that we need to apply here. We gave decades to other parties and are clearly not happy with the way they performed. Now there is this new party with new way of thinking and working. Most of them have no experience in governance. But they all come with a fresh perspective and seemingly strong desire to work for the people. They have raised the standard of what we expect from our politicians. They are bound to fail in some areas. We should keep an eye on what and how they are doing their work. But over criticizing is not going to help. We have to understand that we haven’t offloaded our governance to them. I believe that is not their policy either. They claim that they are truly the aam aadmi. It gives a chance to work WITH them in making things better for ourselves. I would have liked to say the same thing for other parties as well. But unfortunately, they consider themselves as the rulers of the people and it is impossible for any aam aadmi to work ‘along with’ the ruler.


  27. This is a good change in Indian politics. fresh people, fresh ideas. we have to give some time to establish them self as a party and government of delhi. I very sad with the Media it is hell bent on projecting arvind kejriwal as a PM candidate. this leads to intense scrutiny of the his decision. I think AAP party also take time to contest lokh sabha election in 2014 instead first they have to focus on governing the delhi. If they succeed now as government in delhi then they definitely become largest national party by the time of 2019 and win national election.


  28. I think it’s an injustice to credit AAP as being a torch bearing party promising clean transparent governance or politicians. Loksatta Party [], founded by Jayaprakash Narayan (no relation to freedon fighter, an ex-IAS officer) has been around at least for the last 7 years. It started out in AP and Mr Narayan is an MP, and done some wonderful work with power grid management in AP. The party fielded civic activists from Bangalore, in the last Karnataka State elections. – an IIM B prof who headed the public policy unit there, the editor of India Together, the doctor who championed for recycling and better waste management in Malleshwaram. [Regretfully, not one of them won.]

    So, while I can’t credit Team Kejriwal in providing a first real alternative to honest governance, I do applaud his Team’s ability to bring out the votes. While they don’t pander to caste, they are pandering to their vote base. Why give free water to only those on the grid? Why not subsidize tanker water, which is how most of the slums get their water supply?

    The problem, from my corner chair, is that not one party is promising evidence-based policies; they are providing gimmicky one line promises, which can be easily grasped and readily executed. Despite an intellectual head on his shoulders, Kejriwal disappoints in this area. I endorse most populist schemes of the government as I think inequality is far too entrenched in our society, but I also want to see these schemes evaluated and refined or junked based on evidence. I want a party that’s ready to use metrics to define it’s position, not rhetoric.


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  30. I agree with you wholeheartedly IHM! Never have I been so hopeful about Indian politics. Arvind Kejriwal and AAP have completely changed the way politics is done. They have brought the focus back on people!
    If we could tolerate a corrupt to the core government for 10 years, why cant we give a chance who is making all the right moves and noises, genuinely working towards a better functioning of our system?


    • The media seems to be just waiting for them to ‘fail’ and when they find no obvious (but inevitable) ‘mistakes’, they create some out of ordinary disagreements and some more by the way they report.


  31. I am extremely happy to find out that IHM and her followers mostly seem to voting Kejriwal. Over the years, Delhi and some cities had developed an over-privileged class (people like you) who were consistently voting Congress. I am glad to find out their votes are now being split.

    Here is a thank you from a passionate Modi supporter (and hence, by definition, illiterate and stupid). Of course, if we sat down to compare actual education, they wouldn’t let you sweep the floors of the educational institutions in India and abroad I graduated from. But, that is beside the point.


    • I wonder how many of the people who commented feel the same about AAP after today’s drama…err dharna.

      We keep talking about not ignoring signs in these comments, yet most are ignoring the obvious thoughts and intentions of this man. Just desperately hoping he doesnt fail only because well…this time nobody wants to vote for Congress


      • Why do think this peaceful protest is a Drama?
        I agree with this tweet:

        Arun chandra @arunchandrac I think we’re happy crying about incompetent governance and corruption than giving someone a chance to change things. #AAP


        • IHM, What is this protest for? For arresting 4 junior police officers who refused to obey illegal racist misogynist orders of Delhi Law minister. Whether it is peaceful or not it is a drama to save the skin of the minister.


        • A chief minister protesting to save his own law minister, even before investigations the police officers are wrong, but the minister is right…why? Because AK said so! Happy now the officers are sent on leave but nothing is done abt law minister? Seriously you find no problem , with all this? Now replace AK with say Akhilesh Yadav or Modi woyld you still support the CM protesting? Do you remember mangalore raid? Well that too happened because the neighbors complained and police did nothing, some saffeon activists took care of it …and were you ok with it? Why this blind support for AK?


  32. “Your law minister has not only wilfully and fearlessly broken the law but it is shocking to see that instead of taking a decisive stern action against Somnath Bharti, you and your cabinet colleague, Manish Sisodia, defend his racial profiling and violent vigilantism under the pretext of preventing ‘rape tendencies’. We find it inexplicable that when in another shameful incident, a Danish woman was gang raped, the AAP leadership immediately and rightfully recognized it as violence against women but it failed to take cognizance of the same offence when it was inflicted through the agency of its own cabinet minister.”


    • Disrupting Republic day would have been the worst thing he could have done, someone sensible must have warned him and he struck a deal ..though a lame one considering all the noise.


  33. Dharna is the only way to force govt to fulfill public demands, but when it would non-voilnt.. AAP is now bringing revolution that is appreciated, but it has to take its next step very carefully.


  34. Crimes of Commissions – and Omissions

    Our politicians are obsessed with following ” CRIMES OF COMMISSIONS ” :

    > 1984 Delhi Genocide

    > 2002 Godhra riots

    > 2013 Muzzafarnagar riots

    > Sundry terrorist attacks

    > Killings by Naxalites / Maoists

    > Police encounters ( genuine or otherwise )

    > Political murders

    > Crimes committed by celebrities ( Sports / Films / Media etc )

    Politicians are vying with each other to fix blame on opposition / ruling parties . TV anchors are facilitating the acrimonious mud-slinging !

    They are demanding apologies from those who were in power when these crimes happened ( or from those whose parties were in power at that time )

    They want the culprits / criminals responsible for these crimes , to be tried and punished by the courts expeditiously

    They want the riot victims to get justice – of course , no axe to grind !

    Why this sudden hue and cry about what happened long time back ?

    Why this obsession with the past ?

    Why this sharp focus on the ” ACTS OF COMMISSION ” ?

    Why is no one talking about the present ?

    About the ” ACTS OF OMISSIONS ” ?

    Who is responsible for following deaths , EVERY YEAR , year – after – year ?

    > Malaria………………………… 10,98,000

    > Cancer…………………………. 7,32,000

    > HIV……………………………. 6,83,200

    > Suicide ……………………….. 4,88,000

    > Road Accidents …………….. 3,66,000

    > Snake bites …………………… 7,32,000

    > Malnutrition of Children………. 16,00,000

    What about millions of Indians dying PREMATURE DEATH every year , due to :

    > Water and Air Pollution

    > Dowry ( Bride burning )

    > Child Labour

    > Occupational Hazards ( Chemical / Coal / Cement industries )

    > Miscarriage / Abortions / Pregnancy deaths

    > Smoking / Tobacco chewing

    > Junk Food / Adulterated Food

    > Daru ( liquor ) laced with ethyl alcohol

    > Fake Medicines……………………….etc

    And who are responsible for keeping 28.7 Crores of Indians illiterate ( 37 % of World’s illiterate ) , 66 years after independence ?

    Is that because ,

    > ” ACTS OF OMISSIONS ” are taken for granted ?

    > Deaths due to such Acts are treated as ” NATURAL ” ( not preventable ) ?

    > Politicians don’t think talking about these , will get votes ?

    > Media could not care less ! TRP is all that matters for getting Ad revenue

    > Cursing others is easier than persevering for the possible ?

    * hemen parekh ( 30 Jan 2014 / Gandhi Nirvan Day )


  35. Did you hear about the Transparency International claim that their name was misused by AAP? ..kind of bad, don’t know the full depth. Wondering if AAP needs to resort to these kinds of things.. or something has gone wrong again..


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