Somebody’s back on the cushion.

Meaning the temperatures have come down 🙂

Is he planning to sleep?

The handsomest cat in the world Looks like it?The handsomest cat in the world almost asleep Did you doubt it 🙂The handsomest cat in the world - asleep


19 thoughts on “Somebody’s back on the cushion.

  1. awww SherKhan 🙂
    btw – we rescued a starving kitty from some meano kids who were stoning the lil girl last week.
    Was almost going to leave her at the cat shelter, when something changed my mind and now she’s adjusting well to life with our 2 dogs 🙂
    She’s become quite the brat 🙂

    – Swati


      • I meant to write this comment on the photos of the 2 babies snuggled up in bed.

        sorry i am blog dyslexic!

        and oo thanks for the tip! kitty June has been feasting on pedigree! better put a stop to that


        • It seems dogs need far more calcium than cats do, and Pedigree has calcium for dogs requirements. On top of that we had neutered Sher Khan which made him even more prone to bladder stones. Normally small stones are sprayed out when male cats mark their territory, once neutered he stopped spraying and was at a bigger risk for urinary bladder stones 😦 Pedigree also made him over weight and less active than he was earlier.


        • He is absolutely fine now – no pain, but he had to go through a surgery in 2007, and then he was put on Royal Canine. He doesn’t eat anything except Royal Canine, was always a poor eater so I was quite happy with his eating Pedigree and we suspected nothing when he seem to be scratching in the littler box and then leaving without doing anything. We thought he was spraying all over the house – didn’t realize until one morning when he vomited all he ate – he was diagnosed and treated just in time.


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