It’s Your Fault

Shared via email, facebook messages, phone calls and twitter by more than ten people. Please watch.

It’s your fault.


28 thoughts on “It’s Your Fault

  1. Dear IHM,
    I’d love to share this on FB, but you know what I fear? That many, many people will totally miss the sarcasm and Take It Seriously!!! After all, there are so many people standing on soapboxes and saying exactly the same thing – minus the sarcasm, of course…
    But, for those with even half a brain…good effort.


  2. Thanks to all the brave feminists. The tense atmosphere between the genders will finally lead people to stop reproducing, and earth will finally be able to breathe. Nature works in weird ways. Long live equality and freedom.


  3. How about Ram Jethmalani’s comment on that sixteen year old girl, who was a victim of Asaram? It’s all her fault. She suffers from a disease and gets drawn towards men, even 70 year old men!

    Back after a short break from reading blogs.
    Camp: California


    • Enjoy the weather at Cali GVji…it is getting chilly here in the Northeast.

      When people as educated as Ram Jethmalani make such comments, it makes me lose faith in education as the panacea for all our social evils. **Sigh**


  4. Anil Singhal shared these comments:

    Fahim Teemul

    Put your hand in a lion mouth and blame it when your hand is ripped off !!!!

    jimpowers –

    What if the lions are everywhere? What if you cannot even move your hand because if you move your hand even to straighten your hair, it falls into the range of a lion.

    InnocuosBystander –

    Sex is a gift not an obligation. Men are not lions. Women are not prey. We are both exquisite examples of evolution coupled with critical thought. We are both stardust. Men and women are born equal in the eyes of the universe. We share the same desires and dreams. It is only tired traditions and Patriarchy that perpetuate stifling gender roles and narrow perspectives such as yours. The opinions you have are not your own. You were poisoned as a child. Think for yourself, free your mind.

    Comments from here.


    • Lions that prey on humans too often are either killed or put in zoos. Also lions do not enjoy any benefits of being a free citizen like right to vote, right to safety, right to wages (no one pays a circus lion, only the lion trainer).

      If anyone kills a lion, it is not called murder. They can be tried under wildlife protection, but the charges are no where close to what punishment is meted out for murderers. And that too only because lions are endangered species. Too many lions and no one will blink an eye if a few are killed for no reason at all.

      So when someone compares rapists to lions, let them pause and think of all the human rights they are giving up in exchange.


  5. Wonder how many will get the sarcasm! They may actually think rape victims themselves agree that it is their fault that they got raped. But the video is very well done. Good job by Kalki and team.


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