What kind of grooms, do you think, do honor killing, violent parents want their daughters to wed?

Here’s an example of the kind of grooms, some Indian families are ready to kill for. Because those who see ‘killing a family member’ as an Indian family value probably prefer grooms who are capable of stabbing and burning? 

The minor’s mother and the groom who stabbed Linkan are absconding

Sabha was allegedly being forced to marry her cousin, who has been living with the family for the last two years. As she was opposed to the marriage and wanted to continue with her studies, she called Linkan on Wednesday night to persuade her mother to give up the idea. “However, when Linkan reached the house on Thursday morning, the prospective groom Siraj and Sabha’s mother got violent and attacked her,” said Shivram Yadav, DSP, Noida.

Slipping in and out of consciousness, Linkan narrated the horrific incident to TOI. “While I was trying to convince Sabha’s mother, Siraj whipped out a knife and sprung on me. I ran to save myself, but he chased me through the congested colony and finally cornered me. He tried to stab me, hit me on the head with a brick and attempted to strangle me. Sabha’s mother also attacked me. I don’t know what happened after that as I lost consciousness,” Linkan said.

Colony residents intervened and rescued the profusely bleeding Linkan. She was taken to Kailash Hospital while the two accused fled. Doctors said Linkan has sustained severe head injuries and suffered internal haemorrhaging with multiple injuries all over her body. “We have had to give her more than 40 stitches on her head and body. Though critical, she is in a stable condition. We will have to observe her for 72 hours,” said Dr Anoop Agarawal.

Linkan is a native of Odisha and has been residing in Noida since 2008. She also works as a project coordinator for Aid Noida, the Noida chapter of NGO Aid India. Sabha’s father is absconding. His two other daughters were also married off when they were just 15 and 16 years old. [Link]

Link shared by Desi girl of GGTS with the message:

“Only if laws could be implemented and trials could be timely will the crimes again women and children or anyone will if not cease at least reduce in number family crimes are committed with full impunity.”

Would it help if marriages that are not registered before the actual ceremony (how does one ensure that?) are not recognised by the law?

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12 thoughts on “What kind of grooms, do you think, do honor killing, violent parents want their daughters to wed?

  1. Dear IHM ,
    I strongly think your Question (What kind of grooms, do you think, do honor killing, violent parents want their daughters to wed?) is wrong , sorry for that …
    Kyuki , arey yaar , girl is a burden : What everybody wants : is from a girl ,she should be a domestic goddess and that too girl is a burden , so better marry off to anyone , anytype, not much thinking needed , that too ASAP, she has to adjust , she has to work , slog and have no say ….Parents are least bothered in the groom here due to all the above…

    They want to marry of the girl (read :get rid of the girl) to person of their society approved parameters which definitely is patriarchial and has nothing for the girl …else if they do not adhere to their thinking and society , their honor(which honor ?: that any sane person will not honor) is lost…

    See this : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-07-31/people/40895794_1_family-business-gurgaon-south-delhi



    • … Still, I would prefer a non-working girl. She can be handled, but a working girl is more arrogant. I deal with these girls daily at work. They are competitive, and are opportunists who would do anything for a promotion. Aisi kisi bandi se agar meri shaadi hui toh office aur ghar mein koi difference nahi rahega.”
      Perfect. After all it is a man’s world and it works for him.


    • “Marriage bureaus say more than 90% of men and their moms in Gurgaon want unemployed brides, ”
      What about the women? Do 100% of women and their moms in Gurgaon want employed bridegrooms?


  2. I do not understand the mentality of such parents. Why do they want to get the girls married off at such an early age? Or is it a way of dumping them off onto someone else’s shoulders? Instead, wouldn’t it be better to leave them alone and let them live their life as per their wishes? This is like selling off the junk in one’s house.


    • Right. By all means lets marry our daughter off before it’s too late and she develops her own personality. Once that happens she’ll ask inlaws to adapt. What decent family would want such a girl? Wé wouldn’t!


  3. Is the title a rhetorical point, or are you really asking for an answer? Because the real answer isn’t something that anyone without IndianFamilyValues™ blinkers would find remotely pleasant to here.

    I’m a first time commentator on this blog, but this hit a chord. I can relate to Linkan Subuddhi. I feel sorry for her. I sympathize with her, because I’ve been in a similar, if not the same boat. I was a bit better off, in that I didn’t get stabbed, and I made my stand on a smaller scale, and that I am the proud owner of a penis (yes, that makes you lucky in India, so yay me, I guess). But I hear her.

    I’m sure these bastards hold no remorse whatsoever. There are people who swell with pride when questioned how they felt murdering their own daughter so I don’t even want to know how these same people feel almost killing a relative stranger for the sake of their warped belief systems. So they hit an NGO worker with a brick. How nice! How extraordinary! What would we do without these gallant defenders of our culture? How f*cking honorable of them.

    Meanwhile, there’s a silver lining. Maybe, just maybe, at least one of this man’s ill-fated daughters won’t wake up to daily rape, systemic abuse and domestic drudgery. Maybe she won’t have her dreams crushed. Who knows?

    As upper-class sophisticates wax eloquent about the merits of Yoga and the supposed superiority of Indian culture, it may just happen that one of our second-class citizens escapes the full reality of this culture. And that would be a blessed event. Thank you very much indeed, Linkan.


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