Would any of the readers know of divorce lawyers in Singapore, preferably Indian in descent?

Dear IHM,

May I trouble you to post this on your blog?
I am writing from Singapore on behalf of my friend. She is Indian, on employment permit married to a permanent resident. Arranged marriage and she has had various issues among incompatibility, verbal abuse etc with her husband from the beginning. They are separated and he has issued a divorce notice to her. Now, we are educated and aware, but have no real clue of the country’s legal system. 
Since he has already issued the first affidavit along with a date of hearing, we are desperately looking for a lawyer to represent her.
Would any of the readers know of divorce lawyers in Singapore, preferably Indian in descent?
Also, any Indian/Asian based women support organisations for foreigners? We need to find someone by end of this week. 
A big thank you in advance, to all the wonderful folks who are going to help us. 
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15 thoughts on “Would any of the readers know of divorce lawyers in Singapore, preferably Indian in descent?

  1. The only Singaporean Indian lawyer I know is HG Devakinandan das from Iskcon, Sg. Perhaps she could contact iskcon and look for him. I am not sure if he is practicing but perhaps he can direct her to some other indian lawyers.

    She could look up http://www.lawsociety.org.sg/Home.aspx. They seem to have some free services.

    I am of not much help in this area. Does she know other Indians? Tell her to look up meetup groups (from meetup.com) for Indian expats in Singapore to look for more people.

    Is she on work visa independent of her marriage? This is a tricky thing. She could have a job based on dependent pass or she could have a job based on getting an work visa. my guess is that she has a dependent visa as her spouse has PR. She got a job on that. She should be aware that she may lose her legal status to stay here, if she were a dependent visa. She would be treated as a foreigner & he as a PR.

    You could try emailing nair.gopalan@yahoo.com. He has a blog and is no longer in Sg (but is/was a lawyer) but perhaps he could help you connect to other indian lawyers.


  2. How long is your friend married and where did she register the marriage?

    Singapore law doesnt allow for mutual consent type divorce unless you have been married for three years or more. Also , when I was filing for my divorce , they also had some issues because our marriage was registered in India, and only in India.. and not in the singapore’s ROM. So eventually I filed and received a mutual consent divorce in the Bandra Family court in Mumbai.

    I havent ever contacted any association but … You could try this http://www.iwasingapore.org/


  3. Hi, been a long time silent reader of this blog. AWARE Singapore is a non profit org helping women. Also if you have an employment pass, you are dependent only on your company/ job and not your husband.


  4. I have a question

    According to you, men who cook food for their wives are called Joru ka Gulams by OTHERS

    But what about men who cook food for their mothers (or/and fathers)? –

    YOU call them mama’s boys (oh so lovely 😉 ) or servants to their parents.

    Nice 🙂


    • @C
      Vent all you want, but at the right place/in the right post. Are you so stupid that you could is about a specific request?

      May be because of the same stupidity that you can’t think any rationally about the scenarios in your comment.

      note: I use the word ‘stupid’ very very rarely. And, I rarely comment here, though a regular reader. your comment compelled me.


    • She asks for help with lawyers. You respond with something completely unrelated. Nice 🙂 And you don’t seem to realize this at all. Lovely 🙂


    • Is this really the time and place? Also, if you can’t understand the nuance between a man helping his wife vs. a man looking after his parents (two very different things with very different implications), then you really can’t be helped.


  5. Hi all, I am the letter writer. Thank you very much for all your suggestions. We have finalised on a lawyer and hope things go smooth. Thanks, again.


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