Girl has disease that draws her to men: Asaram’s lawyer

I am sure there are some who would be willing to believe this.

This and what A P Singh (defence lawyer for the Delhi bus gang rapists) said here should be seen as examples of just how far those who defend sexual criminals are willing to go. But then we live in a culture where half the population behaves like defence lawyers for rapists.

Girl has disease that draws her to men: Asaram’s lawyer

Jethmalani mentioned that the girl was afflicted with a ‘chronic disease’ which draws a woman to a man and said this was subject to police investigation.

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…the girl, a class XII student at Asaram’s gurukul at Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, was studying there for the past 4 years. “Her health was not fine for some time and when her parents brought the matter to the notice of bapu, who was in Jodhpur then for religious meeting, he advised them to take the girl to Jodhpur.”

When they took her to Jodhpur on August 12 and contacted Asaram, he said a special ritual will have to be observed for the betterment of her health, but in isolation. “Then he took them to his ashram at Manai on 14 August and observed the ritual with his parent on the same night. But next day, he said the second ritual will again have to be observed, but with the girl being alone with him in his hut. On the night of August 15, bapu took the girl in his hut and allegedly exploited her sexually (unnatural sex),” said Joseph.

The terrified girl, however, did not disclose the incident to her parents then, but when Asaram asked her to come with him to Ahmedabad, she insisted to her parents to go back to home instead, where she told them of the incident two days later.[Asaram booked for raping minor at ashram]

How easy is it for a teenager, in a culture that worships sexual ignorance and sexual inexperience (in girls) to talk about a sexual assault by someone in position of power?

Here is what it did to another teenager, Ruchika Girhotra – “…she started telling but she started crying so she could not explain it…[read more] “

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15 thoughts on “Girl has disease that draws her to men: Asaram’s lawyer

  1. So, can this guy provide the name and history of this ‘medical disease’? Can he provide Asaram’s medical qualifications to treat this disease? Can he find laws that allow rape to cure ‘diseases’? After-all the India Penal Code only exempts husbands from rape, not doctors.

    Since the answer to these questions is clearly a ‘no’, the disease claim does not form a legal defence in any way. It is simply some hogwash designed for India’s blind masses, to do some damage control on Asaram’s ‘image’ (since his image is his business).


    • Even if she had the so called ‘disease’ that stale old man would be the last person she would approach. he is old enough to be her great grand father. Its disgusting that people even try to make such accusations. I am cent percent sure that no one with an ounce of common sense would even consider this as a possibility.


  2. God. I guess all of these rape defence lawyers are as mad as the criminals themselves! And to think of it, they are part of the LAW! The country is in deep shit thanks to these ‘law’ makers!!


  3. Hence the whole breed of human beings (read GIRLS!) are afflicted with the so called ‘chronic disease’ (lets call it ‘The Jethmalani Disease’ as i havent found any such disease even after a 1hr long search in google!) 😛


  4. the crazy con man found a equally crazy lawyer– match made in heaven..
    wrong defense — not just raping , raping a mental disease afflicted women … tch tch tch…


    • No, unfortunately it is the perfect defense. I thought exactly like you when I first heard about this. But then I sat and thought hard. This may not entirely absolve Asaram of the charges against him (because that is near to impossible), but it gives two devilish twists to the entire case, one or both of which Asaram can use to his advantage. (1) It proves the girl is mentally unstable and therefore her statement cannot be entirely trusted and/or she is gullible and can be easily influenced by someone with ulterior motives against Asaram to frame him in this case because she really does not know what she is doing. (2) The other angle is that because this girl has this so-called ‘disease’ that (pardon my crass language) make her irresistibly want men for sex all the time so whatever happened is not sexual assault but in fact sexual activity with mutual consent because she was wanting to have sex with him. That is the devious plot this man ad his lawyers are planning as defense. The objective is to twist the case and throw the ball in the court of the complainant, so that maximum advantage can be guaranteed for Asaram – either acquittal due to false implication or consensual sex with a minor which I believe is no longer seen as a crime (correct me if I am wrong, but I remember recently reading a statement by the Supreme Court to this effect).


  5. Keep telling everyone Sex (consensual) is wrong. Never let kids question about their own body and safety. Never let them come and talk to us openly about their problems. Never teach them right from wrong. Hide everything under the carpet..
    The girl was scared to even talk to her own mother.. How ignorant can we make them and keep them so. How long?


  6. And when all the religions over the world were teaching us that homosexuality is a disease (curable by any number of means from rape to yoga), we now come to know that heterosexuality has been the real culprit all this while! On a serious note, let us for the sake of taking the argument forward make-believe for a minuscule second that what has been stated is true. Let us make-believe the girl has some ‘condition’ which arouses an irresistible urge to have sex with random men. Let us also make-believe that she got that urge when she met Asaram and wanted to have sex with him. Now, can we in the same breath and under the same logic also assume that Asaram happily took advantage of that supposedly ‘mental’ condition? That makes his crime even more heinous then – he has sexually assaulted a patient with some chronic illness! Now let us come back to reality. This hardly implicates Asaram. The devious plot in all of this that is being planned by Asaram and his lawyers is that (a) the girl is mentally unstable and therefore does not know what she is saying and therefore has falsely implicated Asaram under easy influence of someone, and (b) she suffers from this so-called chronic sexual disease and therefore it is in fact not a sexual assault but sexual activity with the consent of the girl. The worst in all of this is the demeanor and language of Ram Jethmalani – the way he disdainfully talks about the girl and his entire body language is both shameless and unbecoming of someone with his repute. Though what repute he carried after defending murderers (Manu Sharma) and those accused of sexual assault against a minor (Asaram) is debatable.


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