In Broad Day Light @ Manesar, Sector 8 Area, Gurgaon

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In Broad Day Light @ Manesar, Sector 8 Area, Gurgaon 

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‘Don’t fight us, we won’t rape you like they did in Delhi’ – Hindustan Times

“… My auto driver took a different route this time through a dirt track with empty dry fields around with no human being visible to my eyes except a blurry flyover. After a few minutes, we saw two Qualis but we kept moving. The moment we were about to cross the cars, few people jumped up in front of us forced us to stop. They were 15 or 20 drunkards holding knives, spears, and sickles. Out of them 4 or 5 people came to us, slapped my auto driver, and pulled him out and few others started thrashing the auto rickshaw. Afraid, I tried to move out but one of them shouted,

“Bhaiya chup chaap andar baithe raho. Gaadi mei aag bhi lag jaye to bhi bahar mat nikalna.”

[Rough translation: Brother sit quietly inside the auto. Even if the auto is set on fire do not step out.]


WORST EVER? REALLY? May be it was worst in its own way, but what I saw next was something horrendous and shameful.

So far, I didn’t notice that they had also stopped another auto, … That auto was carrying those 3 friends I saw @ interview venue. A couple and a girl. Their driver was near to unconscious and the male friend among them was sitting on the road with his hands tied and scars on his face. The driver’s back was red because of the blood. Around 7-8 people circled the auto and were verbally abusing the three people. What I heard is as following:

– Darr lag raha hai. Ladko se darr lagta hai. Tum do ladkiyan ek ladke ke sath, hum 15 log do ke sath kyu nahi ho sakte

[Rough translation: Are you feeling scared? Are you afraid of boys? You two girls with one boy, why not we 15 men with the two of you?]

– Arre nahi yar, abhi wo gangrape ka faisla aaya hai na, maut ki saza mili hai sabko. Hum logo ko bhi mil jayegi.

[Rough translation: No, no, the verdict for that gang rape has come, death sentence has been announced. We might get the same.

Note: They means this verdict – “Hearing that he will face the gallows, the gang rapist started crying in court…”]

– Jab milegi tab dekh lenge. Lekin humein maut ki saza nahi milegi, hum log normal rape karenge na. Waisa wala nahi… wo to janwar karte hai.

[Rough translation: We will face that when we get it, who cares. But we will not get death sentence, we will ‘do normal rape’. That kind of brutal rape, only animals do that.]

– To kahan lekar chale inko, yehi dekhein inko?…dekh sakte hai na…ae madam…choli ke peeche kya hai …. dikhaogi ya hum khud dekhein???

[Rough translation: Where shall we take them then?… Should we take a look at them right here? Ae madam, choli ke peeche kya hai? (what is behind the blouse)… Are you showing on your own or should we see ourselves?]

– Yar inki marzi bhi to jaan lo … kya pata rape karne ki zaroorat na pade

[Rough translation: Let’s find out what they prefer… maybe there would be no need to rape.]

I was shocked. I always read about rapes and felt the anger inside me. But though it was a verbal abuse and not a “RAPE” (I hardly see a difference), my anger was masked by fear. Were they going to commit it? God, please No. And their local accent made it sound like they WOULD do it. I got scared, very scared.

I wonder if any brother, father, friend, and a good person can ever save any girl surrounded by so many people, in this state of mind when they are drunk, full of weapons, roaming around in groups, and UNEDUCATED shouting WE ARE THE SYSTEM. No one can and may be that’s why system is built. And that day it was a reminder, how broken our system is.


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52 thoughts on “In Broad Day Light @ Manesar, Sector 8 Area, Gurgaon

  1. My god. I’m filled with admiration at the person who got out of the auto to protest. Amazing…and also lucky that they weren’t killed. Notice that these guys were not afraid of being handed out the death sentence. Probably they were not even afraid of getting caught.

    This is one of the reasons why we need police reforms where policemen immediately file an FIR on any complaint and those who refuse to do so are prosecuted and not just “suspended”.


  2. This is the scariest thing I’ve read! There’s nothing you can do when you’re so outnumbered.

    Without proper education *and* employment opportunities, this will only get worse.

    My husband’s step dad was telling me about a research project they did once regarding HIV spread by truck drivers in India. When asked if they used a condom while having sex with prostitutes in different cities, they said no. When asked if they were afraid of contracting HIV, they said something along the lines of ‘the roads are so dangerous that I might die tomorrow, how can I be scared of contracting this illness that will only kill you after years?’ So basically–my life is crap, why would I be scared of dying.

    This is why I don’t think the death penalty will not deter rapes–these pathetic drunkards armed with weapons probably have miserable lives (otherwise they wouldn’t be engaging in high risk activities in the first place).


    • “This is why I don’t think the death penalty will not deter rapes–these pathetic drunkards armed with weapons probably have miserable lives (otherwise they wouldn’t be engaging in high risk activities in the first place).”

      I agree!
      ….their fearlessness scares me!


      • It’s like a zombie apocalypse! Even if you had a personal hand gun (the kind that can be legally bought and registered in India), you’d be out of bullets before you could get them all. What can people do when they’re so outnumbered by mobs
        of illiterate, unemployed, angry, drunk criminals?


  3. I read the original post and I am shocked and upset. The worst part is even the police is useless in such situations. Reinforces my prejudices and reminds me why I don’t want to go back


    • I agree. The police situation is more dangerous than merely “useless”. This degree of lawlessness can only emerge in the setting of a corrupt police force that sees no reason to even try and protect common people.


  4. The strong action and protests against the Delhi gangrape and now the Mumbai rape has definitely forced the perverts to think twice before acting on their instincts…I guess may be the fear of punishment was one reason the rape actually did not happen…It is a strong case to prove that with strong ,immediate and publicized action against rape criminals can defintely help reduce the counts of such incidents


  5. The post left me with many emotions – scare, anger, helplessness, frustration. All these years we could afford being like ostriches, heads holed up in sand, pretending that nothing like this was ever happening, and never would, at least not in the land of the mighty Indian culture that worships women (oh yes, unlike the dirty west). Not anymore. We are being shown a mirror and what we see in it is not pretty at all, much as we may want to pretend otherwise.

    With no signs of any improvement anywhere, I just dont know where we are headed as a soceity. Demons perpetrating these kind of atrocities continue to do so with impunity while our honorable leaders swindle our wealth, incite riots and destroy us even further.

    Someone please show me some glimmer of hope 😦 We all badly need it at this moment.


    • Do read the comment by Confusedhumanity – that is why there is hope. The fact that they did think of the conviction in the Delhi gang rape case means they realised they may not get away with sexual assaults. Most bullies are cowards, rapists are cowards too, they only rape when they are sure they would get away with it and the victim would be blamed.


      • This is what I’ve always been saying, the one and only reason for rape is the belief that they can get away with it. And that is why what really needs fixing is the implementation of law and order in society, quick, assured and severe punishment sending the message abt what will not be tolerated. In my small town, all the “eve teasing” was stopped in 2 days flat when a new S.P. came who gave zero tolerance to such activities.


  6. While this incident speaks about the kind of abuse women face, it also speaks immense volumes about the state of our country as a whole. How can you even possibly begin to fix this? Also, the reasoning behind going ahead with raping those two women anyway, because, “that kind of brutal rape, only animals do that.” As if fifteen men assaulting two women isn’t animal-like, brutal behaviour? This is why we need to start handing out punishments for any and every kind of sexual assault. All the death sentence has now done is create a distinction between the type of assault that will get punished and the type that men still think they can get away with. Rapists need to realize that any and every kind of assault will be punished, and the system has to be fixed so that the punishments are handed out properly, rather than sweeping the whole problem under the rug.

    Rather than seeing cases of gang-rape and brutal rape being punished, for once I would like to see a case where a family member, or a familiar person, or a marital rapist gets punished. THIS is what will send the real message out to the people, that assault will not be tolerated, period. There are no degrees of “better” or “worse”. If you commit a crime, you’ve committed a crime.


    • “As if fifteen men assaulting two women isn’t animal-like”

      It isn’t animal like at all. It is very brutal, and very human. Animals do not go out in groups to rape other animals–that’s a very human trait.


      • Good point, but I was just quoting from article. Thanks for pointing that out though, you’re quite right. Causing purposeful suffering of this variety seems like something only humans would do.


    • “How can you even possibly begin to fix this?”
      I don’t think anyone can. There are just too many things that need fixing-the cultural attitude towards women’s bodies and their sexuality, the people in the law enforcement and in courts who come from this same culture, the general problems plaguing the police force, the lethargy of the legal system, the people who are haphardly planning our cities without creating safe and convenient infrastructure that would reduce both men and women’s dependence on unregulated transport arrangements, the apathy of people who have accepted all of the above as par for the course. It seems unfixable. The only real solution seems to be to vote with your feet, and move to a relatively ‘safer’ part of India.


  7. Scary, very scary. I can imagine the condition of the person. How helpless he would have felt.

    But the fact that they were mentioning about the verdict itself gives us some hope. The fear of death/punishment will definitely deter them from doing it. More and more rape cases must be fast-tracked and sever punishment given to the rapists. Only then it’ll help. Till such time, these ‘gundas’ will at least succeed in harassing the victims.


  8. I read the original blog just now. Shocking. But it is that abuse that the girls got that freaked me. One, they were mocking the system–oh now you think we are afraid of death penalty. Next, they realized what I have pointed out before–was death penalty for rape or murder by iron rod. Because when rape is considered horrific only when it leads to brutal death there is a problem. Every act of violation needs to be held at par–there cannot be hierarchies of violence such that rape itself isn’t considered “too bad”. Just the way we have shooshed out public sexual harassment–we don’t report it or speak about it. The way out is swift arrests, quick collection of evidence and hearing, swift punishment for rape–irrespective of its “brutality”. The sense of there is a system in place needs to emerge.


    • yes they were mocking the system but there was still a seed of doubt IMO. they’d be too macho to admit it but there’s a very real threat of conviction if not death sentence. something never there before.


  9. I was gulping and trying not to cry as I read the original post. The sheer terror those words on the screen invoked – probably nothing compared to the terror he and those girls and their friend faced, and yet I couldn’t stop the goosebumps on my arms. Just imagining sitting there, terrified, like those girls, as these (I don’t want to call them animals, because that would be insulting to animals) sorry excuses for human beings were discussing what to do with them. Its sick. I am really, really glad most of them got out of the situation unharmed (physically, anyway).

    But it just goes to show, no matter who they were with, it didn’t make a difference. It was the actions of the perpetrators that decided the girls’ fate.

    Anyway, going to bed with this story in my mind will certainly be leading to nightmares.

    Bravo for the writer who at least made an attempt to hep the girls and their friend, at the risk of his own life.


  10. All this was happening in broad daylight !! wat were the passerbys doing ??
    This is one reason why these goons have become fearless…no one dares to object..even if a sole person objects them they can easily overpower him.
    Even if 10 passerbys would have stopped these cowards would have run away.
    We are not living as a society. We are all living in a bubble.As long as our bubble is safe we damm care about others forgetting tht one day it will be our turn.
    I felt helpless, angry, frustated with this article…..where are we heading to…


  11. For someone who has traveled alone most of the times, and at all sort of odd hours even in a city like Delhi, such incidents are eye opener and perhaps necessitating need to be much more careful and alert (though I doubt if I would have ever thought it was unsafe to be traveling during the day that too with two ‘male escorts’ ).
    But this also makes me feel suffocated and uncomfortable. And it leaves most of us women with no option but stay back at home (willingly or unwillingly).


  12. It seems like everyone is focussing on the possibility that these women were in danger of being raped, but isn’t the fact that the autorickshaw drivers were actually beaten up more disturbing?


        • The focus is on girls because in India it is considered as routine affairs for auto drivers , taxi drivers either to get beaten or involved in some brawls.Life is very harsh for them


    • I found the violence against men extremely disturbing too. How can they beat people up in broad daylight with such impunity and that too so many of them? Would that not attract attention? I found the overall situation of beating men and threatening the other passengers stressful and humiliating. There is barely any public safety.


    • I agree with you, The Bride. I feel disturbed both by the verbal abuse the women got and the physical agression the men got.

      My husband has often mentioned how it feels a burden to be a man in India, because you are responsible for the safety of all women of the family. He used to fight a lot to defend his friends and family. He also mentioned how he couldn’t sleep as a boy when he was living in a hut, as he slept with his dad and brother close to the door to prevent attacks.


  13. From the original post –
    “Suddenly, he was instructed by one of his mates to spare me as this had nothing to do with me. They attacked the driver with knives and spears on his back and arms whocouldn’t do anything except pleading continuously:…”
    “And the very moment, out of fear of what might happen next, I asked them to leave them alone as they have issues with the drivers and not the passengers. ”
    Am I missing something?
    Why did they have ‘issues’ with the drivers?
    And I’m not sure how much ‘UNEDUCATED’ has to do with this sort of violence, rape & even verbal abuse.
    I mean just look at what the alleged rape victim of Rajasthan minister Babu Lal Nagar claims his aides gid to her-
    ‘They threatened to kill me, kidnap my son. I have been hiding, running from one place to another.’


  14. I salute and applaud the author for publishing the story about her harrowing experience and bringing this incident to light. It will shake the conscience of the youth (albeit incrementally) and make them aware of the kind of society we are living in. The first step is awareness among youngsters because they are the future of India, and they have to push for changes that they wish to see in our society.

    Unfortunately, the section of society that is persecuted has to stand up for itself. Although others can support, the onus lies on that section. What I am getting at is that the young girls/women will have to unite for their own good. If they don’t stand up for their rights, the feudal and misogynistic men in this country will continue to behave like this.

    This may seem like a far fetched idea, but I have always thought that if 5000 to 10000 women unite in Gurgaon (and other places in India), and vow to confront this issue head on. For each and every incident, big or small, they must reach the spot in numbers, protest in front of police stations, force the local politicians/panchayats to sit up and take notice. If the perpetrators are known, go to their houses, places of work (armed with lathis if necessary) and shame them, beat them, I think there can be great change in a short time if these monsters know that it’s not our dilapidated legal system that will shield them, but the justice will be delivered every single time by some spirited women’s group. NO EXCEPTION.

    The women of this country need to be mobilized. I am just hoping that a wave of woman power sweeps our nation. It will augur well for our future.


    • It should be two fold 1. mobilize the women to stand up for others and themselves. 2. Institute a very stringent punishment akin to sharia laws for the perps of rape, molestation, sodomy, pedophilia and incest. There shouldn’t be any way to repeal the case, just a sentence of death penalty.


  15. Most probably these men were a part of Auto mafia which operates in Gurgaon..Go medanta medicity and see the auto’s which drop passengers refuse to take people as they are afraid of Auto mafia.One auto driver told my brother that if they note number of any auto not belonging to them taking passenger they beat hell out of him.The auto mafia also charge 50-100% more and most people have no option.


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  17. Lets not assume whatever you read on Blogs. Here is the true story.

    गुडगांव पुलिस के Facebook Page पर एक message व शिकायत (In Broad Day Light Manesar, Sector 8 Area, Gurgaon) प्राप्त हुई। जिसमें एक युवक ने बतलाया कि दिनांक 15.09.2013 को वह Metro द्वारा गुडगांव आया और Metro Station सैक्टर-29, से उसने मानेसर जाने व वापिस आने के लिये एक ऑटो रिक्शा किराये पर लिया। मानेसर में उसने एक कम्पनी में interview दिया और उसके बाद वह उसी ऑटो में बैंठ कर मानेसर से गुडगांव के लिये चला तो IMT मानेसर के पास ही ऑटो के सामने एक गाडी लगाकर कुछ लोगो ने ऑटो को रूकवा लिया और चालक के साथ मार पीट की। उसने Facebook/blog में यह भी लिखा है कि एक अन्य ऑटो को भी इन लोगो ने रूकवा रखा था जिसमें लडकियां भी बैठी हुई थी जिनके साथ इन लोगो ने misbehave किया था।

    2. facebook पर आये इस message को गुडगांव पुलिस ने गम्भीरता से लिया तथा शिकायत भेजने वाले युवक से सम्पर्क किया गया जिसने लिखित शिकायत देने से मना कर दिया। गुडगांव पुलिस ने ऑटो चालक का पता लगाया और पूरे मामले की जानकारी हासिल की गई। ऑटो चालक ने बतलाया कि जब वह मानेसर से इस युवक को लेकर गुडगांव के लिये चला तो NH-8 के पास एक टाटा सुमों गाडी ने ऑटो के सामने गाडी लगाकर ऑटो को रोक लिया और टाटा सुमों गाडी मे सवार 5/6 लोगों ने उसके साथ मार पीट की तथा कहां कि यहां से सवारी क्यों ले जा रहा है। युवक/सवारी को उन्होने उतार कर दुसरे ऑटो में बैंठा कर गुङगांव के लिये भेज दिया। ऑटो चालक ने यह भी बतलाया कि उसके ऑटो के अतिरिक्त कोई अन्य ऑटो उन लोगों ने नही रूकवाया था और ना ही कोई लडकी वहां पर उपस्थित थी जिसके साथ इन्होने misbehave किया हो।

    3. इस मामले पर तुरन्त कार्यवाही करते हुये इस घटना को अंजाम देने वाले 5/6 नामालुम व्यक्तियों के विरूद्व अभियोग संख्या 450 दिनांक 20.09.2013 धारा 147,149,323,506,341,384 भा.द.स. थाना मानेसर अंकित किया गया है। उपरोक्त युवक ने अपने ब्लॉग में लिखा है कि उसने पुलिस सहायता के लिये 100 नम्बर पर कॉल की थी लेकिन जांच में यह ज्ञात हुआ है कि पुलिस कन्ट्रोल रूम के कॉल रिकार्ड के अनुसार उसने 100 नम्बर पर कोई कॉल नही की थी। वारदात में प्रयोग की गई गाडी का नम्बर भी उपलब्ध नही हुआ है जिसकी जांच चल रही है। इस वारदात को अंजाम देने वाले अपराधियों को पकडने के लिये विशेष पुलिस टीम का गठन किया गया है और शीघ्र ही इन्हें गिरफ्तार कर लिया जायेगा।

    Read it on official Gurgaon Police FB page –


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