Where is Bombay?

In Pune. In Delhi.More in Delhi, in Chandni Chowk… or is it Darya Ganj. In Goa. In INA market, New DelhiSome more Bombay in Chandni Chowk.

DSC_6700 DSC_6699

In Gurgaon,DSC_1172

In Bangkok, There’s even Bombay in Pakistan.

Where else have you seen Bombay?Β 

“Mera number Mumbai ka, to mein Mumbai ka.”

My number is a Mumbai number, so I am from Mumbai says Abhishek Bachchan in this Idea ad.

You didn’t need ‘Bombay ka number’ to be ‘Bombay ka’.

New Delhi can be called Dilli. Delhi or Dehli like in this picture.


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23 thoughts on “Where is Bombay?

  1. I live in houston ( texas, usa) and there is a
    – Bombay brassiere
    – Bombay sweets
    – Mumbai spice
    – Bombay garden
    That I can know of in this city …
    Probably more

    Great observation that was IHM


  2. Is the fish still called Bombay Duck?
    Or has it become Mumbai Duck ?

    The Kannadigas still haven’t managed to officially change Bangalore to Bengalooru.
    I wonder what the hitch is.
    All others have managed to have their way.
    Cochin is Kochi, Calcutta is Kolkaata, Madras is Chennai, Panjim is Panaji, Baroda is Vadodra, Trivandrum is Tiruananthapuram, Calicut is Kozhikode, Allepey is Aalapuzha, Ooty is Udhagamandalam, Coimbatore is Kovai, Vizag is Vishaakhapattanam, Benares is Vaaranaasi
    Why is Bangalore still Bangalore?
    Any answers?

    Interesting pics by the way. Looks like you have looking for them!
    There was “Bombay Tailors” at Pilani, where I studied, way back in the nineteen sixties and the only reason I patronised that tailor was because I happened to hail from Bombay at that time.
    Wonder if the shop is still there.



    • Correct me if I’m wrong… but I think it’s already changed to Bengaluru. The airport is called Bengaluru International airport now.


      • Correct me too if I am wrong but only the airport is called Bengaluru International airport. The city still officially remains Bangalore and the proposal to rename it as Bengaluru still remains a proposal that is yet to be fully implemented.

        Even the airport’s name is likely to be temporary. They want to call it Kempegowda International airport, after the 17th Century chieftain Kempegowda who is credited with having founded this city.

        I would welcome correction and enlightenment if I am wrong.


    • whats up with you guys wanting to change the name of cities. It makes no sense other than adding a false sense of pride among the stupid locals who are taken for a ride by politicians who waste their time and energy in upholding cr*p like this rather than dealing with the real issues affecting the common people.

      Bangalore should remain Bangalore and not Bengaluru.


  3. There is a Bombay Restaurant in Bangkok…and Dosa King…our saviours during the initial conference days at Bangkok, when I was a pure vegetarian. Now to I eat anything and everything that can walk…Errr!!! Joys of marrying a meat-eating brahmin…:-)


    • I had a friend who was an “Ultra Non – vegetarian”.
      While most meat eaters, would draw the line somewhere this man had a borderless menu card when dining.
      I once asked him how he decided what’s ok to eat.
      His reply “If it moves, eat it”
      We spent a few months together at Korea in the early nineties.
      I managed to stick to my vegetarian habits and survived somehow.
      This man had a field day! He loved the Korean menu and he would call his meat vegetarian meat or non vegetarian meat based on the eating habits of the creature he ate. Beef, mutton was vegetarian meat. Dog, Cat and snake meat was non vegetarian.
      He is back to eating Ragi Mudde/Idli Dosa and Anna Saaru now. Says he can’t afford to be a non vegetarian after his retirement
      Thanks for an opportunity to reminisce.


  4. Do you remember Bombay Dyeing? Did they change their name?

    And the song “Yeh hai Bombay, meri jaan…” that change too?


  5. I live in Vadodara, Gujarat, and here we have Bombay Sandwich, which got so famous that now an entire street has stalls named the same! Also we have Bombay Frankie and one Bombay pav-bhaji stall.


  6. I think of the moment Bombay became Mumbai as a sad moment in the city’s history. I like to think that Dhoble and his ilk could not have been a product of my beloved Bombay but they thrive in Mumbai. It will always be Bombay for me.


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