Haryana killing : Here is a father A P Singh might want to defend.

For some Indians the Indian culture can be saved in only one way – by ensuring that young Indians do not choose their own partners, which is why they claim, that Love Marriages spoil the Family System of our Nation.

They believe the present ‘social order’ creates  harmony, happiness, contentment, safe environment for all and hence must be protected with stabbings and lynching of the less powerful and/or dependent members.

And this is the culture that claims to respect women.

Haryana killing: I did it for honour, girl’s remorseless father says

(Link shared by Madhavi Kaivalya K)

CHANDIGARH: A day after butchering his daughter and her lover in full public view at Garnauthi village in Haryana’s Rohtak district,Narender alias Billu, a canine farm owner and a wrestler, on Thursday showed scant regard for the law of the land and declared, “Whatever I did was right and for honour. If others also follow the same path, then such things (love marriages in violation of social norms) won’t take place.”

Parents of 18-year-old Nidhi, who was killed in cold blood along with her lover, and her uncle were remanded in police custody on Thursday. In front of the Rohtak court, Billu did not show any remorse and told the local media that his daughter had brought disgrace to the family.

Police said Nidhi’s parents confessed to killing their daughter and her lover Dharmender since their affair had insulted the family in the society


Which is why I think –

What Khaps India need is a strictly implemented law against Forced Marriages.

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30 thoughts on “Haryana killing : Here is a father A P Singh might want to defend.

    • Ironically, if the father had shut up and talked to his daughter at home, the whole world would not have known of this “affair”. Now that he decided to slaughter his daughter and her lover, half the world knows. So much for “preserving dignity”! RIP Nidhi and her partner.


  1. disturbing facts:
    father showing no remorse
    mother admitting that she was a part of the conspiracy
    no one, not even the boy’s family coming forward to lodge a complain
    the villagers not willing to talk about the incident….
    Yes it is brutal..it’s about time parents realize that they don’t own their children

    “Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

    You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
    For they have their own thoughts.
    You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,”
    (by Kahlil Gibran)


  2. Ironically I have never heard of honour killing of sons…..they may marry in same gotra do whatever they wish…never heard of anyone killing their son or Dil for honour…although only Dils can be killed for honour……honour killing is specific to female gender…
    Why do woman have to bear this burden of honour.??


    • well not exactly, if you may refer past cases, in many of them the couple which includes both boy and girl were killed. there could be other personal reasons like revenge or family disputes but yes guys were killed as well !


      • Boys are killed in revenge by the girls’s family…not by their own parents…I personally know of an example…my frn’s bro married in same gotra..they r Jats frm Harayana….there was hue and cry…his parents asked him to abandon the girl.But he stuck to his marriage.The Girls’s family were not tht affluent to kill their daughter and didnt hav guts to entangle with the boy’s family…Soon everything was forgiven and forgotten…
        My frn lamented had she done this instead of her bro.She wld have been honour killed.


        • i agree Indian but society is male dominant one, here man can marry any number of times but difficult for woman to marry once. but some where i feel woman are also responsible as they some where they believe too much in compromise . if a large group of women can protest for NIRBHAYA and whole nation watched i feel they should also protest or reject every move of partiality or discrimination that takes place in our homes by our own families.


        • i agree but irony is that indian society has always been male dominant. here man can marry any number of times but for woman it is difficult to marry one time. more than that women have always been encouraged to adjust more and more and some how i feel that is why they compromise too much, for which they are some where responsible. if a group of woman can go to protest for nirbhaya i feel every single woman should protest or rejects every single partiality or discrimination that her own family does to her in her own home!


  3. Honour-killings are pre-mediatated and all too often a horde of people are involved. The murderers are always perfectly remorseless and will gladly do it again if given half an opportunity. This is why honour-killings should be punishable by death and death alone. Let it be known that no one present will get the benefit of the doubt in mob-crimes such as these. Then maybe people will hesitate to be seen as part of that crowd. Their punishment should be as exemplary as the honour-killing is intended to be exemplary.


  4. Killing persons in the name of whatever reason is a barbare practise. This is happening in India from thousands of years. When you do that for so long from generation in generation and you think that is your right to do it, also society is agreeing, then mentality can’t be changed so easy. Is a violence in India that persons having inside them and nobody can take it out alone. Needs a mass effort to ban the violence. Violence was the solution for everything in past but now all people should fight against violence and should point the finger against all persons that behave worst then animals. Violence in any form should be the reason of loosing the honour. Persons should start to have another view of what honour means. To be truth my personal view is that Indian society banned so much the love and embraced the violence. So where is no love there is no God, no care, no hopes, no dreams. All indians that still think that culture is great should start to see the truth. There is the culture of violence. Funny how people talk about holy cows, holy snakes and whatever other holy things but they don’t talk about holy family and kill with cold blood what they create and raised. Solution is a mass war against a culture that spread violence and to let the love to be there. When persons will learn what love and compasion is then conscience will appear. Now days is no conscience there in many persons. Indians are blaming the west and Europe for the fact that marriages are not lasting. Nobody understand that divorce is not a result of love that is not lasting. Divorce is a solution when things go wrong, when persons are not wanting anymore to spend life with the one that they chose. And why they don’t want is because they are growing different, they start to think different. Human is changing every day: mentaly, spiritual, etc. That’s why some day after 10, 15 or even 20 years we will see persons seeking for divorce. Because we change and we want something else. At least in west or Europe even persons divorce you will not hear parents that killed their own child. Are cases of mentaly sick persons but is something else. Human by definition is the worst violent animal without conscience. India needs a conscience, needs a voice. Is not the goverment or president or police that should do something. Are the people that should point finger to the killers and violent persons but not to kill them. To ban them and their families from society, to make them feel shame, to talk about them everywhere. Indians should behave with criminals and violent people same like behave today with widows, divorced women, girls that were not supposed to born, people that fall in love, people that marry by their choice, people that raise voice against violence, against rape, against honour killing, against elders that treat bad their children. Can do Indian people this?


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