Brat Three loves Sher Khan and Sher Khan loves Brat Three.

What does he plan to do?

Does your cat like to eat grass?
DSC_2701-002Brat Three brings this grass from here and I only hope it has no pesticides.
Brat Three got it from here

And even after it has dried, this treat is taken along…

Grass for Puppy.jpg.06

Wherever she is taking her class. 

all her students.jpg.00

Although he is forgotten in the star charts…


He is never really left alone 🙂



And this is how Sher Khan reciprocates.

Brat Three and Sher Khan

More proof here 🙂

Note: The Cinderella and Rapunzel are edited versions and can be found on GB’s awesome blog.

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27 thoughts on “Brat Three loves Sher Khan and Sher Khan loves Brat Three.

  1. IHM I love these photos oh so much. I don’t think I can express that enough. Some morning I have my day started on such a wonderful note because of these. Keep them coming!!!!



  2. ❤ I love your posts ❤

    And its amazing that brat 3 loves him so much and vice versa 🙂

    what was it like when she first saw the 4 legged gang ?


    • Tales where the fairies succeed in winning over their spouse’s and his family’s and neighbours’ and random strangers’ approval are the fairy tales Indian women are told.
      Also stories about wicked women that responsible fathers marry and who then force these loving fathers into ill treating their children.


        • I have told her the stories of Noor Jehan (how funny she was to let the other pigeon fly too and what a good shot she was, how well she rode, she loved books and poetry etc) and of Ashoka learning that violence was bad, and plan to tell her about Siddartha (the bird he saved), Humayun’s and Jehangir’s love for justice and fair play, and a long story about how Indians all wanted to be ‘Kings’ and were so busy fighting with each other we didn’t care to build roads or equal laws and how foreigners came and ruled us and we still haven’t learnt our lessons (some of this because she thought war was a good thing and being a princess was awesome).


      • But those are the same stories across the world be it Cinderella’s step mother and step sisters and kind fairy Godmother coming to rescue or Snow white’s evil stepmother, pious women waiting to be rescued or kissing frogs to make them princes, beauty and beast. In the seven names up in the picture all have fathers that are conspicuously missing.

        DG recalls her her very unlettered grandmother telling her Hanzel and Gretyl story in Hindi, those enterprising kids were also escaping evil witch. Then there was a story of Indian princess who leaves pearls of her necklace as tracks to be later rescued by her fathers’ men.

        You can pick your own stories and she can make her own illustrations and make her own comic books.

        Then there were tales of enterprising and brave teenager tribal girl like Kali Bahan, a young woman who stopped the train in British India to save people but has no mention in the History books.
        Stories of real women are more mention worthy be it female freedom fighters or present day grassroots change makers.

        Have you told her about resourceful Pocahontas and the Ballad of Mullan, these are my kind of gals, not white princesses. 🙂

        Indian women from ruling class were mostly regent queens acting in lieu of absent male heirs, be it Chenamma, Ahilya Bai Holker, Rani of Jhansi with exception to Razia Sultana, she was chosen to crown over her druggie brother by her father but court conspiracies made sure she was killed soon after coronation and also stories of her affairs were transplanted to discredit a woman in power.

        Then there was this very desi story where the King asks his three daughters how much they loved him, two put a figure on it and one says she loves him like salt in food and he marries her off to a pauper and banishes her. On day he is lost in the forest and ends up hungry at a hut where the woman serves him saltless food. It is then he knows it is his daughter who taught him a lesson in importance of love as salt too much too bad fit only in right quantity etc.

        May be it is time we desis wrote our own fairy tales with no rescue fantasies of rich women and women fighting women but real women.

        May be you can tell her about female tree huggers of Vishnoi tribe fighting the army of king who wanted to fell trees.

        Sorry it is an innocent post with beautiful imagery and DG has made it activism. You are a great parent and through these posts you are motivating many.

        Desi Girl


  3. I love Sher Khan too. And he would love me too, if he would only take a chance to atleast peek out at me when I visited your house!! 😛 Yeesh!

    Yes my cat usually eats grass too. But only when her stomach is not well. 🙂


  4. That is so lovely. Does each soft toy have a name? Are those names of soft toys on the star charts? I think for Indian kids, there are no fairy tales. Only Jataka and Panchatantra.


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