If we don’t get what he is trying to convey, who would?

This morning I picked this cup to take a sip,

cuppa chaiAnd couldn’t put it back because,

cat on tray.jpg.45

What did he want?
How does he tell without words?Occupied.jpg.11…that he hates to eat alone and loves it when he sees a family member settling down with a hot cup of tea.

Where do I keep my cup!

…and then they forget to get his breakfast 😦

Big ears on tray.jpg.42

Of course I knew just what to do 🙂

how we resolved the conflict.jpf


The cup’s back in the tray. And the cat?

Morning chai…is back to watching birds outside the window 🙂

DSC_2655Isn’t he just adorable?


34 thoughts on “If we don’t get what he is trying to convey, who would?

  1. Bahaha, this is adorable! He’s all ‘but how could you forget about my food!’

    My parents’ cat is such a brat that she’ll meow at 4 in the morning to wake up my mom so she can pet her head while she eats…it’s not enough that there’s food in the bowl.


  2. Aww…how truly adorable! They really know how to communicate, don’t they? 😀 I miss my babies now…I’m away on holidays for a week and my housemate is looking after Pebbles and Buttons and while I’m relaxing I’m missing them heaps!!


  3. Aww Sher Khan munching his kibble ❤ kisses and hugs to him ❤
    Where is the rest of the clan, don't they want his kibble?


  4. I can truly relate to this incident – we just adopted a pet cat and she is all so attention hogging – her innocence is an epitome of her curiosity – she has to see everything and wants to go everywhere, and yes i think she is going to pick up computer skills soon with amount of time she spends warming herself up on my laptop – Sher Khan is adorable!


    • Would love to see your kitten’s pictures. We once were adopted by two adorable kitten and I named them Bug and Virus, because they walked all over the keyboard ruining something I was typing, I thought there was some virus in the computer (this was in 2001) – that’s the first time I learnt about how cats love computer. 🙂


  5. He needs no words with those eyes of his!
    By the way, I just love your tray. It is a shame we don’t get such artsy stuff here easily. It’s not just the colours but I like that it has little birds on it 🙂


  6. I have 4 of them at home who treat my home as some hotel where they can have their fill and snuggle up for some time and then leave. Iam at my wits end trying to break up their constant fights, feeding them at their own time when they decide to come home etc.


    • Liju Philip, if they are male, then neutering them could help control or end their fights, they will stop being a threat to other male cats and they would not feel threatened by other male cats.

      What do you feed them? Share their pictures?


      • 3 females and 1 male. One is the mother and the other 3 are her kids of various generations. The male comes home once in a while only. He is a wanderer. The mother is pregnant again and i only foresee the fight getting more violent….lol.

        But i love all of them. Will share some pics soon. I dont feed them any cat food. Just the regular fish, chicken, mutton, rice, milk, curd. The mother loves idlis though. She sometimes eats chappatis too. The kids are not as adventurous when it comes to food.


  7. Hahah yours too?? My cats also love to eat when we are having our meal. 🙂 It’s too cute.
    And of course…pls convey my hugs to the overgrown pampered Puppy 🙂


  8. Hi! I found your blog through indiblogger, I’m also a homemaker in Gurgaon with cats! We have two kittens. Cats are such a rare pet here I was so surprised to see you have one! They are delightful.


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