A Morning in The Life of a Blind Cat.

We met this blind cat in Bombay – ne (he/she) has found loving humans who feed nem (her/him) and let nem be.  [The Need for a Gender-Neutral Pronoun]


I first saw nem (him/her) when ne attempted to bully this little kitten we were sharing our breakfast with,

cats and dogs like human company


The kitten saw nem coming and …

Frightened cat

Ne seemed to know that the blind cat couldn’t see nem, ne stayed still.

The kitten is hiding from this blond cat...

Look at nir ears, ne is listening. The kitten made no sound.


 We suggested ne has some fried egg too,

blind cat eating fried egg

And ne did taste some,

Tasting before rejecting

Then decided there were better things for nem to do. Like being scratched and petted…


A blind cat in Bombay, Nikon D7000


And listening to humans talk about cats. Blind cat sitting on chair

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9 thoughts on “A Morning in The Life of a Blind Cat.

  1. awww poor little baby! Your cat and kitten posts are making me wish I could adopt another one!

    The last time I was in Bbay (in Aug), we saw a mangy but content looking stray cat sleeping on the check-in guard’s notebook right outside Shoppers Stop in Juhu. I think it’s a more cat friendly place than Delhi for sure. Though, from all the cities I’ve visited in India, IME the cat-friendliest one is Bangalore. Saw lots of content, well fed strays walking about!


  2. Omg! What happened nis tail??? 😦 I wonder how that happened to the poor thing….both eyes and tail.
    Amazing spirit though…hats off!
    So this was the photo you sent me some days back eh? Never realised the cat is blind!


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