Why Indian women wear toe rings (BICHHIYA)? there is a Science Behind this..

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Why Indian women wear toe rings (BICHHIYA)? there is a Science Behind this..read n shareMost Indian women who are married wear a toe-ring. It’s not only a sign that the woman is married, it’s also science. Indian Vedas (Vedham or Vedam) say that by wearing this in both feet, it is believed, that their Menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals. This gives good scope for conceiving to married women. Also it is said just because that particular nerve in the second finger from toe, also connects the uterus and passes through heart. If you notice, the toe ring will always be on the second toe of the right leg and also the left leg. It will control the uterus and keep it healthy by producing evenly balanced blood pressure to the uterus…As Silver being a good conductor, it also absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing whole body system.In great Indian epic called ‘Ramayana’ toe ring plays a vital role. When Sita was abducted by Ravana, on the way, she throwed her toe ring (kaniazhi) as the identification for lord Rama. This shows that toe ring is used from ancient time.Toe rings were introduced to the United States by Marjorie Borell who, after returning from India began manufacturing and selling them in New York in 1973. Her first retail outlet was Fiorucci, a trendy fashion retailer located on 59th Street in New York.

Think about it…

Customs that discriminate against women based on their marital status should not be romanticised or rationalised. Such customs should be questioned because they pressurise the unwanted Indian paraya dhan’s parents to raise their girl children as future suhagans/future daughters in law (instead of raising them as self reliant, assertive, confident adults who are capable of deciding if, when and who they must marry, refuse to marry or divorce).

Women’s (or men’s) marital status should be seen as a personal matter and not some kind of auspicious or inauspicious social privilege or shame to be worn or taken off as jewellery or sindoor

Only when raising ideal daughters in law is not their goal, would Indian parents be able enjoy having and bringing up girl children [link].

Such pressures make dowry and training in obedience and self sacrifice seem like worthwhile investments in a girl child’s future. [Link]

Sons become more worth having because they are not Paraya Dhan, they are Budhape ka Sahara. And this leads to sex selection and skewed gender ratio. Making special rules for married, unmarried, widowed or divorced women is extremely discriminatory and controlling – there is nothing scientific about it. 

Also consider, if it was scientifically proven that silver toe rings/bangles/sindoor/taali do nothing to aid women’s fertility/health, then will we  stop asking married women to wear bichiya (etc)?

I doubt it. Because we all know self reliance is good for everybody – but are (most) Indian women allowed to choose self reliance over dependance and arranged marriage? 

Also note, the words Suhagan, Sumangali, Saubhagyawati basically translate to a ‘fortunate or auspicious woman’. Nothing wrong with that if not being a Suhagan, Sumangali, Saubhagyawati did not mean being seen as  inauspicious.

And if being a suhagan was so important then how is it that nobody thought that letting widows remarry or live normal lives (providing the same support that widowers were provided) would be simpler than forbidding them from wearing coloured clothing and bichiyas? Nobody (despite their scientific thinking) thought that, like widowers, widows might want children, spouse, house, financial security, good clothes, good food and good reproductive health?

And the women in the west who buy the fast selling toe rings – are they all suhagans? Do they know some Indian women are forbidden from wearing bichiyas, coloured clothing and make up and are restricted from attending weddings and religious ceremonies?

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109 thoughts on “Why Indian women wear toe rings (BICHHIYA)? there is a Science Behind this..

  1. Um, once I posted about how I refuse to get my daughter’s ears pierced, and someone wrote in this exact same “scientific” explanation for earings.

    That said, I was partial to toe-rings myself. Before I was married. I liked rings, and then I discovered they could be worn on toes too. Now, ironically, I wear no rings, either on fingers or toes.


    • Interesting.. I wear no gold/silver or any other metal jewellery too !

      While I agree with the spirit of this blog, the gender difference as such a going away slowly.. the last I heard was my uncle’s son some 14 year old had his ear’s pierced ! And, I’m surprised his parents didn’t say anything..and they are the traditional types who would make women wear sindoor/bichiyas, etc..


      • Caste Hindu men had their ear(s) pierced as a religious sacrament in early childhood. Also parents who lost children early childhood, would pledge their first surviving male child to the deities, in a sort of blood sacrifice fashion. Some smart brahmin came up with an idea why kill the child who barely managed to live instead pierce his ear(s) and give a drop of blood and fulfill your part of the promise.
        The also have explanation about why and how ear piercing is good for your health ears have 100s of accupressure points and some vain goes to brain that alleviates the pressure blah blah…
        Desi Girl


    • Folks I was one of the few person who cornered this Busload of BS in name of Hindu religion , which mad no sense …
      Finally all Lame Nonsense came out : This is not part of Veda (whereas the post claims it) There was all sought of dodging straight questions

      I hope people learn from this post how to counter Non Sense and fake Scientific backing..


  2. This isn’t science. This is unsupported claims that are in direct conflict with what we know about actual human phyisology. In other words, this is bullshit pure and clear.

    Wearing a ring on your toe, will do nothing to change your menstrual cycle.

    The nerves from any toe, do not pass trough your uterus and heart. (instead all nerves from the feet enter the spine near the lowest end, then follow the spine up to the brain)

    Being a good conductor is irrelevant unless you want to conduct electricity. There’s no such thing as “the polar energy of the earth” unless you mean the magnetic fieldlines which do indeed originate at the magnetic poles — but silver isn’t magnetic, and wearing magnets has zero influence on your health anyway.

    In short, this is the opposite thing to science: a LOT of claims, not one of them actually supported or quantified.

    If you need more energy — eat an apple, or a handful of nuts. Oh right, I forgot, this isn’t actual energy, the kind that’s measured in watts, calories or joules. This is woo-woo flim-flam “mystical” energy which doesn’t actually mean anything.


    • This, exactly! It is amazing how this type of junk that routinely does the rounds on social media is never backed up by an actual scientific paper or citation. Saying ‘there is a scientific explanation’ does not make it so. I am most disappointed when well educated engineers/ MBAs (men and women) share this kind of hogwash on my facebook.

      Another similar messages talks about wedding rings worn on the fingers because the vein goes to the heart. Nevermind the simple fact that all veins and arteries go to the heart!

      Even if this junk was true, all of IHM’s points hold. You cannot treat each girl as a potential bride and each bride as an incubator! Also, we never seem to invent this stuff to help men’s fertility.. no ‘marital signs = pseudo-science’ for them.


    • “Also it is said just because that particular nerve in the second finger from toe, also connects the uterus and passes through heart.”

      I wonder what that particular nerve is called in scientific terms and why no real research paper has been quoted if this is true 😛

      And I have seen some depictions of Ganesh and Hanuman shown wearing toerings..like the ones in these links..



      Has anyone seen this?


    • Along with a lesson in human biology this person also needs tutoring in English composition.
      …When Sita was abducted by Ravana, on the way, she B her toe ring (kaniazhi) as the identification for lord Rama.

      Throw, threw, threw

      … If you notice, the toe ring will always be on the second toe of the right leg and also the left leg.

      Legs don’t have toes, it is feet with toes.

      Internet (latest technology) is like a comb in the hands of a monkey. Idiots from the turn of 19th century used the latest technology to spread the most idiotic ideas be it cock and bull vrata kathas during the 1950s or the pictures of ten fanged serpent on FB asking for likes and shares. Even during the independence movement there was a whole set of cultural elite that propagated idiotic desi culture that only pertained to controlling women’s movement and space through printing press and portable mics.

      Desi Girl


  3. I wonder how “shameful women in the west who have children outside of marriage” conceive without wearing toe-rings 😀 That needs some investigation 😀 That said, I do like wearing toe-rings regardless of whether or not it’s a married woman’s ‘symbol’. In my case, it’s a matter of personal choice. End of the day, choice is the key word.


    • Yeah. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing whatever jewelry you happen to like wearing. It’s only silly when someone invents a lot of completely bogus reasons why you “should” wear it.

      Wear it if you like. Drop it if you don’t feel like it. Simple !

      Making babies without toe-rings is also not all that difficult – allthough I will refrain from describing the process in detail here. The hard part comes after the kid is created.


      • @Agrajag All babies are conceived by earning a boon from the Rishis through dedicated service to them and then praying to the right god at the right time. What process are you talking about? 😛


    • Some ladies wear two or even three pairs of toe rings. Is it a tradition especially in Marwaries? Some South Indian women or even muslims are spotted wearing 3 pairs


  4. What utter bullshit.

    Traditions are traditions. A lot of them are harmless when followed out of our own volition. People do not need uninspired scientific drivel in order to do what they please. If married women want to wear toe rings, they will wear toe rings. If unmarried women want to wear toe rings, they will wear toe rings. If married women do not want to wear toe rings, they will not wear toe rings. In short, people will do as they damn well please, and no amount of “scientific reasoning” needs to be used to persuade them one way or another.

    And even if there WAS a substantiated scientific claim one way or another–so what? Who is it personally harming if someone chooses not to follow it? The lovely thing about science is that it allows for options. If a woman wants to improve her fertility, and maintain her cycle, she will do it through other means that SHE prefers. Even using actual science to force people into behaving one way or another is extremely frowned upon–that was where the basis for eugenics came from. Look what it led to.

    There is also very solid scientific evidence for people to not be oppressive morons to one another. It increases life span, happiness, and improves economic conditions and productivity. Yet, we don’t see people following this do we?


  5. “it’s also science. Indian Vedas (Vedham or Vedam) say that by wearing this in both feet, it is believed, that their Menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals. This gives good scope for conceiving to married women…”

    States in India where women do not wear toe-rings, also women in other parts of the world, have regular menstrual cycles, thank you! They also conceive and give birth with the same ease as the toe-ringed women.


    • Oh, and if it was at all scientific, (which it evidently is not), and the toe rings aided in regularizing the menstrual cycle, why only for ease of conception. Wouldn’t ANY woman need to have regular and stress free menstrual cycles? Why only married women who should just be willing wombs for ‘propagating the male line’?


  6. This whole ‘scientific’ bit is such nonsense, isn’t it? Funnily most of the symbols of marriage that women are supposed to wear, seem to have such scientific explanation. And yet, no such science is applicable to men? Don’t they have a part to play in matters such as conception?

    What really annoys me is when people romanticize such symbols, totally ignoring the fact that they can be extremely discriminatory.


    • Completely agree.
      If it really helped in anything to do with fertility then why don’t Men wear any of these symbols? From what I have seen they are ones who are more concerned about their fertility (manliness).
      In my opinion, its just a way of discrimination and making it obvious that the woman is married.
      I always found toe rings very uncomfortable but was forced many times. Though I kept ignoring it and still do 🙂

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      • Yes you are right. There are two things. One it identifies that the lady is married and two it adds beauty to the lady especially the feet with lots of beautiful designs available in the last few years.


  7. I want to share with these people an actual scientifically proven way to regular periods. The pill. Shall we make a ritual out of that? Letting the woman control her own reproductive system. Sounds like a ‘tradition’ I could get behind.


  8. i removed my toe rings when my toes were swollen during pregnancy. A few days later MIL came to visit, she enquired as to why i was not wearing a toe ring, i told her my toes hurt, this didnt convince her and she went on to suggest that i could have loosened them. I said that the rings kept on falling out if i loosened them and it was very uncomfortable for me to bend down (in my 3rd trimester) every time to pick it and put it back in place, specially when at work, she looked visibly upset. Next day again she started pushing me to wear the toe rings back. I just had to tell her that i valued my comfort more than the rings & that wearing them was absolutely unimportant to me. She was shocked by my words and never since has insisted on wearing it again. I’m afraid, if she gets to read this stupid ‘scientific’ article whole process will start again.LOL


    • Similar experience with bangles. On my wedding MIL gave me an assortment of red and white bangles, a gold one and an iron one and told me to never take them off for life. I hated bangles but I dont know why I still carried on wearing them for more than a year. Friends adviced me to wear them at home and take them off when I leave home. However that disturbed me and made me thank hard about lack of control on my own life and the fact that I was allowing it. So one day I removed them all. First my SIL had the audacity to point it out. I did not bother to reply to her. Next day MIL shouted, screamed and yelled at me but I refused to wear them. She feigned fainting and hubby got scared and requested me to wear the iron one. So i still wear the iron one but I refused to give explanation to MIL as to why I would not wear them. I just told her I DO NOT WANT to. Wow it was liberating. She also accused me of not ever wearing bindi and sindoor. I told her in her dreams. She said everything in my life will not be according to me. I told her it doesnt matter if it is not according to me but it’ll definitely not be according to HER and I will show it to her.


      • Aww that is so sad. Why can’t parents let their grown children be and stop trying to control their children & spouses? Next time pretend to faint & cry at her scolding so much so that your hubby has to support you 😉


      • @sos
        “I dont know why I still carried on wearing them for more than a year”
        I think that’s the root cause of all our (general usage not you and me usage) troubles. It takes so much courage for us to stop doing something that inconveniences us just because someone else thinks we should do it. Shouldn’t it be an act of courtesy when we inconvenience ourselves for others? But no, it’s actually supposed to be inconsideration when we stop doing something we dislike!


        • //Shouldn’t it be an act of courtesy when we inconvenience ourselves for others? But no, it’s actually supposed to be inconsideration when we stop doing something we dislike!//

          Exactly the fact that I wore it for a year and half in spite of it being an convenience for me was of no worth to her. Its like glass half full/half empty analogy. Since I am going to be put down anyways so I might as well give them the reason. At least i can be myself. Anyways it much more fun to be an evil(read someone who has her own opinions and a life) DIL than a doormat who has sold her soul to MIL.

          So I am getting there 🙂


      • Ah! can empathize with you purple sheep! Even in my husband’s bengali culture, I was asked to wear 1 white, 1 red and one iron bangle (which was so heavy!). I told my MIL that I dont like to wear jewelry and especially bangles, and she told me to wear them just for 3-4 days and later just wear the iron bangle. But I removed the iron one later as well, and as we dont stay with the ILs, it does not matter. Even when I visit them, I refuse to wear it, and now MIL has given up asking me to wear it. I guess they just need to get used to the fact that not every person is the same and will do something just because it is meant to be done as per traditions.


        • Punchinbag my MIL created a ruckus. She threw a fit, accused me of not loving her son, of wanting to look single(whatever that means) and trying to look younger than my age. She thinks her son would have his life cut short because of my bare arms. Her son thought her mother would die of a heart attack because of the shock I gave her. Of course I don’t figure anywhere in what her yelling would do to me. Am glad that happened because now I know where I stand. She lost all respect whatever I was trying to gather for her(she had made snide remarks on me earlier too but not to this extend) So there now! I am happy I dont have to give her any importance. As for my husband I am disappointed that he couldn’t stand up for me. So now i am clear I have to fight my own battles because I have nothing to lose(least of all this 3 person marriage).


      • Me too. I was told to wear all possible symbols, sindoor, bindi, bangles, mangalsutra, bichhiya. I did till about 2 years. Then started leaving one or two things. But my MIL was very prompt in pointing it out every time. I said I am not comfortable, or forgot etc. Could never say that I don’t want to.
        I am hoping someday she will get tired of pointing out and get the drift.


    • I always wore closed toe shoes especially mary janes it is pretty painful to wear toe rings while you wear closed toe shoes and that too in the month of December in north India. So I was to attend a wedding just in the first 20 days of my own wedding, I did not wear those damn toe rings and the family barber’s wife insisted to paint new bride’s feet with alta just imagine what a scene it would have been me removing my socks san toe rings. This disaster was averted by giving her money (neg) without my feet painted but the next one could not be dealt with. The grooms kin had to walk to the family temple and we were to remove our shoes so I slipped those toe rings. As we walked through the narrow lanes of that shoddy town my foot fell into a pot hole as I pulled it out a buffalo standing in the street stamped on it. Ah, the toe ring and my toe both were shapeless.
      Another thing tied to this toe ring drama is husband’s life I could never understand how a wife wearing or not wearing a toe ring influence her husband’s longevity.


      • //Another thing tied to this toe ring drama is husband’s life I could never understand how a wife wearing or not wearing a toe ring influence her husband’s longevity.//

        DG even I dont know from where the myth propagates. Anyways death is reality . Does it matter who outlives whom?


      • It must have been very painful with the big buffalo stamping your toe along with the ring. Hope your toe finger was not hurt as the rings have sharp edges. I can feel the pain as I’m writing this as once my leg had gone under the wheel of a car as I was waiting at a signal light waiting to turn green and the car took of before I could. As you rightly expressed, MIL’s that removing toe rings reduces the husbands life is all superstition. Roman Catholics from Mangalore or Goa or most of Malayali’s ladies don’t wear to rings. So does that mean that men have got less span since their eives don’t wear toe rings.


    • MIL’s think that wearing toe rings is the tradition and removing it makes them uncomfortable as they feel that it is a symbol of marriage and needs to be worn permanently. Ladies in this generation may not give much importance to wearing toe rings especially the upper class, as they often wear sports shoes or closed sandals. This could hurt the toes and make feel uncomfortable. When a lady removes her toe rings, elders feel it as a sign of dis honoring the marriage to some extent


  9. I always found the blessing “Sada suhagan raho” rather strange , because that meant blessing the husband to have a long life .


    • I guess back in those days when 50-60 year old men married 17 year old women, it was more important for the husband to have a long life so the kid’s not widowed by the time she turned 30 🙂 [/sarcasm]


    • absolutely!!! However pont it out to the person blessing he/she would reply that it is beneficial for the women only to have a husband and not lead a widow’s discriminated life. Ofcourse it is not important for man to have his wife live long because hey he can always get married again asap without raising eyebrows


  10. If wearing toe rings aided regular periods, and helped in conception, then all a woman who needs kids needs to do is wear them, and there would not be a single child less couple.
    Also, once she gives birth to whatever number of kids she wants, she can stop wearing them, right? Why continue to wear them even at 40, 50 or 60 years of age?
    Plus, if regular menstrual cycles is the whole and sole behind conceiving a child, then are we saying a man’s fertility does not play a role? Or are we saying a man can never have problems, it is only the woman who contributes (the problems) towards childlessness?
    Again, if the toe rings play such an important part, then why not ask a girl to start wearing them as soon as she hits puberty? Afterall, the sooner you start regularising her periods, the better it is, right? Her body will only benefit with regular periods, it will do no harm to have a regular cycle even before marriage, right? So why insist on married women wearing them, why not every unmarried young girl too?
    I also can nit help but wonder why scientifically bacjed vedas did not come up with similar jewellery for men to sport? Do they not have veins? Do they not have a heart pumping blood?
    IHM, I really do have more such questions, but I think I shall stop here.


    • I dont think vedas talk about toe rings and other jewellery and crap.All this is the effect of trolls on internet who use “scientific evidence” to popularize their own misgynistic thoughts


  11. I like jewellery. I just dont like having to justify wearing it. It is a personal choice. I hate it when other people come up with justifications for compelling people to do something, scientific or not. Why make it a must for someone to wear something? Why is a married woman always carrying a message loud and clear through bindis, sindoor, choodis, bichchiyas…? Probably to signify that she has a protector and thus, should not be messed with 🙂 Like some protective gear…
    Unmarried women, on the contrary are discouraged from donning the same symbols. They are not included in the exclusive club of women who enjoy protection.
    So these days our culture vultures are pedalling these “symbols” in the name of science? why not also cite the relevant research? No one seems to question why men seem to have eluded such concerns for their health – were these researchers women who only sympathised with their lot? or that men are too perfect to need such talismans?

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  12. Ohhh… I remember reading somewhere that the tradition started because of the custom of women staying behind alone at home after men left for work. Wearing toe-rings was supposed to limit their (women’s) libido so they would not go ‘astray’!…. This reason or the above reason, both serve the same purpose: ‘Discrimination and control’.

    I used to love bichhiyas and anklets and wore them readily when I got married. But ladies in my marital home took all the fun and charm away from these beautiful ornaments by forcing me to wear them ALL the time. Removing them now is too bold a move for me and I do not find myself so courageous. Maybe someday in future!


    • Yes Gunjan . …. You are right and I totally agree with you. Also women would not go astray but more important was that young boys/ men don’t take advantage of the girl the moment they spot the toe rings. If a girl is married at very young age, there should be some thing which symbolizes marriage. And also anklets and toes rings add glamor to the newly wedded bride. Also the sound of the anklets as the bride walks creates a sweet gingling sound.
      Since you have been wearing it for so long it must have become a practice and even if you remove it could give you some feeling of something missing. You could continue if it adds beauty to your feet and you are comfortable wearing it.


    • Absolute rubbish!!!
      What caught my attention was:

      3. The reason why the scriptures forbid widows from wearing ornaments

      Apparently that is necessary for attaining moksha.Wow! So all the women have to wait to get widowed to attain moksha because only then u r allowed/made to take off the ornaments. So no moksha for you if you are married or are not a women.


  13. Dont single women, widows, living together women etc., not want a regularised Uterus 🙂 .. just curious, if it’s so scientifically valid how come only a section of population can avail of this ? shouldnt we marriage and kids obsessed culture want our unmarried daughters to have a regularised uterus?? so they can palm them off to the best man to have kids.. easy peasy guarantee.. no???
    What a bunch of BS. man we come up with creative garbage to justify our culture.

    I never wear thali etc., but i always wear toe rings, change them often ..why? they make my feel look pretty and I’m vain like that. especially in summer when it’s polished and buffed and shown off in pretty sandals.


    • Toe rings add beauty to the feet and based on the toes, ladies with two or even simple designed three pairs look great for sandals or for slippers which are open at the toes as a few of them do wear it in Bangalore.


  14. err do men not have veins/arteries carrying blood to the vital bits?? no?? c’mon I’m sure if we think hard enough we’ll find a vein going there and we can put a pretty bauble on it and help our men.. ha ha ha we have so much time on our hands that we sit and think these things up…what all we put our buddhi and dhimmag thru..
    I always wear toe rings when i wear nice chappals and sari , i love them. but then used to wear them before i was married too. free choice people free choice…we need to say that constantly in our mind..


    • What Radha did was right. If there is something could be toe rings, anklets, or long ear rings or bangles which looks good on your personality you should wear it and enjoy the moment rather than think of customs and traditions


  15. I feel so sorry. bakwass science! it could not find the vein that goes straight to ‘these’ men’s head, so they could put a simiar ring or whatever that can put some common sense there. so sad,science could not find anything for them.
    I am too concerned. So we should start quit science andholan! or may be start a new research institute.


  16. Heh! This is such BS!! I fail to understand where is the “science” part in this?! The only thing that possibly regularizes periods is good exercise and healthy nutritious diet. I have never worn toe rings in my life and have never had any issues with periods.
    What I find funny is the reference to ramayan… Does the post suggest that when today, girls are abducted by a ravana, she should throw her toe rings on the way so that a ram can find her?! give me a break!! I detest such articles which propagate hogwash based on ridiculous and dramatized explanations and people actually share and like them!


  17. I wonder which lab got the funding to research effects of toe rings on health! 😀 Internet, facebook is full of such crap claiming ‘scientific support’ . I do not understand this need of justifying religious/cultural customs by claiming it is science, I usually bite my tongue and refrain from commenting… facebook spats are ugly and useless.


  18. I find this disconcerting on so many levels.

    …it is believed, that their Menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals. This gives good scope for conceiving to married women.
    I can believe a lot of things. That doesn’t make it true. I spent the last thirty minutes believing I have a Swiss bank account with a 100 million dollars. Sadly, nothing materialized. Because guess what? It’s not true!

    It will control the uterus and keep it healthy by producing evenly balanced blood pressure to the uterus…
    By definition our body has a maximum and minimum pressure as regulated by our heart beat. What do you mean by evenly balanced pressure to the uterus?
    Hormones aren’t regulated by the uterus. They’re regulated by our ovaries and the endocrine system. The uterus just grows to hold a foetus (only a baby after it’s born). Sending blood to my uterus will not help. Also, conception doesn’t even happen in the uterus. It happens in the fallopian tubes. So a woman with blocked fallopian tubes cannot conceive. The uterus only comes into the picture after conception occurs.

    …it also absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body…
    Eh? What energy? The word energy means nothing without a qualifier. Kinetic? Magnetic? Electromagnetic? Oh sorry. What’s polar energies? Are we stealing energy from the company Polar Energy with our super conducting Silver toe rings? What happened before the company was started? I’m confused. Would these work if I wore toe-rings with shoes or walked on carpeted floors? Does this energy penetrate everything? Why can’t it just directly work on my uterus then? Why do I need to channel it through my toes? Why can’t I wear a super conducting silver kamarbandh?

    In great Indian epic called ‘Ramayana’ toe ring plays a vital role… This shows that toe ring is used from ancient time…
    So was alcohol. And marijuana. And a lot of things the moral police don’t think are very awesome. So you’re saying that the number of years something was used makes a thing beneficial and scientific? Sorry, but you’re wrong.

    Toe rings were introduced to the United States…
    Ah the good old The West has learned from Indian Wisdom argument. I was waiting for this. So let me get this straight. Anything The West invents is evil, right? This includes everything from Coca Cola to Capitalism. However, if they adopt something we use then it’s proof that what we’re using is superior. Talk about incoherent logic!

    This is such nonsense. I gained all the skills needed to refute this nonsense in school. The fact that people like this post is disturbing.

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  19. I am married and I do wear toe rings sometimes..not because I want to look married but coz I like them and they look cool….I have liked them even before marriage.I have a whole collection of funky toe rings strictly for ornamental reason.
    Needless to say they have not been of any help in regularising my periods…Its irregular as always.
    Any ornament shld be worn by choice not coz society ..or hubby..or MIL…or my neighbour’s uncle wants me to wear it.


    • Agree completely. I used to find the toe rings and anklets very pretty and wore them for some for a couple of years after my marriage. But husband/in-laws’ attitude made them feel like handcuffs. They have gone to the back of my wardrobe for some years now.
      Some day I am, planning to dress up and wear them occasionally just because I find them pretty. And I am planning to put them on my little girl and we’ll both go out wearing them. I am kind of relishing the thought of all the consternation. It’s going to be fun! 🙂


      • Hi MOL….Very surprising that your husband and in laws have forced you to remove it. On one hand there are comments saying that the MIL has forced to wear and you are saying the contrary. I’m curious to know the reason that forced you to remove your anklets and toe rings.Were your anklets making lot of sound that irritated them and hence you had to discard them in the wardrobe.


  20. I think the general population needs to be re-educated on what science is. Science is a process of determining truth based on EVIDENCE. When someone makes a statement like “wearing toe rings regulates menstrual cycles in women”, it needs to be backed by studies conducted across a big cross section of population, accounting for other factors that cause regular or irregular menstrual cycles, and measuring it against women who do not wear toe rings. Quoting the Vedas is not science because it is not backed by evidence. And no, the Vedas are true because the Vedas are true is not sound logic.

    If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Just imagine the cost savings for taking the pill, hormone treatments, etc if it were to be solved by wearing toe rings. Why would all the doctors not be using such a fantastic remedy? The cheapest health care system seems to be the faith based systems where you can just pray your ills away or to do something written in a book that is atleast a 1000 years old. Yet, the same people time and again choose real doctors when faced with grave illnesses.

    The whole toe ring post is another sorry attempt at showing how advanced our ancient civilization was. Except it was not. They had no knowledge of germ theory or infections. They did not know the role of the menstrual blood in the womb. They did not know about immune systems or vaccinations. All these are achievements of modern science based medicine which even today claims not to know everything and changes its treatment according to new data and inventions.

    If the aim was to guilt me into wearing traditional symbols of marriage because of course our Vedas always have a hidden agenda that we don’t “understand” , then it fails miserably.


  21. I wish something similar was available to increase the sperm count of men.
    And I believe that the women in countries which does not have this tradition must be very unfotunate and must be having a lot of problems?


    • Being a little tongue in cheek here but only a little. If the Mahabharata is anything to go by, men are not required to really “contribute” in order to be considered fathers. Re: Pandavas. As long as a man marries a woman/women any children borne by his wife/wives are considered “his”. Re: Pandavas. Given that DNA tests were not available 3000+ years ago, it’s only logical. IMO that’s also one of the core reasons for needing to control women, etc.


  22. Oh gee, why go for fertility treatments indeed. Doctors should learn to prescribe toe-rings for everybody whose cycles are not regular. And while we’re at it, what in the world is polar energy? And what use does human body has of it? Jeez this jugheads and those that are ready to believe utter BS like this. When this will be called science, all those dead scientist will come back from their graves and die again.


  23. If you want to regularise the menstrual cycle and give some kind of a power to the uterus, you should do that when you get your first period. I remember how irregular and painful it was when it had started. Even the so called scientific explanation lacks logic.

    My relatives and ILs felt and hinted very subtly fearing my reaction, that I met with an accident because I don’t wear a mangalsutra. The black manis in it are supposed to ward off the evil eye it seems. How convenient right – whether my husband suffers or I suffer it is because I don’t wear a mangalsutra. Do all women who wear it never have any accident? Beats me!

    I just refused and said I don’t believe so and left it at that. I digress- I don’t want to give a rationale behind every breath I take. It’s tiring and unwanted. One should be able to do things or not just because they feel that way. We don’t need an article published or science journals updated for every decision we take. If I do want to give an explanation, I’d rather that it is a part of a discussion than in my defence.


    • 🙂 who wants to regularize a menstrual cycle when you get your first period. These guys want to regularise periods only when it is required for you to be uber fertile and produce the next male heir. Otherwise they could not care less about a woman’s (reproductive) health.


    • “If you want to regularise the menstrual cycle and give some kind of a power to the uterus, you should do that when you get your first period.”

      Eeeks. Imagine all girls who started mensurating wearing a ring and the late starters not wearing them. Thank God nobody came up with this berfore.


  24. Wow, faux-science comes to rescue Indian tradition!!

    There were some p**is rings for men during vedic times that aided men in not treating women like shit. The rings also helped men be more virile and sensitive. These rings are available with me for rs. 1 lac a ring. Indian men, please buy them from me. They are vedic and scientific and guaranteed to get boy children.

    PS: It is a joke, in case any culture vulture is reading it and actually wants one!!


  25. what a load of crap! Calling this science is an insult to Science!
    And I wear toe-rings cos I think they’re pretty. They’re accessories, bas. So I wear them sometimes when I feel like it. Like a bracelet, or a pair of earrings.

    I remember visiting Chennai once and asking my friend where I could buy good toe-rings and she said “oh! but it’s only worn by married women!”
    It’s not worn just by married women. Cos *I* wear them, and I’m NOT married! So there! Hah!

    To hell with these silly customs that alienate single women and impose on married ones.


  26. Oh ! OMG had a hearty laugh at almost all comments! All those reactions of toe- rings, Thank God in Kerala we don’t have such stuff except for the mangalsutra which is in full gold and almost weighs 45 to 50 grams minimum, therefore MILs generally ask DILs to transfer the little locket in the mangalsutra, which we call thali, into a small chain or else they will have to see a headless DIL after a few weeks. ( due to thieves……LOL!)


      • I agree with you Purple Sheep! But my idea was not to refute anybody or anyone or either to laugh at the plight of many of the Indian women especially married women. I know its not easy to go through these so called “traditions” particularly targeted only the female folks.
        I am happy to see that many people have disliked my comment, which shows that many of them are really unhappy to read my comment. So many of us do agree upon the targeted wearing of these jewels and such things, only by and for married women truly partial and unjustified traditions by our patriarchal society.
        I do really apologize, if I have hurt anyone, being a women I do understand how it feels. But I think my comment misfired.


      • Hi Purple Sheep !

        I know many of those who have disliked my comments, are possibly thinking I am being unfair. But if you can spare some time I would be humbled if it is possible for at least some readers to go through my blog -http://anjoomann.wordpress.com/ to know my true intentions.

        Liked by 1 person

  27. Needed a small help… can you please mention the vedic verse number since you have quoted “It’s not only a sign that the woman is married, it’s also science. Indian Vedas (Vedham or Vedam) say that by wearing this in both feet, it is believed, that their Menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals. “


  28. I am not willing to believe what the Vedas say or don’t say until I read them myself. Or at least till a sane woman with a non-patriarchal mind reads them and gives us any interesting tit-bits. By the way, aren’t women banned from learning them? So what’s the point of giving us advice in books that we are not supposed to read?
    As for the toe-rings, I think that they are kind of cute as fashion accessories. I wish that unmarried girls would just start wearing them enthusiastically and let the orthodoxy scream themselves hoarse. Then they will become pointless as marriage symbols.


      • This article is criticising a post commonly shared on facebook because the post propagates a false scientific claim. I would not be surprised if the claims made about vedas are false as well.

        I do agree with Mol that there is some irony is using the vedas to make women follow rules (even falsely) when women aren’t even ‘allowed’ to read vedas. I guess that makes control easier. If the woman/ non-brahmins can’t check for themselves, people can just make stuff up!


  29. A few priceless ones here

    Benefits of wearing a bichhiya

    A. By wearing a bichhiya a woman gains the benefit of Sri Lakshmi and Sri Sarasvati Principle. Wearing a bichhiya is compulsory for every married woman. By wearing a bichhiya the woman is constantly reminded of her Dharma as a married woman, her duties and regulations. Bichhiya is associated with the Sri Lakshmi and Sri Sarasvati Principle and so a women benefits from these Principles by wearing a bichhiya.

    B. Bichhiya is a restriction on the conduct of a woman. A married woman is made to wear a bichhiya, to remind her to not cross the threshold of the house without the husband’s permission and to remain engrossed in serving her husband. The restraint in the form of this ornament is a restriction on her conduct.

    C. The vital energy body (Prandeha) of the woman is purified by wearing a bichhiya. The circular shape of the bichhiya has the ability to attract and store the waves of Will (Icchatarange) coming from the Universe. The touch of these waves attracted to the bichhiya, help purify her vital energy body (Prandeha).

    D. Negative energies are destroyed through the medium of the bichhiya. The second toe is at the forefront in emitting the Absolute Air element. Due to this, the Divine Energy Principle inherent in the woman is awakened. Through the bichhiya, this awakened Divine Energy Principle destroys the negative energies.

    Subtle effects of bichhiya:


    Destroyer Energy (Marak-Shakti) remains activated in the form of a spiral in the bichhiya.

    Through this spiral, particles of Marak-Shakti are emitted into the environment.

    Through the bichhiya, a flow of Saviour Energy (Tarak-Shakti) is spread into the woman’s body and is also emitted into the environment.

    Through the bichhiya, Chaitanya is spread into the woman’s body and is also emitted into the environment.

    Due to the Chaitanya spread by the bichhiya, a circular protective sheath of Chaitanya is created on the ground.

    Due to the Tarak-Shakti spread by the bichhiya, the woman’s body remains calm.
    4.2 Effects of fish-shaped bichhiya

    This ornament is worn by married women on the fourth toe of both the feet. In some regions, spinsters too wear this ornament. Due to the specific fish like shape, acupressure healing takes place on the woman. Due to the acupressure healing, ailments of the woman who wears a fish-shaped bichhiya reduce. Effects of a fish-shaped bichhiya worn by spinsters is as follows:
    i always use bichhiya on my toes


    • Absolute nonsense. Divine Energy is present and available in each and
      every human being, not just married women. Women’s bodies are Nature’s instruments for reproduction of the species, not objects for men to control. If women (or men) wish to serve or submit to anybody, it should be only to their own conscience. The one true dharma is to clean our own heart and mind and try not to hurt others as well as protect ourselves from hurt. We are all free to seek this protection whether we are single, married, divorced or widowed.


  30. Akansha Srivastava

    TL;DR: This post is probably fake. Pseudoscience.It’s trying to mislead people.


    “Most Indian women who are married wear a toe-ring.”
    >>> So?

    ” It’s not only a sign that the woman is married, it’s also science.”
    >>> Prove it.

    “Indian Vedas (Vedham or Vedam) say that by wearing this in both feet, it is believed, that their Menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals.”
    >>> Where’s the Science in that? It is “believed” to do that. I mean it doesn’t even say people believe but it was believed by the Vedas. Yeah, you show a torchlight to the people that lived back then and they’d call you god.

    ” This gives good scope for conceiving to married women.”
    >>> Yeah because they can all calculate when they’d ovulate. How many women or men here do you think would be able to do that without Google?

    “Also it is said just because that particular nerve in the second finger from toe, also connects the uterus and passes through heart.”
    >>> What nerve? Where does it say that? Sources. Provide sources.

    “If you notice, the toe ring will always be on the second toe of the right leg and also the left leg. It will control the uterus and keep it healthy by producing evenly balanced blood pressure to the uterus…”
    >>> Wut? I thought we were talking about nerves connecting to the Uterus from the toe finger. GOOD TO KNOW NERVES HAVE ALSO STARTED SUPPLYING BLOOD TO VARIOUS ORGANS. (Highlighted by caps, I’m not mad, don’t worry). But really, how can I believe a person who doesn’t even know the difference between Circulatory System and Nervous system?
    >>> Maybe saying “equal blood flow” into the two places would have made much more sense, but, nope, you screwed up.

    “As Silver being a good conductor, it also absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing whole body system.”
    >>> Conductor of WHAT? Silver is a conductor of electricity and it’s non-magnetic. Last time, I checked, the Earth had two magnetic poles. Now, please enlighten me about HOW Silver conducts WHAT energy from WHERE.
    >>> I don’t see Silver conducting anything and if it DOES conduct electricity into your body, honey, trust me, your body won’t be “refreshed,” you won’t even be here to talk about it.

    “In great Indian epic called ‘Ramayana’ toe ring plays a vital role. When Sita was abducted by Ravana, on the way, she throwed her toe ring (kaniazhi) as the identification for lord Rama. This shows that toe ring is used from ancient time.”
    >>> Myths don’t matter. But, SO WHAT?

    “Toe rings were introduced to the United States by Marjorie Borell who, after returning from India began manufacturing and selling them in New York in 1973. Her first retail outlet was Fiorucci, a trendy fashion retailer located on 59th Street in New York.”
    >>> Who is Majorie Borell? A Biologist? A Physicist? The title of the first google result I got by her name was “Marjorie Borell, VP- Restaurants and Retail.”
    >>> If she’s a business women it’s her job to do business. Why does it matter if she sells toe rings or ear rings or ? Why should I care?

    “Think about it…”
    >>> I am. It seems like you’re trying to mislead people.


    I call this TRASH. Unless, you want to provide sources and evidence. This is TRASH.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. I wear toe rings sometimes. I’m not married. I wear them because I think they look pretty 🙂

    I don’t believe in forced customs and tradition at all. I believe in the freedom of personal choice. If someone wants to wear/do/eat anything, he/she should be able to decide that for him/herself. No pressure.


  32. I am sick and tired of all these tall claims of “scientific proofs” for all the thousand and one various traditions in our “rich culture” which even the West is hell bent on following today. I would first like to see those proofs with credible links, publications, peer reviews, names of researchers, authors …… Loose use words of “scientific proof” seems enough to get approval from sceptics or so the people making claims think. Do they think women are fools?


  33. I had this argument with a lady I know here and whatever reasoning I gave her – she didn’t believe!
    She didn’t even believe that there is no such nerve in our bodies!!
    As you can guess – she isn’t speaking to me now! 😛

    Such a busload of BS!


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    • No need for your wife to wear anymore.
      But I would suggest u wear them till age of 61 and also wear rings on your nose till 72 .its will help u in beinh strong and u will never get andropause


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