A kitten by a road side.

This kitten (in Pune on the side of a busy road) had a rope around it’s neck, the other end was secured under a stone – I think to prevent it from being run over.


It called out to those who would hear him.


This head butt is a how Sherkhan expresses his affection…


I wish he wasn’t born here, or brought here, to live by a busy road 😦


But it does have a family, for now.


And plenty of love from people passing by,


Note: All pictures taken with ISO set at 3200 for some shots the evening before 😦 

Updated to add:
Here’s why I didn’t think the kitten had been abandoned.

a dog and a woman

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21 thoughts on “A kitten by a road side.

  1. I hope whoever tied kept here there, comes back to take her / free her. I have read of cases where people did something like that and it backfired because the kitty either died of hunger or couldn’t run away in case of animal attacks


    • Well, you can call it Carnism or any other name you like, but it doesn’t apply here because IHM happens to be vegetarian, as far as I know. And in any case, I don’t see why eating meat should disqualify someone from showing affection towards whichever animal tugs at their heartstrings!


  2. Do you know that i was somehow waiting for a comment from Tejaswee on this post and the one above it! For one minute, i kept scrolling up and down to see a comment from her! Not sure why i kept feeling that.

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  3. So sweet, the kitten sure is familiar with human affection! Pictures with brats remind me of our childhood, when my sister and I would bring home little puppies in cold winters to give them a cosy resting place but they would just run away. 🙂


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