Brat Three loves to Paint.

My sister studied art and she remembers once the class was asked to paint ‘Women’. Some painted ‘inspiring women’, some used dull colours, some vibrant colours, some showed oppression of women and some showed endurance on the faces of women. One student’s canvas was a splash of colour and my sister claims the painting managed to convey ‘women’ the way no other painting did.

Now, keeping in mind that the purpose of all art is expression and that it also helps in coping (like any other passion or hobby) – Brat Three is provided paints, brushes, paper and a general idea of how these things are generally used and then she is free to use them as she pleases and paint what she chooses to. No instructions.

These days I am being ‘surprised’ with a flood of artwork. Each ‘surprise’ comes with,  “Guess what have I made? A fairy ka (or) flower ka cat ka girl?!!!!” A wrong guess or a ‘Pass’ results in a smug, suppressed smile.

So I keep my face expressionless when Brat Three is amazed at the likeness and exults  – “Looks same to same us – as if it’s a photograph!!”

But this series seems to have some ulterior motives 😀


Brat Three 2“Mom can I watch TV?”

“No you cannot watch TV.”


Brat Three 3“Mom do you don’t love me”

“Brat Three I do love you.”


Once I dared, “But my hair is not so long Brat Three.” “It’s a painting mamma, paintings mein aise hee hota hai!”

Also, in many pictures we are given what we like, so black hair for me, golden for Brat Three.

Brat Three 4“Brat Three do you want to wache (watch) moove TV”

“Yes! mom but I like to wach TV”

Note: The outfits, hair colour and length, blue eyes and the foot wear I suspect has been influenced by the books she is reading and the movies she has been watching – that has to be another post.

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22 thoughts on “Brat Three loves to Paint.

  1. she seems to be a very bright baby ,my daughter ,6,has been thru a thousand evaluations so I do have an idea about what to look out for , ur baby gir is very very bright .
    My daughter birth was different ..that’s why she had so many evals .
    Very creative , expressive …awesome baby girl


  2. All the while, I was stuck at the various expressions she has given her mother to match the situation. Brilliant! 🙂 The paintings from these young hearts indeed reveal a lot about what’s up there on their minds. 🙂


  3. She actually labelled the speech balloons as 1 and 2 so that readers understand in which direction the convo is flowing,in first two pics.In the last,Mom’s dialog is above little girl’s, so obviously ppl will read that first and then read the next ballon,so no labelling.
    Sort of like an Algorithm, IHM :-).


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