Nupur and Rajesh Talwar convicted under sections 302 (murder), 201 and 34 (common intention)

Nupur and Rajesh Talwar were convicted under sections 302 (murder), 201 and 34 (common intention) of Indian Penal Code, reported ANI. Investigators claimed that Aarushi’s murder was an honour killing, where her parents killed her in a fit of rage after finding her with Hemraj in an ‘objectionable’ position.[ ]

I once asked someone, “Do you think they could have done this?” And she nodded her head, sighed sympathetically and said, “Yes, …but under what circumstances!!!” She didn’t blame the parents but had no doubt that they had committed the murders.

It seems many believe that the parents could not have reacted in any other way. Here’s one of the many TOI comments that expresses the same sentiment.

It might be in a fit of rage that the parents might have killed her. Rewinding a bit, only one angle is there: the poor little girl who was adolescent that time was lured by the servant when parents where away from home. Parents saw their child in compromising position and killed her in a fit of rage. They hid it fearing shame she brought to the family. From an Indian parent point of view, no decent parent will accept it and that too with a servant though murder is not a solution. Just imagine how bad the parent who showered all their love to their child will be disappointed upon seeing this! Pathetic to the core is our justice system: If court can assure proper punishment to such Hemraj and culprits of Delhi and Mumbai cases, that will instill fear for such criminals. Since India law and punishment is very light, it is creating more and more criminals. Lesson for parents: Never ever provide accommodation to male servants in the same house if you have girl child

Many seem to think the parents could not have reacted in any other way (to something that has not been proven beyond doubt, but many seem to have no difficulty in believing that either). Why is this? 

Another comment:

Justice for Whom?? Aarushi lost her life . Innocent or Guilty Talwar lost their daughter and an affluent life. Will this verdict help to stop gender selection ?? stop r@pes ?? stop honour killing ? If Aarushi’s grandparents stayed with them .This crime could be stopped. In current fast life , with both working parents , and no joint families , our kids learn values from TV. Its high time to bring back Joint Family System to nurture a healthy Society.

I am disappointed, but hopeful because the Talwars say ‘we refuse to feel defeated’- Aarushi murder: Convicted by court, Talwars say ‘we refuse to feel defeated’

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63 thoughts on “Nupur and Rajesh Talwar convicted under sections 302 (murder), 201 and 34 (common intention)

  1. There is no sufficient evidence to convict either of these two individuals. I think the state should accept the fact that they didn’t process evidence as they should have and now, what’s done is done. You can’t just go about convicting people on circumstantial evidence.


      • Yes, it also bothers me that there’s no evidence but a court had no problem convicting without it. Is this the sort of justice we can expect in our country?


    • I am disappointed with the verdict. I really do not know what to believe but to convict someone and dissect their character after you have destroyed the entire evidence through sloppy investigation is really unacceptable.

      For starters, they should start firing the people carried out the investigation, not suspend/transfer them.


    • I so agree with you Kay! from day one, the evidence seems to be tampered with, nothing substantial to write home about. Everything seems to have been decided based on assumptions and experiences.. sigh!


  2. It’s obviously an open and shut case.

    First you have to assume a relationship between Aarushi and the servant. Then assume the parents flew into a rage. Then make an assumption that actually well educated people would set score by some archaic notions of honor and prestige and what not. And would go to the lengths of killing for it. Then bend and warp facts and evidence to fit this world view.

    Once all these assumptions are made, it’s obviously an open and shut case.


    • Well said, sundar. It was easy to point fingers at the nearest people. Hopefully the Talwars appeal and true facts come out. Whether they are guilty or not isn’t even my problem with how this went down, but the way the media came up with theories and the prosecution happily went along with it and managed to get the parents convicted. I hope they appeal.


  3. I am greatly saddened.
    Guilty or not guilty, this is a tragedy.
    It is highly probable that the Talwars are guilty considering all the evidence.
    Just because they were parents, I cannot be sure of their innocence.
    I agree that 99 percent parents will not kill their child for a “crime” like the one she is suspected of.
    If finding her in a compromising position with the servant is what really happened, I am ready to believe they were provoked into a rage and struck her and perhaps killed her unintentionally and later went to great lengths to hide the evidence of their guilt in bringing about the death of both of them.
    This will remain one of the unresolved crime mysteries of all time, unless the Talwars, of their own accord change their version and admit their guilt and tell us what really happened.
    If they don’t and stick to their version for their lifetimes, then no one can be really sure of what happened and how they died.
    Circumstantial evidence can be perhaps be up to 90 percent convincing.
    It can never be 100 percent convincing.

    In any case it is not cold blooded murder.
    They will be imprisoned and come out one day.
    They cannot receive the death penalty.

    This killing, if it happened the way the prosecution says it did, is due to our traditional attitude to sex..
    An adolescent girl being found in a compromising position, with a servant, is considered the supreme scandal, the worst dishonour to a family and punishable by excommunication at least if not death in our societies. The servant’s act, if it really happened that way, is also unpardonable in our society.
    In western societies, she would have been counseled, the servant expelled for seducing her and the matter forgotten after a few years.
    Due to their education and background I expected the Talwars also to do something similar and not kill her.
    That is why I have a 10 percent doubt about their guilt.
    May God have mercy on the soul of Arushi. I don’t consider her deserving death even if she was guilty of being in a compromising position that night with the servant.
    I don’t know about the servant. if he is guilty, then I don’t have any sympathy for him.
    Being older, he should have known better.
    If he is not guilty, may God have mercy on his soul too.



      • Exactly! It’s a weird motive that has been entirely constructed by the CBI. I, however, do not doubt that the parents did it. The whys will probably always remain a mystery. And even if she was found in an ‘objectionable’ position, it was clearly sexual abuse since she was a CHILD. maybe Hemraj had groomed her and was molesting her for years — who knows? If I ever saw my child in bed with a servant I would never even be angry at her — shocked, horrified, saddened at the situation, but not angry. The sensible thing to do in such cases is to involve the police since it’s rape when a child is involved.


    • “This will remain one of the unresolved crime mysteries of all time, unless the Talwars, of their own accord change their version and admit their guilt and tell us what really happened”.

      If the Talwars get fed up of all the accusations and give up hope of getting justice and “admit to their crime” would that tell us what really happened? Is it not possible that they really do not know?

      Convicting on “circumstantial evidence” sounds really unfair. Doesn’t our law say every person is assumed innocent unless proved to be guilty? Circumstantial evidence is by no means proof.


  4. Was surprised with the verdict. If no new evidence come out, I feel the High Court will throw out the conviction. Such a “not enough evidence to convict” , verdict may be the best possible one.
    But the Talwars showed a shocking lack of cooperation to investigating officials from the day one. It is true that the Police team weee not very professional. Still even if they are innocents, Talwars will bear a major portion of the blame for the inability of the system to find out the real culprits with their attitudes.


    • “Talwar’s showed a shocking loss of co-operation from day 1”. And you know this how ? Because the police said so ? Read their side of the story too before you pass judgement.


  5. I DON’T see how they could have been convicted. The “tampering” of evidence (cleaning her body, hushing up rape) always seemed like they were trying to “protect” her “honor” (I wish they’d been brave enough not to, what dire consequences!)

    Shame on the CBI for framing the parents when they called foul on their botched investigations. I hope the conviction’s over-turned in a superior court.


    • It’s disappointing that the parents were perceived “guilty until proven innocent” as opposed to the vice versa. This is why trial by media sucks.


  6. If the parents did kill the daughter and servant in a fit of rage, it would have to be a blinding rage on both their accounts. The kill is very methodic and surgical in manner, which I doubt would be possible under rage.


    • These are some questions that make me too believe that it might not be done in a fit of rage. The way the murders were executed, it looks like it was all well planned. But even I’m not sure. It is a very sad case.


  7. You can’t convict people on the base of circumstantial evidence, very very sad, seems like the courts were just in a hurry to deliver a verdict.
    i really hope the talwars somehow come out of this and somewhere in the future the real perpetrators are brought to justice.


  8. Dear IHM
    I am a regular reader of your blog .
    In this case one option has been totally ignored , Nupurs Silence . Could there be other angle to this honor killing . Was in way Rajesh involved in way in any sex crime with his own daughter , Hemraj tried to save the daughter and got killed in the process . For Nupur the life might have ended that very night but FAMILY AND HUSBAND honor is more important then the honor of the dead child .
    I know i am going to get maximum dislikes for this comment yet incest is very common in indian families and wifes always stand by their husband


    • Aarushi seemed like a well adjusted child, she had friends, she spent afternoons after school with her grand parents, she did well in school… There are no indications that she was an abuse victim.

      And Nupur does ask in an interview if a mother could ever sit silently and watch her child being killed… she didn’t come across as helpless… (not saying it’s impossible though, anything that had not been ruled out is possible)

      But if the domestic help was a threat, they could have fired him… Or even if they killed him, why would they kill their daughter?


      • abuse victim ??
        I am not talking about a long term abuse I am talking about a sex crime made on a vulnerable sleeping child and her Resistance led to her murder
        not by the servant but by the father himself
        could be that servant tried to save the child
        the principal of arushi school has clearly said she can never visualize arushi to be involved with hemraj

        I SOMETIMES WONDER WHY NO DNA TEST HAS BEEN DONE ON RAJESH AND ARUSHI all this fertility treatment and getting a child after 5 years has left me thinking


        • @Are you implying that Rajesh Talwar was trying to rape Arushi???
          Dont you think this implication also needs to be explored ?
          Or Do you believe such crimes dont happen


        • The thought crossed my mind too. That Talwar was caught trying to sexually assault Arushi. It’s horrible but hardly uncommon, across societies and social strata.


    • Shocking suggestion, but not impossible.
      I of course dislike this theory but don’t dislike you for suggesting it.
      Anything is possible in this bizarre case.
      I wonder if the real truth will ever come out.


  9. If..If those parents are innocent…if they are…then let God forgive us…because then this is the ultimate cruelty..this is the worst ordeal a person can go through……the whole world pointing the fingers at them, even novices giving them a piece of their mind…


  10. I always believe, hiding fact from end to end is somewhat strange, and that too with their own parents………. if it was only ”honour” and ”respect” matters to them, than Aarushi’s parents can easily get out of this just by blaming those two innocent who were killed.

    Real Fact is hiding behind the walls of house………. and ofcourse with parents tooooooooooo.

    May God have mercy on Both soul….


  11. I am equally shocked just like any one out here. But to find a solution to this or not to make this get repeated, is it not that we ensure healthier mental state for all citizens of every country. Though it appears utopian, can we atleast not start taking small measures towards the same.
    Now those who want to chew the age old belief that “this would not have happened to a family had the joint system been there…blahblah blah..” Enough has been spoken how the joint family system encourages only patriarchal ideas and does not in anyway empower all in the family.
    Now my question is, what is the government doing here. Are we not paying the taxes for proper life and well managed system. If a government is ready to penalise a person for unjustifiable act, then where is it when some persons really need help.
    Talk about mental health in India, there is no place to seek help at an early stage due to the stigma attached to it and there are not many trained professionals to carry out such things. How many of us are aware that there are NGOs like SNEHA (chennai), which is a 24 hr service mainly to prevent people who feel suicidal. Apart from child helpline and women’s helpline, why not operate some numbers, where a troubled person can talk and seek
    help. We all know that troubled mind is the harbinger of all such problems.
    If at all a joint family system should function then let both the man’s and the woman’s parents stay with the couple, which is a better support system than only the man’s parents staying with the kids and family. At least that way we are targeting the problems of the other vulnerable group – the aged!
    Btb, the parents of a girl also age…this is for those who assume that only the boys’ parents age, and the girls’ parents stay young forever!!


    • It is a good idea but with Billion+ population and only 25% paying taxes it is Herculean task to implement. It is important we start talking on our dinning tables regularly to our families young and old. We start asking neighbors friends and family if they are okay or if they want to talk. Once we keep the judgement aside we open the door to real communication.

      The utopia of joint family is that most assaults sexual and other take place at home by the people women, children, disabled and aged know and call family. In those family as the number of stakeholders is higher the hush up efforts are higher too.
      Both man and woman’s parent staying with the couple is another disaster in waiting in a society where it is hard for parents of the man to for get that they are his parents (ladke ke ma baap). The whole exercise will end up with woman’s parents picking up the chores and man’s parents shooting orders.

      Recently a white friend remodeled her home into multi generational home top floor is for her. her husband and their would be kids, middle has two master bedrooms for his mother and her mother and the ground floor is kitchen living area etc. They have installed motorized chair ramps for senior women to climb the stairs. So far it is going good. But she can sense which ever lady will start loosing on health more than the other it will become a problem about attention.

      Desi Girl


      • U r right in a way. But somewhere along the way someone should bell the cat. Though there is no denial of the fact there are abusers in the family too, there may be one or 2, who might tend to tone down under the watchful eyes of the others. If at all there are abusers in spite of that, then that at least will serve to deter those who are harping on the reinstating of the patriarchal system of joint family.
        How many times do we hear this in the debates held in tv shows that values have eroded because of breaking down of joint family system….really tired of hearing THAT as the reason!


  12. Thanks to the completely inept handling of the case by the police all evidence was destroyed so there is no real proof. Who else would have had the motive to kill Aarushi and Hemraj? And lets not presume that ‘educated’ people are so enlightened they don’t react with horror at the thought of sexual relations crossing the class divide – the thought that she’d been having an affair with Hemraj is not one that anyone wants to entertain. As for Aarushi being well adjusted according to the principal, that says nothing. If she wasn’t being abused she would have been quite happy.
    It does look like an honour killing. Possibly the intention was to strike only Hemraj and Aarushi got in the way. But then the killer, very likely her father, decided to make sure she didn’t survive and used his scalpel – THAT is coldblooded.
    What’s missing in this investigation, apart from the laxness of the police is that nobody has properly questioned Aarushi’s friends, the people who knew the family well (who aren’t their friends and supporters). Or it hasn’t been reported. Such questioning, subtly done would have given psychological insights into possibilities.
    I don’t think we will ever know for sure but there’s nobody else who would have wanted to kill them. And the Talwars, instead of telling the truth prefer secrecy. They could confess about their angry reaction, Hemraj’s betrayal, Aarushi’s sexual explorations – because that’s what I think happened. But what middle-class Indian family has the courage to talk about such things? They’d rather pretend some demon entered the house and killed the two, cleaned up, drank tons of whisky and disappeared.


      • Well, Aarushi was fourteen, not really a child. Whether it was consensual or not is just conjecture.2) – yes Hemraj may have been killed on the terrace. We will never know. All the evidence has been destroyed or tampered with and the CBI has a large stake in proving it’s efficiency ( ha ha). The media has definitely demonized the Talwars. The Talwars are far too silent. And frankly it’s one of those great mysteries that we might as well forget about. All the theories are disgusting and the more we talk about it the more we’re indulging in gossip without knowing what happened.
        If the Talwars are guilty as decided by the media and the CBI – then they’re being punished.And we need to take a long hard look at a society where such things happen.
        If someone else is responsible and has got away, we need to take a long hard look at criminal system that allows such a mix up.
        Either way, the only useful thing we can do is look at a society that wants to read about sex crimes on young women culminating in their murder, and a society that bays for the blood of the parents presuming them guilty without knowing exactly.
        I do not read about the case everyday as it is too distasteful. In my research I mainly found writing that presupposed the Talwar’s guilt. Hence my comment from yesterday. Honestly speaking, today I’m not so sure that I haven’t been manipulated by the media.
        The can of worms this case has opened up in terms of secrecy, mishandling, media behavior, the public’s behavior, the deep roots of misogyny, the lies told in courtrooms, the coverups by the police – this case dredges the darkest depths of human behavior.


    • Kalpana, Please read any article that gives the Talwar’s side of the story and the inconsistencies in the CBI closure report (I have posted one in my comment down below). I don’t get why no one is even bringing up the angle of someone known to Hemraj being let into the house by him, getting into an altercation with him (possibly after getting drunk) in the terrace and murdering him there and then killing Aarushi because she probably happened to witness the ongoings.

      Krishna , had apparently confessed to the crime under narco analysis , and was let off on the basis of an alibi provided by his own family.I don’t think this angle was probed again by the second CBI team. Why is it so difficult to even think for a moment that the Talwars may not be guilty ? Because the police ‘theories’ (not evidence) and the media have made monsters out of them ?


      • Yes Shilpa – I’m not going to stick to my theory from yesterday where I was certain it must be the parents. I’m fully aware of the deep duality of the case. There aren’t many articles that give the Talwar’s side of the story but this may because the media is suppressing such articles. And the Talwar’s silence doesn’t help them.
        It’s really very puzzling and upsetting.


  13. Had Aarushi been a boy, the case would not have been sexualised. As simple as that. It is an eyeopener to see that for many, it is very easy to believe so firmly that a 13 year old child was in a physical relationship with a 45 year old man – without a shred of evidence.


    • My thoughts exactly. I read an interview of a boy she liked and spent time with. She also used to talk to him at night before sleeping. She seems like a normal teenager to me. The CBI has not shown any evidence to prove that she was having sexual/ physical relations with Hemraj. And sorry, that she was a girl is not reason enough.


  14. The science behind the conviction is woefully inadequate. Isn’t lady law blind so that she can measure the merit of allegations solely on evidence provided? I find the entire court case a huge cover up for gross incompetence on the part of the authorities who investigated this case. The parents have again and again sought interviews with the media, and pressed for a more thorough investigation. I believe that all we have are a set of conjectures which have been rubber-stamped as reality, either due to cultural prejudice or convenience. These are now being vindicated by the courts. This sets the precedence for future crimes of this nature, where any implausible story will earn you a life sentence just to suit the authorities. We need better trained policemen and forensic experts; not a strident, sensational media which peddle hypotheses as truths.


  15. I was a minority till now, being the only one who refuses to believe that the parents are guilty. It is heartening to see that there are others who share my sentiments!
    Honour killing in a fit of rage suits people from families who have a history of ill-treatment towards girls. The same cannot be applied for an educated couple who settled happily with a single daughter, giving her all the luxuries they could afford (foreign trips, mobile phones,, etc). Unsubstantiated though it may be, even if Hemraj was found in Arushi’s room, the parents would more likely assault him than kill their only daughter!
    Also, it is a pity that the police and CBI have casually discarded the open loopholes in the case, namely, the missing murder weapon (which was found nowhere near the residence and the society watchman vouched that the Talwars didn’t leave their house that night. So where did the knife go??) and the fingerprints on the glasses of drinks in Hemraj’s room. (He had guests that night, but who?).
    Blaming the Talwars seem to be the CBI’s attempt at bringing the case to closure because frankly, they did a botched up investigation!
    I hope the truth comes out soon and justice prevails!


    • …The same cannot be applied for an educated couple who settled happily with a single daughter, giving her all the luxuries they could afford (foreign trips, mobile phones,, etc).
      Teen DG and cousin had all that and statutory warning came with it one wrong move and you’ll be hacked without a bat of an eyelid and buried in the paddies where no one will even know you ever went missing. And it meant business. It is a different matter that adult DG, not cousin was given all support to find her mate, make her share of mistakes and then supported to get out of it.
      Desi Girl


      • There are exceptions, I agree and some might say that the Talwars are exceptions themselves!
        But going by the facts, that in 2010, when the CBI was ready to close the case stating insufficient information and wrap it up as an unsolved mystery, it was the Talwars who fought to get the case reopened and the case pursued. If they were the culprits, wouldn’t they have accepted the CBI’s verdict, packed their bags and left the country ages ago?
        Why did they stay back and fight? Only to be convicted themselves!
        Thats the irony of it all!


  16. I see that a couple of links have already been posted pointing out inconsistencies in the CBI theory. Here’s one more (published by Tehelka, ironically, a couple of years ago) which is a must read for anyone who still believes the Talwars are guilty of this crime. Read the entire article with an open mind and tell me with a straight face that this judgement is not a cruel travesty of justice.

    Anyone with a bit of commonsense can see the inconsistencies and fabricated theories here. There are repeated insinuations like ‘there was no forced entry into the house’. Hell, why would there be forced entry if Hemraj let people known to him in and one or more of them committed this double murder ? How could the Talwars have locked their own main door from outside ? The bloody hand print found on the terrace next to Hemraj’s body doesn’t belong to the couple. So whose is it ? Isn’t that alone sufficient proof that there was an outsider in the house that night ?

    It is just beyond sad and scary what can happen in India. First, the couple loses their only child to a gruesome murder and then get accused of murdering their own child. Just put yourselves in the shoes of Talwars for a second, and think what if they are indeed victims in this whole incident. They were just normal people and are pushed into living hell overnight for no fault of theirs.

    As for certain sections of the media salivating on the cheap , malicious, maligning “theories” floated by the police from day 1, the less said the better. I don’t know how these guys look at themselves in the mirror while indulging in mindless slander that too involving a child, who is now dead and can’t even defend herself. Not to mention irresponsible people like Shobha De appearing on prime time TV passing judgement on Nupur because ‘she appeared stony faced , devoid of any emotion’ ( I recall she’d written an equally pathetic piece on her blog incriminating the couple.).

    Not that we needed any more reminders of the shocking criminal justice system in India, but this is such a completely bizarre one IMO, where the victim is blamed and incriminated by the system and is systematically destroyed. Almost reminds me of the Ruchika case. God, what is this country that I live in ?


  17. Idiots , Lazy in our Police and Cbi can spoil maybe a straight fwd case at that time…

    And now it becomes a free for all case… , here u will see any sequence , anything …no proper investigation…Many stupid observation someones own maritial experience too…

    I know that Police behaves horrible sometimes, Like in one of the accident case in my known folks , where Police was asking for 2L to handle the body of young Boy to his father … Investigation was least concern…..

    Honour Killing or Sexual Abuse by External person or family member or Servants freak party, parents locking child while sleeping ??? Anything is possible in India…So no guesses from my side..This is a case spoilt by our great investigator and law enforcers …

    So no comment on whodunit.. But one thing for sure …The CBI and Police should be punished first for messed up case of maybe a straight FWD case…


  18. Some weird points in this case –
    1. The Talwars claimed to lock their daughters room every night except on the night of murder. Why and who locks their child in a room at night?
    2. The router in their bedroom was switched on and off several times during the night disproving the parents were asleep.
    3. Fingerprints on the scotch bottle did not match with the Talwars. Who’s could it be?

    No single theory is able to justify all the points satisfactorily. We can’t blame the CBI, they don’t have a magic wand but its totally unfair to simply mount the murders on the couple who are denying it vehemently.


    • Apparently it was a lock that could be opened from inside but not outside. Which goes to say that they did not trust the servant. If I was in their place I would have euther done away with the servant or would have just put a bolt and lock on the entrance from servants room!!


    • I hate playing detective and drawing conclusions like if it could be that then this might have happened.
      But these are some points that I had come across.
      a)They did not lock the door.It was an automatic door.The type that gets locked when closed and can be opened from inside, but needs a key to open from outside.Considering that they had a live in male servant, that is just a wise precaution.On the day of Aarushi’s death, Nupur does not recall taking the key with her, she thinks she might have left it by the door,some times we all might make mistakes.
      b)Router was switched on and off, yes it was.But the same behavior was observed on the next day, when the whole house was flooded with people and police.This was written off as a probable technical glitch.
      c)On the day after the death, the house was full of people or that’s’s what different articles say.No red tapes were drawn and anyone, in the moment of ignorance, could have touched it.The evidences were not seized or collected in the timely manner, complains many.I am not an expert to comment on this, but it seems possible.


  19. I frankly dont know who to believe, every one has a story and a side, so i thnk the law should look a evidence and decide, if solid evidence does not point to the parents then they are not the murderers, whatever anyone else or the media think, then they have to eliminate them as suspects and look harder nad if the criminal cannot be found he/she cannot be found. what is so hard in that. we have a justice system comprising of bumbling idiots. and sometimes in spite of sharp officers in the force and cbi somehow the idiots always get the sensational cases and botch them up. Wher do they find these incompetent people ? c’mon there are virtually thousands of very capable people in our country , do we pick them for posts that matter , nope we go right for the morons.
    As for parents excommunication the kids or killing them, i think it’s entirely possible. Just because one loves a child doesn’t mean you cannot harm the child. sometimes in some people pride, ego, society standing, caste, etc., take a higher place at that particular time. i take my own example, My very loving parents at a moment clouded by rage and egged on by their siblings tossed me an ultimatum of them or my partner for no good reason, It was simply idiotic, he was good, kind, respected,educated, wealthy ( if that counts!!) etc and yet they threw the ultimatum down since their pride and ego and culture as they perceived was threatened. I made my choice although it felt very hurtful at that time, i was young and when one looses trust in one’s parents it is v hard , i dont know why parents dont realise that, and then after a few yrs and kids they simply want to reconnect back and all is forgiven?? well in our case i couldn’t it took me years to get over the fact that they rated others higher that their child, after a decade it didn’t matter, i had really forgotten all about them, i was disconnected and my husband completed me and my family was extremely happy , i simply didn’t need them. so when they showed interest in getting back in touch for the grandkids, it was too late, they were strangers and , it was like meeting acquaintances. and to this day that’s what they are. i smile and chat with them but i simply dont feel. The parent child bond is long gone and we are friends at best. I take this as a life lesson, any bond needs to have trust and nurture , just because one is connected by blood doesn’t mean much. so to me parents killing a child is not at all that far off , we parents do a lot of idiotic things , this is simply one of them.


  20. If I found my 14 year old daughter in a compromising position with ANY older adult, the first thought going through my head would be that my daughter is getting RAPED, not “how dare she?”.

    Does anyone even seem to realize that this was the case of an adult having sex with a minor which amounts to rape? Even if my daughter was “caught” having sex with another minor, would I look at her entire existence amounting to just this one incident? While giving in to your hormone driven urges is not the wisest thing to do on the planet, is it something so abhorrent that it demands that a child be killed?

    I do not have enough knowledge about the evidence to comment on whether the Talwars are guilty or not. If they are, I cannot “understand” the crime. I cannot understand how a parent can lovingly raise a child for 14 years and then just kill her because she was caught doing something that they thought was shameful. That her entire life just boiled down to this one moment of judgement.


  21. Dear IHM what makes you believe the innocence of the parents? they were the only ones inside. doors were locked from inside. body was cleaned up. rooms were painted. does make it look suspicious. and the intention would not have been to kill. but in anger something more than intended could have happened


    • what makes you believe the innocence of the parents?

      IHM: Because they have not been proven guilty and I see them as innocent until proven guilty.

      they were the only ones inside.

      IHM: Has not been proved. There was a whiskey glass, and a foot print and a hand print that was not examined. It was possible that Hemraj let someone in, and had altercation with this person after a drink.

      doors were locked from inside.

      IHM: It’s the kind of lock many apartments in Noida (and everywhere else) have, can be locked by just shutting the door and can be opened without key only from inside. To open it from outside a key is needed. Bharati the house help, on the first day in 2008 – and I remember watching it, had been said to have found the door locked. Nupur was puzzled that Hemraj had not opened the door and she had thrown the key down for the maid to open the door and come inside. But in such doors it is not possible to say if anybody came in or not – anybody with a key can enter.

      body was cleaned up.

      IHM: We don’t know if and who did this. Doesn’t prove the parents killed their daughter. There was time to pick up forensic evidence but the UP police wasted it.

      rooms were painted.

      IHM: No evidence of this – in fact this was proved wrong. And again, was the paint, splashes, paint bucket, brushes, clothes used while painting the wall found? Who cleaned up the floor and furniture after the painting was done?

      What about the bloodied clothes and the weapon the parents used – since they didn’t go out, where did the weapon go?

      does make it look suspicious. and the intention would not have been to kill. but in anger something more than intended could have happened

      IHM: Do they have a history of violence or anger issues? Were they known to be misogynistic and narrow minded?
      Is there any evidence to prove that they saw a child being raped, or sexually abused (if that is what happened) as ‘having an affair’?
      Is there any evidence to prove that they saw a child being raped (if that is what happened) as a matter of honor?
      It’s shocking – actually horrifying, that a large number of people who think the parents killed their daughter have no doubt that the child was not a victim but an involved equal in (they believe) an act of CSA.


  22. Here’s a TOI comment I agree with:

    Bipin Ambade (Cairo, Egypt)

    //….Is it possible for a normal person to dress up an entire crime seen in six hrs so precisely that the investigating agency is not able to find the slight amount of physical evidence to prove the involment of the said couple? Basic of crime Sean is that how smart the criminal may be there is always a proof left behind. If properly investigated. Then how can the couple be held guilty for incompetence of investigating agency, if failure of handling / sampling the case. Last seen theory is again insane? There was no force entry? Is it not possible to have a friendly entry?? How can u demonstrate that there was none at home… there were liquor bottles… glasses… then, don’t forget the aspect of the suspects who have been dropped of the case… nepalis… lot many things to give benefit of doubt to the parents… murder weapon not specified and still continued to b doubtful… weapon still not recovered.. No previous complaints against the couple for having any criminal baground, suspicious behavior scolded or threatened their daughter by neighbors or any witness The judgment has thrown more question then answers? Can Truth be taken to be as Evidence… or can Evidence be taken as Truth?? Can the sole Belief of investigating machinery be accepted as evidence…? Can there be a conviction especially to parents in the absence of corroborative and cogent Motive?? Time will tell …………???? There was a verdict?? No justice done??//

    From here,


  23. Pingback: ‘We grew up in a very liberal family. We knew what our limits were and our focus was our education. We never betrayed our parents.’ | The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

  24. Aarushi case: 26 Reasons that led to the conviction

    Reasons that led to the conviction:
    1. Irrefragably on the fateful night of May 15 and 16, 2008, both the accused were last seen with both the deceased in flat no.

    L- 32, Jalvayu Vihar, Noida, around 9.30 pm by Umesh Sharma, the driver of Rajesh Talwar.

    2. On the morning of May 16, 2008, around 6 am, Aarushi was found murdered in her bedroom, which was adjacent to the bedroom of the accused and there was only a partition wall between the two bedrooms.

    3. The dead body of the servant, Hemraj, was found lying in a pool of blood on the terrace of the flat on May 17, 2008, and the door of the terrace was found locked from inside.

    4. There is a proximity between the point of time when both the accused and the deceased persons were last seen together alive and the deceased were murdered on the intervening night of May 15 and 16, 2008, and as such the time is so small that possibility of any other person(s) other than the accused being the authors of the crime becomes impossible.

    5. The door of Aarushi’s bedroom was fitted with automatic clickshut lock. Mahesh Kumar Mishra, the then SP (City), Noida, has deposed that when he talked to Rajesh on May 16 morning, he had told him that in the preceding night around 11.30 pm he had gone to sleep with the key after locking the door of Aarushi’s bedroom from outside.

    Both the accused have admitted that the door of Aarushi’s bedroom had an automatic click- shut lock like that of a hotel, which could not be opened from outside without key but could be opened from inside without a key. No explanation has been offered by the accused as to how the lock of Aarushi’s room was opened and by whom.

    6. The Internet remained active on the night of the gory incident suggesting that at least one of the accused was awake.

    7. There is nothing to show that an outsider(s) came inside the house on the said night after 9.30 pm.

    8. There was no disruption in the supply of electricity on that night.

    9. No person was seen loitering near the flats in suspicious circumstances during that night.

    10. There is no evidence of forcible entry of any outsider(s) in the flat on the fateful night.

    11. There is no evidence of any larcenous act in the flat.

    12. On the morning of May 16, 2008, when the maid came to the flat, a false pretext was made by Nupur Talwar that the door might have been locked from outside by Hemraj although it was not locked or latched from outside.

    13. The house maid, Bharti Mandal, has nowhere stated that when she went inside the flat both the accused were found weeping.

    14. From the testimony of Bharti it is clear that when she reached the flat and talked to Nupur the latter had not complained about the murder of her daughter and rather she told the maid that Hemraj might have gone to fetch milk from Mother Dairy after locking the door from outside. This lack of spontaneity is relevant under Section 8 of the Evidence Act.

    15. The clothes of both the accused were not found soaked in blood. It is highly unnatural that parents of the deceased Aarushi did not cling to and hug her on seeing her murdered.

    16. No outsider(s) will dare to take Hemraj to the terrace in severely injured condition and thereafter look for a lock to be placed in the door of the terrace.

    17. It is not possible that an outsider(s) after committing the murders will muster courage to have Scotch whisky knowing that the parents of the deceased Aarushi are in the nearby room and his top priority will be to run away from the crime scene immediately.

    18. A single person cannot take Hemraj’s body all the way up the stairs to the terrace.

    19. The door of the terrace was never locked prior to the occurrence. It was found locked on the morning of May 16, 2008, and the accused did not give the key of the lock to the police despite being asked for the same.

    20. The accused have taken plea in the statements under Section 313 CrPC that about 8-10 days before the murders, painting of cluster had started and the navies used to take water from water tank placed on the terrace of the flat and then Hemraj had started locking the door of the terrace and the key of that lock remained with him. If it was so then it was not easily possible for an outsider to find out the key of the lock to the terrace door.

    21. If an outsider(s) committed the crime in question after locking the door of the terrace and had gone out of the flat then the outer most mesh door or middle mesh door must have been found latched from outside.

    22. The motive of the commission of the crime has been established.

    23. It is not possible that after commission of the crime, an outsider( s) will dress- up the crime scene.

    24. Golf club no. 5 was thrown in the loft after the commission of the crime and the same was produced after many months by the accused Rajesh.

    25. Pattern of head and neck injuries of both the accused persons are almost similar in nature and can be caused by golf club and scalpel, respectively.

    26. Accused Rajesh was a member of Noida Golf Club and golf clubs were produced by him before the CBI and scalpel is used by dentists and both the accused are dentists by profession.–26-reasons-that-led-to-the-conviction-073017448.html?vp=1


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