This is what makes Brat Three happy :)


More than an year after buying running shoes and after having given up any hopes that it would ever happen, after having deleted the apps for running from my cellphone –  I have started jogging 😀

Didn’t expect it to happen. I had gone down to see why Brat Three was late from the park, she was playing what she called basket ball but which didn’t look like it, but she was having a lot of fun – so I decided on an impulse to attempt to run. And I loved it 😀  Brat Three loves it even more, she loves it that she can run way faster. (She finishes the same round of the park in 44 seconds, I take 1 minute 13 seconds).

So she runs ahead and hides in the hedges or bushes and jumps at me out of the darkness, with a loud ‘Ho’ and I get a fright almost each time, and that makes her day 🙄 And how many times can you do that before you are fed up? Brat Three can do it forever 🙂

When I happened to mention this to my mother, she, all but burst into tears – she said this is what makes her happy.


Brat Three loves frocks. Frilly, lacy, preferably glittery, shiny, colorful pink frocks. The first time I spent some time showing her more comfortable options before we picked a pink frock (will share pictures). The morning after she wore it I entered her room to hear her singing, arms stretched out in a hug to the frock on a chair back. She sang, “Frock I love you”.

Here are some more recent pictures in a black frock that she also likes because it has lace, satin, ribbons and frills.

These pictures were taken on the way back from a birthday party…

Brat Three, Older child adoption, Adoption after death of an adult child, daughter
Brat Three, Older child adoption, Adoption after death of an adult child, daughter

“…Audacious smiles
laughter ringing clear-
warm hugs and
little sudden pecks on my cheeks!

A whirlwind of a girl;
now here, gone in a flash!…”

From Usha Pisharody’s For a Daughter I Wish I’d Had!!!
Brat Three, Older child adoption, Adoption after death of an adult child, daughter
Brat Three, Older child adoption, Adoption after death of an adult child, daughter
Brat Three, Older child adoption, Adoption after death of an adult child, daughter

Brat Three, Older child adoption, Adoption after death of an adult child, daughter

Brat Three, Older child adoption, Adoption after death of an adult child, daughter

She wishes she was a bird or at least a Flutterby 😀
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44 thoughts on “This is what makes Brat Three happy :)

  1. My kid #2 is almost same age as the brat #3 . I could so instantly recognise the fancies they have around this age .For my kid -its WWE heroes’pics, football studds ,to see swanky cars on roads and ofcourse food.All this makes him super excited . i know how happy we feel when kids are happy and their happiness is so simple and tangible and so attainable for us .The pics brought a smile on my face. Please pass on my warm hugs to her.


  2. She is adorable! 😀 Love her going “wheeeeeee” (yeah, could almost hear it!) as she went round with the balloons, with the frock becoming an umbrella 🙂

    Very sweet! Hugggggggs to her!


  3. brat#3, well done! make mama run around the park everyday..lovely reward ‘fright each time’. Very happy for you IHM! God bless your little brat!


  4. Is it Omaxe mall…I can so relate to it as my daughter going through same phase..she always want to wear pinky frilly frocks these days 🙂


  5. LOL… I was like that too! I loved frocks – the more frilly and bouncy the better. My dad used to get me super cute tutu-like frocks and I used to strut around in them. He also used to get me those Disney-princess-like dresses (gowns) and I loved them! Today, both dad and I look at those old pics and laugh at the way I was (tiaras and fairy wings et al)!


  6. 🙂 🙂 I don’t know if it’s pregnancy or what, but I am feeling this intense urge to pick her up, twirl her around and not want to let go **keeps fingers crossed for a girl just like B3**


  7. IHM,

    Lovely pictures!

    You are an extraordinary person, and the fact of your existence is a happy blessing to those few of us in this country who hold a friendly attitude to the female sex.

    Even to a weary, cynical soul, it is heartwarming to see you raise your girl just so, heartwarming to see that perhaps it isn’t always so bad, heartwarming to know that she, at least, will not be brainwashed into pained subservience, unlike untold millions of her peers.

    Ce que chante la corneille, chante le corneillon indeed, and yes, I do thank you for your writing, for your efforts, and for making this evening just a little happier.

    Hold her close. 🙂


  8. Awww!! She is so adorable and beautiful!! 🙂
    Hugs to you and Brat 3!!

    And the black frock with frills and satin ribbons is so cute!! I love her shoes as well!! 😀

    And yay that you started jogging!! Its the best feeling isn’t it? 😀


    • LOL Thumbelina, I am working on it, and loving it. Had been spot jogging on and off for a while, but still didn’t expect to be able to run (or sprint) in an open park, the fact that it was such fun was very motivating.


  9. That is soo adorable! ❤ I remember being a little girl too(hey, it wasn't so long ago) and loving frocks and girly things. My mother used to despair because I REFUSED to wear jeans or trousers-it was skirts and dresses all the way for me.


  10. Brat three and I share a similar love for frocks. I remember being around her age, and loving them. And then by the time I got around to 11, 12, and my teen years, girls/young women wearing clothing like that–the dynamics of that changed somehow, where I was at. And I stopped wearing them for a long time, mostly because I felt so uncomfortable with myself and how I was supposed to look vs. how I wanted to look vs. how I actually looked.

    But I grew up, and I settled into myself, and I still have a love for dresses that I indulge in more often these days. 😀 And it’s great. There’s nothing like a swishy skirt or a dress. There’s also nothing like hiding in places and jumping out of them to scare people. My friends and I do this to each other a lot at school, but because of the architecture of the hallways, you can almost always see them so it really becomes an exercise in acting. 😛


  11. That write of mine came alive there, in the pictures, IHM 🙂 There is so much of uninhibited confidence, and energy in each of them; quite apart from the loveliness of the little girl who enjoys all things lacy, satiny and frilly 🙂 Bless y’all!


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