Kangana Ranaut’s interview.

Love this interview.

I am sure many other Bollywood actors feel this way, atleast they seem to live by the same rules…


22 thoughts on “Kangana Ranaut’s interview.

  1. I watched this interview when it was aired, simply amazed by the sincerity and honesty. Also in true sense these are the issues that celebrities can actually talk about rather than some random charity or ribbon cutting!


  2. She has arrived here after fighting it out. she has lived through a lot. sheer grit and a belief to be better than what she was being subjected to have made her who she is today, I believe.


  3. Such an intelligent person. Some highlights I loved
    – the way she handled the “about to slap” situation with dad
    – her recognition of being sidelined in childhood games while her brother is given a more important role (still happens in tons of Bollywood/Hollywood films)
    – her rejection of the notion of “being raised to be good d-i-l” – I think she calls it “like a trained dog”


  4. What I loved most is her comparison of the daughter being given away like a trained dog to look after the house, and do the work… I think she aptly described the situation that most Indian girls face..


    • That is a good ad Avaintask. I happened to notice the “top” comment for the video – a sexist one from a guy which has 66 “thumbs up”. Kudos to the other guy who called this one out.


  5. that is totally impressive.
    – trained dog analogy..spot on
    – doing some movies just for the money..very sincere
    Thanks IHM. I suggest to re-post it to get the attention it deserves..this time it got stuck between two very busy and heated posts that many readers probably missed it.


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  7. I don’t usually watch this show but since IHM felt it was fit enough to feature on her blog I did watch it and enjoyed it thoroughly. Kangana is definitely a strong, brave outspoken woman.
    She’s thought about so many things – the gendered childhood games, the way girls are brought up in India to be good wives and daughters in law above all else. But what I liked best was her strength in confronting her father who was about to hit her with the assurance that she would leave home if he did slap her. It’s enough to give any abused girl/woman a surge of strength.
    Thanks for drawing my attention to it.


  8. Can you imagine this lady was mocked by fellow stars for her English and her accent? She could not even speak well, now look at her…much better than most privileged actors


  9. i saw her mocked snidely on Koffee with Karan, and what a fitting reply to the snobs that she turns out to be mature and intelligent and can express her thoughts with so much clarity and confidence! Kudos Ms. Ranaut!


  10. Kangana – very articulate, outspoken and unafraid of standing up for herself and charming. What’s not to like?
    Fantastic one and thanks for sharing, IHM. My first time here.


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