Who likes mangoes?


Brat Three does 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Who likes mangoes?

  1. i’ve substituted dinner with mangoes from a friend’s garden —

    and shall i compare them to a summer’s day…

    but ah they art more lovely and more temperate.
    makes me agree that summer’s lease hath all too short a date…


  2. I too love mangoes but am also scared of them.
    Nearly every instance of diarrhoea I have suffered from has been after eating a mango.
    My chemist too loves mangoes, but for a different reason.
    He once told me, his sales of drugs for stomach ailments shoots up during the mango season.

    I now prefer them pickled.
    “aavakkai” mango pickle used to be my favourite, tiil recently.
    I now go easy on pickles for health reasons.

    Glad to see brat 3 eating the mango “desi” style.
    At California, my daughter peels them, cuts them into small pieces, puts them in a plate and eats them with a fork.
    My desi style of simply nibbling a hole at the narrow end and sucking the juice and flesh out straight into the mouth was strongly diaspproved.
    These westernised children take all the fun out of eating a mango.
    Am glad to be back here now.
    Getting ready to leave once again late in September, in time for the grandson’s first birthday.


    • Ummm, actually there are two kinds of Mangoes- Those that can be peeled, cut and eaten with a fork and those that are called Ras Mangoes.Ras mangoes can not be cut as they are too juicy.There is only one way to eat them – by making a hole in one end, and sucking all the juice out of it.
      I love Mangoes too, IHM. Sadly, the rains have arrived and it means no more yum mangoes 😦


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